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Capitol Pest has served New Carrollton and the surrounding areas since 1936. In that time, we have built a solid reputation for providing thorough residential and commercial pest control services to our customers. Our staff consists of highly trained, experienced professionals who understand how to approach any pest infestation. We also have a highly knowledgeable entomologist on staff for providing additional guidance. If you have a pest infestation in your home or require preventative maintenance, turn to Capitol Pest in New Carrollton.

Home Pest Control In New Carrollton, MD

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Capitol Pest keeps your home free of rodents, bed bugs and other pests throughout the year with our customized pest control services. Even the cleanest home attracts cockroaches, silverfish, ants and termites.

We offer multiple service plans for building a barrier around your home and preventing these invasive pests from disturbing you and your family. We can also inspect your home for entry points, which provide easy access for rodents to infest your living space.

Affordable New Carrollton Pest Control

From termites to bed bugs and rodents, Capitol Pest wants to protect your home from pests. We strive to provide the best customer service and customizable home pest control programs in New Carrollton. Our entomologist helps us create the most effective pest control solutions, and our carpenters can help close entry points and prevent future infestations.

New Carrollton Pest Control For Businesses

Pests don’t just invade homes; they also infest hotels, offices and other businesses. Whether you own a restaurant or a retail shop, a pest infestation can quickly ruin your sales and hurt your business. Our customized preventative programs ensure you have a pest-free business from summer to winter. We target the interior and the exterior, preventing pest and rodent damage. We also offer customized billing, giving you an affordable option for protecting and ensuring the future of your business.

Whether you have a termite, rodent or bed bug infestation, don’t tackle the pests by yourself. Contact Capitol Pest for a free quote on all services. We can diagnose the problem, create an effective solution and apply preventative maintenance to handle future infestations. When pests take over your business, let Capitol Pest come in and take control with our expert commercial pest control service.


New Carrollton Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs sneak into homes and businesses in a number of ways. For example, you may have bought an infested couch from a yard sale or stayed overnight in an infested hotel room. Bed bugs ruin a good sleep, taking bites out of you and your family during the night. These bugs can also spread to furniture, rugs and clothing and contaminate the entire house or business in no time.

Capitol Pest tackles bed bug infestations with families and your customers in mind. We don’t just spray chemicals everywhere and contaminate living and sleeping areas. We diagnose the problem from the start and create an effective plan of action for combating the pests. We choose the most eco-friendly methods for eliminating bed bugs without harming pets, family members and your customers. We take further steps to prevent bed bugs from coming back and creating another infestation. Contact us today and see why Maryland home and business owners turn to Capitol Pest for professional bed bug control


Mosquitoes In New Carrollton, MD: Fact vs Fiction

From obnoxious buzzing to itchy red bites, to say that mosquitoes are a major pain is an understatement. There are many different methods to getting rid of mosquitoes, but do you know the truth behind each of them? Many methods have little to no effect on mosquitoes. Learn more about what does and doesn’t work.

Method 1: “Keep a fan on around where you are. It only takes a small breeze to keep mosquitoes away!”

While it’s true that a breeze can keep mosquitoes away, you would likely need many fans going at a very high to effectively repel mosquitoes from an area. This method might be fine if you’re sitting outside by yourself, but it’ll be more difficult to keep a conversation going over the noise of the fans running.

Method 2: “Plant some lemon grass; it contains citronella oil, which repels mosquitoes naturally.”

Citronella oil is a natural deterrent to mosquitoes, but you’d need to plant a field of lemon grass surrounding your home to see a significant reduction in the number of mosquitoes nearby.  If you’re lucky enough to have a home with lemon grass nearby, great! Otherwise, you might want to spend your landscaping budget on some nice flowers for your garden.

Method 3: “Dress the part. Mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors, so avoid wearing dark clothing. Also, avoid wearing scented lotions and perfumes.”  

It is certainly true that mosquitoes will be more likely to land on you over your friend if you’re wearing a splash of that delightful new perfume you just bought or if you just lathered your hands up with that delicious vanilla-scented hand lotion. Not using these things doesn’t guarantee that mosquitoes will avoid you, but it will certainly help. Mosquitoes, however, aren’t fashionistas, and they couldn’t really care less about what color your clothes are. If you want to dress the part to avoid mosquito bites, make sure that you wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. The more you cover up, the less area they’ll have to land on you and have a snack.

Method 4: “Opt for LED lights. Yellow ‘bug lights’ or sodium lamps reduce the number of mosquitoes swarming around your house.”

There have been few studies on the effectiveness of certain types of lights or bug zappers on mosquitoes. Mosquitoes, however, will be continually attracted to humans. While these lights might deter mosquitoes, it’s only marginally. They are much more likely to attract and kill other insects that could be beneficial. In other words, pocket your cash and save the money.

