Professional Pest Solutions For Silver Spring, MD Properties

Silver Spring is a city located in Montgomery County, only a short distance away from Washington, D.C. Although our area is bursting with life and activity, residents still face the threat of pest infestations daily. Pests such as rodents, insects, and spiders infest many homes and businesses across the United States, including here in Silver Spring.

To protect your home or business property from all sorts of pests, contact the pest technicians here at Capitol Pest. We make it our top priority to provide outstanding pest control services for each and every client. Whether you need termite treatments, rodent control, or any other type of pest control service, we have what it takes to get the job done right. At Capitol Pest, we offer residential and commercial pest control programs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today for immediate assistance with your pest control problems. 

Home Pest Control In Silver Spring, MD

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Your home doesn’t really feel like home when pests are running rampant on your property. A home is supposed to be somewhere that you can rest and wind down after a long day out.

However, pests can disturb your sleep schedule, harm your family, and spread dangerous diseases. To get rid of pest invaders and prevent them from returning in the future, turn to the certified pest technicians here at Capitol Pest.

We work hard to provide top-of-the-line home pest control services for Silver Spring residents. Our team of pest control experts will work with you to find the perfect solution for your specific home pest control needs.

Give Capitol Pest a call today for more information about what our home pest control programs have to offer.

Commercial Pest Control In Silver Spring, MD

As a business owner, you have a lot of tasks to keep in mind. When pests such as bed bugs, termites, rodents, or cockroaches invade your commercial facility, it can be difficult to juggle all your normal responsibilities on top of the problems that pest infestations cause. When you turn to Capitol Pest for your commercial pest control needs, you can focus on keeping your customers satisfied while we take care of your pest problems.

We understand the negative impact that pests can have on your Silver Spring business, which is why we work to eliminate existing pest problems and also implement prevention measures to ensure pests don’t invade in the future. Get in touch with the pest technicians here at Capitol Pest today to learn more about how we keep Silver Spring businesses protected from pests.


How Much Damage Can Termites Cause In Silver Spring, MD?

Many property owners have experienced the misfortune of finding pests on their properties. However, termites are one of the worst types of pests to invade homes and businesses. Termites are known as silent-destroyers due to the fact that they can infest your property and cause extensive damage, undetected. Some termite infestations aren’t discovered until several years after their initial invasion. You never want to find termites in your Silver Spring home or business. These tiny, white insects are responsible for costing US home and business owners over 5 billion dollars each year. The average cost that property owners spend to repair termite damage is about $3,300.

Although it can take many years for termites to cause significant damage, most termite damage is done under the radar. As termites eat through the wooden portions of your property, it can cause the structural integrity of your building to weaken, over time. If termites are causing problems in or around your Silver Spring property, it’s time to contact the professionals here at Capitol Pest. Our experienced pest control professionals have the products and equipment necessary to identify, eliminate, and prevent termite activity in your home or business. Reach out to the professionals here at Capitol Pest today for more information about how we keep Silver Spring properties termite-free. 


Benefits Of Mosquito Control In Silver Spring, MD

Mosquitoes are tiny insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals to provide nourishment for their eggs. Most people dismiss mosquitoes as annoying pests that show up in late spring and vanish in the fall. However, it’s important to remember that mosquitoes are much more dangerous than they may appear. Mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting a wide variety of serious diseases, including malaria, dengue, yellow fever, Zika virus, and many others.

When it comes to avoiding mosquitoes and the problems they cause, professional mosquito control is your best bet. With the help of the professionals here at Capitol Pest, you can implement a mosquito control program to keep your Silver Spring residential or commercial property free of mosquitoes. Some of the benefits of mosquito control and prevention include:

  • Proper mosquito control can help prevent the spread of mosquito-borne diseases.

  • By eliminating mosquitoes, you can make your property less attractive to other pests (such as birds and spiders).

  • You can host outdoor gatherings and events without the threat of mosquitoes disturbing your guests.

Mosquitoes are irritating pests that should be taken seriously. Avoid the stress and frustration that mosquitoes cause by contacting Capitol Pest today. We provide the most effective mosquito control and prevention services available.


Rodent-Proofing Your Silver Spring, MD Home

As the temperatures begin to drop, rodents begin to search for a warm shelter near food and water. Some common household rodent pests are mice, rats and squirrels. Once they have found their way into your home, they will adapt easily. Rodents will search for a place with easy access to food and water. You can usually find these pests inside attics, basements and within your walls. They will typically hide out and reproduce, creating a full infestation inside your home. The only time you might notice an infestation is when they go out in search of food. If you spot a rodent in your home, it is usually a strong indication that others are present and a professional should be contacted right away.

Finding rodents in your home is not just annoying it can also pose a health and safety risk to you and your family. Rodents carry diseases into your home and can infect your family. They can also affect members of your family with asthma and allergies. Rodents can bring insects into your home as well. They carry ticks, fleas and lice. These insect pests can start a whole other infestation within your home. These pests are also known for contaminating food sources.

