Professional Pest Solutions For Rockville, MD Properties

Rockville is a city located near Washington, D.C. Many shops and restaurants line the streets of Rockville Town Square, providing residents with plenty of fun activities and shopping opportunities. Like many areas, Rockville is filled with common insect and wildlife creatures. However, some of those creatures have no problem invading your home or business and causing problems on your property.

The best way to keep your residential or commercial building pest-free is with the help of the experienced pest technicians here at Capitol Pest. We are committed to providing effective pest control services for both homes and businesses. Pest problems can be difficult to deal with, but not when the professionals at Capitol Pest are on your side. For more information about our pest control options and services, get in touch with us today.

Home Pest Control In Rockville, MD

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There’s no place for pests in and around your Rockville home. Whether it is rodents, insects, or anything in between, you don’t want to find pests crawling around in your kitchen or basement.

To keep your home and family protected from pest threats, turn to the certified pest professionals here at Capitol Pest. We don’t just treat the pest problems we can see. We go above and beyond to ensure no pests will return to your Rockville home in the future.

Our pest professionals are dedicated to providing the complete home pest control services you need. We understand that each Rockville home requires unique solutions, which is why we offer several different home pest control plans to protect residential properties year-round.

Give Capitol Pest a call today to learn more about each of our comprehensive home pest control programs. 

Commercial Pest Control In Rockville, MD

Owning a business is no walk in the park. You have to manage your staff, provide quality goods and services, and keep your customers satisfied. However, when pests invade your commercial facility, running your business becomes much more difficult. Pests can disturb customers, contaminate products, and damage personal property. No Rockville business property is safe from pest problems without the protection of a year-round commercial pest control plan. But when you reach out to Capitol Pest for immediate pest control services and solutions, you can rest easy knowing that your Rockville company is protected from all sorts of pests, year-round.

Our commercial pest control options are designed with your needs in mind. Whether you own a healthcare facility, restaurant, or office building, we will provide excellent commercial pest control services that meet the specific requirements of your business industry. Don’t wait for pests to start causing problems in your commercial facility. Instead, contact the professionals here at Capitol Pest for pest control services you can trust. 


3 Things Every Rockville, MD Homeowner Should Know About Rodents

Rodents are recognized as one of the most common pests to invade homes and businesses here in Rockville. Although many rodents appear too small to cause any harm, they are quite capable of damaging property, spreading diseases, and contaminating your food. In order to keep rodents away from your property, it’s important to understand more about these pests. Here are three things you should know about rodents:

1. Rodent infestations are most common during colder seasons. When the weather becomes chilly, many rodents start looking for warm, safe locations with easily accessible food sources. 

2. Rodents have a high reproduction rate. Mice are capable of producing 5-10 litters per year and each litter can contain 3-14 young. 

3. Rodents can spread over 200 human pathogens. Some of the diseases caused by rodents include hantavirus, tularemia, and plague. 

Keep rodents away from your Rockville property by enlisting the help of the professionals here at Capitol Pest. We offer several rodent control services to cover all of your rodent control needs.


Why Rockville, MD Residents Should Consider Professional Cockroach Control

Have you ever been startled by a cockroach skittering across your bathroom floor when you turn on the light? Cockroaches are common property invaders that are attracted to darkness, moisture, and warmth. Unfortunately, there are many areas of your Rockville property that provide cockroaches with all three. When it comes to cockroach control and prevention, you should always leave it up to the professionals. Here’s why:

  • If you see one cockroach, there are probably many more somewhere close by. 

  • Cockroaches reproduce quickly.

  • Many cockroaches spread bacteria and pathogens that can cause serious health issues. 

  • Cockroaches are resistant to many types of over-the-counter pesticides. 

Avoid pest problems in your Rockville home or business by contacting Capitol Pest today. We are committed to offering the most effective cockroach control services in the area. Reach out to us today for more details about how we protect properties from pests.


What Rockville, MD Residents Should Know About Bed Bugs

As a home or business owner in Rockville, you need to know how to protect yourself--and your reputation--from bed bug infestations. You're asking things like: How do I know if I have bed bugs? How do I protect my home or business from bed bugs? And how do I remove bed bugs? Here are the facts without the fluff.

  • Detecting bed bugs is a relatively simple process. Pull down all the covers on your beds and look for tiny seed-like bugs. If they have had a recent blood meal, they will be rounder and more tick-like in body shape.

  • Strip the bed down further and examine your sheets. Bed bugs will drip after feeding. For this reason, dark brown blood stains are a strong sign of infestation. These stains will be small. If you see larger stains, it is more likely that whoever sleeps in that bed has a tendency to dig at their mosquito bites.

  • Pull up the edges of your sheets and examine the seams and corners of the mattresses and box springs. If you find black areas, this may be the fecal matter from bed bugs. It is not uncommon, though, for mattresses to have scuff marks from where the mattress slid against something black while being brought into a house. Bed bugs droppings will be sticky to the touch and, many times, you'll see the bugs there as well.