If you want mosquitoes gone from your New Carrollton property for good, there is only one option: a professional treatment from a licensed and certified pest control provider. At Capitol Pest, we have decades of experience dealing with mosquito problems of every shape and size. Contact us today to find out why Maryland homeowners turn to professional mosquito treatment from Capitol Pest. 


Ant Invaders In New Carrollton, MD

Ants are a pest that are incredibly difficult to prevent for most homeowners. Once they find your home, they will start to show up in your kitchen, bathrooms and other areas of the home they can find access to. These are great places for them to find food and water to bring back to the colony. Colonies of ants can get up to several thousands. So when you’re seeing just a few ants in your kitchen, it’s likely that there’s a much larger population nearby.

The most common types of ants you will find in your home are pavement ants, odorous house ants, little black ants and carpenter ants. Though these ants have some different behaviors, they are usually after the same thing- left behind food debris. Most ants are simply a nuisance and pose no serious threats. There are a few species however that are of more concern.

Carpenter ants carve through wood to create their nests and fire ants pack a painful sting. No matter what type of ant you are seeing, it’s a good idea to contact your local pest control pros to identify the type of ant problem and quickly get rid of the infestation. There are a few things you can do to help stop ants before they infest your home, too.

  • Eliminate moisture: Ants will find this to be a great resource in your home. Make sure drainage pipes and gutters are working properly. Seal any leaks around hoses and air conditioners.
  • Keep plants trimmed: Keeping shrubs and trees trimmed will help eliminate bridges for ants to use to get to your home.
  • Clean kitchen: Keep any crumbs and spills cleaned so ants will not forage for food in your kitchen.
  • Seal food tight: Keep food sealed in airtight containers to keep ants out.

If you find you already have an ant infestation there are many DIY ant control traps and sprays you can buy to try and eliminate the problem. While these may seem like an easy fix, these sprays and traps can be harmful to humans and pets if not used properly. They may also only eliminate part of the problem (the ants you see) and then you find yourself with hundreds more the next week.

The best way to eliminate an ant problem is to call a professional pest exterminator. They will be able to identify the ants, set up an elimination plan to get rid of the entire colony and make sure that there are no problems later on. Have ants made their way into your New Carrollton home? You don’t have to live with ants: contact the professionals at Capitol Pest for help. Call today and find out how one of our comprehensive pest treatment plans can keep your home ant-free now and into the future. 


How New Carrollton, MD Residents Can Rodent-Proof Their Homes

Rodents such as mice and rats are a problem no one wants to have. Between the messes they make, the diseases they spread, and the property damage they leave behind, rodents bring nothing but trouble with them when they invade human dwellings. Unfortunately, once they get into a home, rodents can be incredibly difficult to get out - and they’ll never leave on their own.

For this reason, it’s vital that homeowners take steps to rodent-proof their homes so that rats and mice never become a problem in the first place. Here are some helpful tips you can use to prevent rodents in your New Carrollton home:

  • Start by putting boxed and bagged food items in hard plastic containers. Rodents can smell food, and these items are like a dinner bell. You'll also be protecting those items from being eaten. Rodents have sharp incisors that can chew through a cardboard box or paper bag with ease. If rodents manage to get into your home, you can deter them simply by hiding the food. Rodents are foragers. If you don't have what they want, they'll go find a place that does.
  • Inside and outside trash should always be sealed. Like above, hiding food sources, and keeping the smell from luring rodents, will go a long way to making these pests target a different house. Exposed trash outside is how many people get rodents in the first place. Once rodents are in the yard, they get curious about what is inside your home, especially if they smell food every time the door is opened.
  • Seal up holes. Mice and rats can chew through wood quite effectively, but they will usually look for a soft target. If you have rotted wood near the foundation of your home--which happens quite often in the corners of doorways, use a caulking gun to seal those areas, till you can have them repaired.
  • Don't give rodents access to the roof. You would be amazed how vulnerable your roof line is. Put wire mesh in your downspouts, to keep the rodents from using it to get up. And cut tree branches that hang within five feet of your roof, so rodents can't leap onto your roof.
  • Call a pest management company to learn exclusion methods specific to your home, and find out how inexpensive it is to get a limited and focused treatment of pesticide on your foundation wall. When rodents come crawling around, give them something nasty to taste, and they'll move on.

However, if prevention fails, it’s always best to call a professional for help. DIY treatments are often ineffective, and can even make the problem worse. On the other hand, professional pest control providers have all the tools necessary to target rodents where they’re most active, removing them from the home while helping you keep them out in the future.

Have rodents gotten into your New Carrollton home? Don’t leave the safety and security of your home to chance: contact the rodent removal experts at Capitol Pest today, and find out why professional rodent treatment services are the perfect solution to eliminate your rodent problem for good.


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