When rodents search for food in your home, they can get into boxes and bags of food, contaminating the entire contains of the package. Finding these pests in your home is bad news and should be dealt with in a timely manner. Some ways to help prevent these pests from entering your home are:

  • Seal up food: Take time to seal up food sources so that pests cannot find an easy meal within your home. Also, switching your packaged items, like flour, cereals and beans, into hard plastic containers can also help deter these pests.

  • Seal up the Exterior: Sealing up the exterior of your home will help stop pests from entering your home in the first place. If a mouse or rat cannot find entrance into your home, they will move on to find shelter somewhere else.

  • Fix any Leaks: If you have any moisture or water leaks in your home, fix them and seal them up so that pests do not have easy access to water.

Following these tips should help you try to keep rodent pests out of your home. If you find that you already have rodents in your home, the best thing to do is to call a professional pest exterminator. If you need rodents removed from your Silver Spring home, there’s no one better-suited to the task than Capitol Pest. Our dedicated team of pest control professionals know all the places rodents hide, and we have exactly the tools and experience you need to get them out of your home and keep them out for the future. Contact us today and find out if professional rodent treatment is right for your home. 


Silver Spring, MD Resident’s Guide to Avoiding Bed Bugs While Travelling

Have you recently taken a vacation or holiday trip? If you’re not careful, you might end up taking bed bug hitchhikers back to your Silver Spring home. Taking the time to understand bed bugs and employing necessary precautions will help to make sure that your home does not become a bed bug's next home after travel.

Bed bugs are very prolific breeders, so just bringing even one pregnant female into your home from your holiday travels could lead to a serious bed bug infestation in a relatively short period of time. Bed bugs are parasitic breeders that feed on the blood of mammals, particularly liking human blood. They remain hidden during the day under mattresses and box springs, and in the cracks and crevices of walls, floors, and wooden furniture; they then come out at night to feed.

Adult bed bugs are visible to the human eye, and appear very similar to an apple seed with legs. The key to protecting yourself against bed bugs is vigilance, checking your surroundings, and taking the proper precautions. The experts at American Pest want your holiday season to be bed bug free so we are offering you some easy travel tips!

During travel:

  • Inspect your seating and surrounding areas while waiting for your plane, bus or rental car. Once again, check inside the plane, bus or car. Look for shed bed bug skins, reddish brown spots, and adult bed bugs.

  • If possible, do not use provided travel pillows.

  • When claiming your bags from the carousel, inspect them for not only signs of damage but for bed bugs as well.

While at your travel destination:

  • Inspect your room before bringing your luggage inside of it. Use a flashlight to examine all the nooks and crannies of your hotel room. Look under mattresses, box springs, upholstered chairs, drawers, headboards, wall sockets, carpets, closets, and behind pictures.

  • If possible, use a plastic luggage liner in your suitcases.

  • Don’t leave your suitcase on the floor; instead keep it up off of the ground, using the luggage rack.

  • Keep clothing and other items that aren’t being used in sealed plastic bags.

  • Place dirty clothing into sealed plastic laundry bags to take back home with you.

When returning home:

  • If possible, unpack your bags outside.

  • Vacuum the inside and outside of your luggage and wipe it down before bringing it inside.

  • Wash all clothing in hot water and then place in the dryer.

  • If some clothing items can’t be washed or dried on high heat, have those items dry-cleaned instead.

Hopefully, these tips will help to ensure that your holiday travel season goes smoothly and that you avoid interactions with bed bugs. However, if bed bugs do end up hitchhiking their way into your home, don't despair! When the bed bugs bite, call the professionals at Capitol Pest for help. Our highly-trained team of licensed professionals can eliminate infestations of any shape and size, saving you a lot of sleepless nights. Contact us today and find out more about why Silver Spring residents trust professional bed bug treatment from Capitol Pest.


Common Ant Invaders in Silver Spring, MD

It doesn't take long for ants to get out of control in Silver Spring, especially during the spring and summer. The warm temperatures and humidity give them the perfect environment to do what they do best: search for food and spread their species. This is all well and good in nature where ants have a helpful role of aerating soil. But in your home, their presence can be a frustrating pain.

Pavement Ants: The most plentiful ant in Virginia is the pavement ant who builds volcano-like mounds all through your lawn, in the crevices of pavement (as their name suggests) and in landscape pavers. They can also infest buildings, especially structures that are built on a concrete slab.

Odorous House Ants: These small dark brown to black ants range in size from 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch, and go straight for the sugar. For this reason they are sometimes referred to as sugar ants. But sugars aren't the only thing these ants eat. They like meats, dairy products, and vegetables. When stepped on, these ants leave a distinct and unpleasant smell of rotten coconuts.

Red Imported Fire Ants: Often called by other, more colorful, names and expletives, this ant is a terror to bare feet. In nature this ant will feed on the sugars found in nectar or aphid honeydew, but it is also a protein eater, capable of taking down small animals. Have you ever wondered why fire ants bite you? Fire ants bite to get a grip on their prey. The painful burning you feel isn't from their mouths, but from the venom they inject with their tail stinger.