  • Use a flashlight to examine backboards and any upholstered furniture in bedroom areas.

Use the above inspection methods any time you take a trip and stay overnight, even if you stay in a Five-star hotel. Bed bugs get into homes by hitchhiking in luggage, bags, and clothing. Always check the seams on your bags, and always wash and dry clothing on the hottest temperature when returning home.

There are many ways to remove bed bugs. Human inspections from a trained technician or K9 bed bug sniffers are your first step. Locating bed bugs is important to fast and effective eradication. If you catch these bugs early, you can kill them quickly and discreetly without a heat treatment. Mattress covers will usually be put on all the mattresses to seal bugs in or keep them from getting in. Chemicals will be sprayed on infested areas. And technicians will return to see if activity continues.

If the infestation has already gotten too large, it will be necessary to heat your home or business. Some heat treatments can last days. Be sure to get a company that has experience with bed bug heat treatments and be sure to remove all sensitive objects from your house before treatments begin. Ultimately, if you have a bed bug infestation, you’re going to need professional help to get rid of it. Look no further than Capitol Pest Control. At Capitol, our trained and experienced technicians have all the tools and know-how you need to get rid of your bed bug infestation the first time. Talk to us today and find out how a professional bed bug treatment can take back your peace of mind. 


Spring Termite Warning Signs Rockville, MD Residents Should Be Aware Of

In Maryland, subterranean termites can be costly to deal with. As temperatures warm back up, and the mild snow melts away, leaving the ground around your home moist and appealing to termites, you should keep an eye out for signs that these wood eating insects have chosen your home.

  • Swarmers. When a termite nest matures, a colony will begin to produce king and queen reproductives that leave the nest to mate and spread to another colony. These swarmers do not travel far, and they do not last long. If you see swarming insects in your yard there is a good chance they did not travel far to get there. They could have even come from within your own walls.

  • Wings. If you miss the swarm, be on the look out for the wings they shed during their mating process. You will find these transparent, silvery wings on window sills, walkways, driveways, and back porches.

  • Wood damage. If you have a colony on your property, you may find wood damage in your backyard. Fences may be chewed, decks may be marred, and patios may appear whittled.

  • Mud tubes. If you find swarmers, and the colony is on your property, you will also find mud tubes on your basement walls. Swarmers do not make mud tubes, and they do not eat wood, but the workers in their colony do. Mud tubes will be your confirmation that the swarmers came from your house. When you inspect for mud tubes, be sure to check in hard to get to areas of your basement walls. If they have been silently eating your home, they will have found a secluded place to climb up in without detection.

  • Winged insects near mulch. If you have mulch around your perimeter, peel it up and look under. A mat of winged insects underneath mulch, is also a pretty good sign of termite infestation.

Whether you have seen swarmers or not, spring is a good time to get a termite inspection. The humidity and warmth in Northern Virginia is perfect for subterranean termites. No Maryland home should ever go without protection. Contact a pest control company that uses the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System. This eco-friendly termite system kills termite colonies before those workers can eat away at the support beams in your home. 

Interested in learning more about the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System and the results it can bring your home? Call the professionals at Capitol Pest today and find out if one of our professional termite treatments is right for you!


Eliminating Ants From Your Rockville, MD Home

Do you have ants around your Rockville home? If they live outside, in your grass, you probably don't pay much attention to them as a general rule. But it is hard to ignore them when they get inside. A mass of ants on a trash can is enough to turn your stomach. And, a super highway of ants might be cool for about sixty seconds, but it isn't long before you're looking for something to kill them with. But, before you take any drastic measures, there are a few things you're going to want to know about those invading pests.

Killing ants is not the solution. You can kill ants all day, every day, and never rid your home of ants. To stop ants from coming in, do the following:

  • Use soapy water on ant trails and anywhere ants have been gathering food. They leave behind a smell, called trail pheromones, the tell other ants that there is food around.

  • You need to get rid of, or seal, the food sources ants are coming in for. If you continue to leave food out for them, they will continue to come in.

  • If you have a pet dish it is best to keep it down only during mealtimes. And, never overnight.

  • Ants will keep coming in if you don't seal the cracks they're using to get in.

Ants can drive you crazy. It is definitely a good idea to get rid of them. But there might be something more going on here. You could have a rotted area that has been soaked by water. You could have a crack in your basement wall. When you get ants, you should always ask yourself where those ants are coming in. You may be able to seal those entry points before you start getting larger bugs and rodents scampering through your kitchen and pantry.

It is also important to identify the ants that are crawling around in your Maryland home. If you have carpenter ants, you'll want to have that problem addressed quickly. This is an ant that chews wood. If left to do what it does best, you could be working hard to fix structural issues. Get rid of those pesky ants. Life is so much better when it is ant-free.

Worried about ants around your home, or seeing them around your kitchen and bathrooms? Don’t fret: contact the pest professionals at Capitol Pest today and find out why a comprehensive pest prevention plan is the perfect solution both to eliminate an active ant infestation and to prevent new ones from forming. Call today for more information. 


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