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Ants are so tiny, they can get into homes through cracks that are nearly invisible to the naked eye! Because of that, these tiny pests are the most common pest problem of Washington DC area residents for which Capitol Pest performs pest control service. The homes and yards of Olney, Maryland, residents are no exception to ant problems.

The ants trail into homes seeking moisture and food, and even small populations can quickly grow into a large problem if they find access to foods such as sugar, cheese, meats, vegetables, grease, and peanut butter – or even dead insects and damp, moldy wood.

While many species of ants are primarily a nuisance pest, however they can cause damage and transmit disease:

  • Ants can carry bacteria on their bodies that can contaminate foods, counters, and dishes over which they walk.

  • Carpenter ants will burrow into damaged wood, then continue expanding their colonies into good wood once they are established.

  • Pharaoh ants are found primarily in hospitals and nursing homes where they can transmit Staphylecoccus and Psuedomonas, but they are also known to infest apartments and homes.

  • Fire ants will bite and sting and can destroy yards with their mounds.

  • Termites are not ants, but they are often mistaken as such, and they cause significant damage across in the Washington DC area annually.

Capitol Pest’s Ant Extermination Services

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The most critical aspect of ant control is correct identification of the species, as every ant will require a unique treatment program for eradication. Having served Olney area residents since 1936, Capitol Pest has the experience, knowledge and expertise to both identify and exterminate ants that infest your home or property. Our service technicians are trained through programs developed with our on-staff PhD entomologist, implement integrated pest management in all service, and provide custom pest management that fits your needs.

Call Capitol Pest for your pest control needs. Capitol Pest:

  • Has been voted the “Best Pest Control Company” by readers of Washingtonian Magazine

  • Is the highest rated company with 100 ratings or more on Consumer’s Checkbook that services Washington DC

  • Has an A rating on Angie’s List

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