Carpenter Ants: Of all the ants you can get in your Virginia home this is the worst. Carpenter ants are a destructive wood-chewing insect. Though they come into your home in search of the same food other ants eat, they don't have any desire to leave. This is a pest that prefers to live in wood. It can chew large galleries in the wood of a home, usually in areas that have been softened by moisture.

Here are some helpful tips you can use to minimize ants around your Silver Spring home:

  • Make sure all windows and window frames are completely sealed and screened.

  • Inspect all door sweeps and weather stripping to be sure they are in good working order.

  • Seal any cracks in basement walls. It is especially important to look in hard-to-see places.

  • Don't leave wet leaf cover in your yard.

  • Make sure there are no obstructions in your gutter systems that makes water to run down the sides of your home.

Tired of ants crawling around your Silver Spring home? A comprehensive home pest prevention treatment from Capitol Pest can help. Contact us today and find out why residents across Maryland trust Capital Pest for all their pest control needs. 


Which Occasional Invaders In Silver Spring Are Harmful?

Some pests are extremely common invaders of people's homes and businesses. It's easy to have an idea of how to stay protected from those pests. On the other hand, they rarely notice or understand the occasional invaders, which can prove to be a costly mistake. As the term implies, occasional invaders are those pests that only invade buildings under specific circumstances like extreme weather conditions or even a simple accident. Some pests classified as occasional invaders include, but are not limited to:

  • Crickets

  • Earwigs

  • Ground beetles

  • Millipedes

Fortunately, these pests aren't much of a threat on their own. Instead, they often serve as a warning that other pests could easily find their way inside. Keep in mind these pests do invade in large numbers and any contact they make with food means that the food will be contaminated. Do you suspect a pest invasion? Call our team at Capitol Pest to explore your pest control options and remain pest-free.


How To Remove Stinging Insects From Silver Spring Properties

Stinging insects are no fun for anyone in Silver Springs. When threatened, they can and will deliver painful stings. To make matters worse, they usually attack as a group and some people are allergic depending on the pest in question. Fortunately, removing them is relatively simple if you follow this protocol:

  • Check For Signs Of Infestation: A wasp or other stinging insect here or there doesn't equal an infestation. However, if you find a nest, then there's an infestation in process. In time, they become more aggressive, which leads to more attacks.

  • Remove Active Colonies: Once you've identified a nest, the next step is to remove it from the property. However, this is a dangerous task and is when professional assistance should be sought. Don't let your hurry to see them gone make you take unneeded risks.

  • Prevent Re-infestation: After the existing colony or nest is removed, it's time to ensure the stinging insects don't try to come back. This can be accomplished with ongoing service visits from trained professionals.

Do you have stinging insects on your property? Call our team at Capitol Pest to find out how to get them removed safely.


Silver Spring's Most Common Bed Bug Control Myths

At one point, bed bugs were considered to be a pest from the past. Unfortunately, they have made a comeback and everyone has to deal with them. Even worse, this pest is heavily misunderstood, which is why we're taking the time to address few myths surrounding bedbugs. These myths are:

  • Pesticides Are An Effective Treatment: The truth is that bed bugs are actually resistant to more and more chemicals, which includes pesticides. This is because they produce substances that destroy the molecular structure of some pesticides.

  • Bed bugs Spread Disease: Even though they feed on our blood, this pest isn't known to transmit diseases. However, the bite they leave behind often becomes infected due to persistent scratching. It's also been reported that allergic reactions and asthma can occur in some people.

  • Clean Properties Keep You Safe: Sadly, this isn't true. Bed bugs are hitchhikers, which means they go wherever their transportation (clothing, luggage, seats) goes. After making it inside, bed bugs will reproduce quickly, which creates a huge problem.

Do you think you have bed bugs? Then call our team at Capitol Pest to explore your bed bug control options and remain protected.


Cockroach Control: The Best Techniques In Silver Spring, Maryland

Cockroaches are disgusting insects that literally like to roll around in filth. Thanks to their habits, they easily cause allergic reactions and transmit diseases. The good news is there are techniques available to keep them away, which includes but isn't limited to:

  • Clean Everything: Since cockroaches love it dirty, one of the best ways to keep them away is to up your cleaning game. Wipe things down, bring out the vacuum, and remove the clutter to make the cockroaches want to leave.

  • Food Control: Cockroaches will eat anything including your food. Make sure you don't leave any food out where they can access it easily. Also, be sure to clean up any crumbs or spilled liquids to lower your attraction factor. All food should be in sealed containers.

  • Empty The Trash: Trash is heavily sought after by cockroaches because of their habits. With trash management, you don't have to worry about them anymore. Keep all trash disposal away from the building and make sure to wipe down trashcans regularly.

Have you noticed cockroaches on the premises? Then call our team at Capitol Pest to get cockroach control services that keep you safe and pest-free.


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