Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Maryland Home

Mice and rats are irritating pests. In our area, we deal with house mice, deer mice, Norway rats, and roof rats. While they have some differences, all of them can present a threat to your health and property. Here are a few of the most important reasons you should contact a professional about rodent problems in your Maryland home.

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1. Because They Can Make You Sick

Mice and rats travel in dirty places. When they do, they pick up harmful bacteria and parasitic worms. These organisms are rubbed onto cutting boards, dishes, surfaces, silverware, and food that rodents come in contact with. Rodents sometimes eat feces and rotting organic matter, which can create disease-causing pathogens in their guts. As rodents spread feces or dribble urine, their waste can make you sick. Rodents also pick up ticks, fleas, and other ectoparasites, which can transmit a long list of diseases. It is not good to have mice or rats inside your Maryland home. When you hire a professional, you stop the spread of illness within your home.

2. Because They Can Damage Your Property

Rodents chew chew chew. They chew to get in. They chew on interior building materials to gain access to storage areas. They chew on stored items such as boxes, upholstered furniture, and clothing. They rip up insulation and tear up wallpaper. But the worst thing they do is chew on wires and gas lines. This can lead to a house fire. We don't have to tell you how bad that can be. When you hire a professional, you arrest the damage that is being done to your property.

3. Because It Isn't Easy To Control Rodents

It takes a lot of hard work to capture and remove rodents from your Maryland home. You may have to get up into dark and dirty attic spaces or down underneath exterior structures. You may have to move appliances, boxes, and other stored items. You may have to get up into drop-down ceilings. At the end of a long day at work, rodent control is probably the last thing you want to be doing. When you have a professional take care of rodent control, you can relax and enjoy your time off.

4. Because It Isn't Easy To Control Rodents

Hold on a second. Didn't we just cover this one? Yes, we did. But we're going to go at it from a slightly different angle. While it is certainly a lot of work to capture rodents, it is also a difficult task. Rodents don't make it easy for you. Here are a few reasons:

  • If you touch rodent traps with your hands, rodents may avoid those traps.

  • If you place a trap in an area that rodents have been exploring, they may avoid your traps.

  • If you use the wrong bait, or put the trap in the wrong location, rodents could avoid your traps.

  • If you use the wrong traps—you probably know where we're going with this—rodents could avoid your traps.

It is best to have a licensed professional select appropriate traps and deploy them according to established methods. This will ensure the greatest chance of success.

5. Because You May Not Know When Your DIY Fails

Mice and rats can live in your home without making a sound. If you catch a rodent, you might think you've corrected your issues. This can allow mice and rats to continue to present the threats mentioned above. A licensed professional knows how to inspect for rodent activity and make sure all the rodents are gone.

Get Help

If you're noticing signs of mice or rats in your Maryland home, such as rodent droppings, chew holes, or the scent of urine, contact Capitol Pest. Our licensed technicians are trained to locate rodent activity in your home and deploy rodent-control measures to arrest rodent infestations. Our services can also include exterior exclusions. We inspect your exterior and find entry points mice or rats are using to get into your home (it is usually one or the other; rarely both). Once we've located potential points of entry, we'll give you a detailed estimate. There is no better way to keep mice or rats out. Contact us today to schedule service for your property. We're standing by to help.


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