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Montgomery Village, Maryland, is a community in which every detail, right down to the placement of each individual tree, was carefully planned and developed. Capitol Pest puts the same meticulous care into the pest control service that it provides to each individual residence and business in "the Village".

Home Pest Control In Montgomery Village, MD

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Since 1936, Capitol Pest has had the most professional, dependable, trustworthy service technicians, who have been individually trained to focus on efficiency and effectiveness – to deliver to the community a service for which there is exceptional value.

The training and expertise derived from our on-staff PhD entomologist has helped Capitol Pest become the highest rated company with 100 ratings or more on Consumer’s Checkbook that services the Washington DC area. We have also been voted the “Best Pest Control Company” by readers of Washingtonian Magazine, have an A rating on Angie's List, and have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

But, like Montgomery Village, we don't simply rest on our laurels. Just as the Village is working toward continuous improvement of its master plan and communities, so too are Capitol Pest Professionals continuously improving themselves and their knowledge of pests, pest control, and extermination through continuing education and certification. All of our technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Professional Pest Control In Montgomery Village, MD

We use the latest technological advances in equipment and techniques to provide Montgomery Village residents with the safest and most effective termite and pest control treatments available and eliminate pesticide use whenever and wherever possible. Through this training and expertise, Capitol Pest’s pest control service specialists will rid your home and property of unwanted pests, including ants, termitesbed bugs, rodents, bees and wasps, pantry pests, centipedes and millipedes, clothes moths, carpet beetles, and many more. No matter what pest problem you may have or want to prevent – we will customize a home pest control service program to focus on your pest problem and individual needs.


Why Montgomery Village, MD Homes Need Professional Year-Round Termite Protection

When is the perfect time to call for a professional termite treatment? Unfortunately, the answer is almost always “before now” - whether that be days, months, or even years ago. If you’ve only found out about a termite infestation while doing a renovation, incorporating new landscaping, or entering the crawlspace, it means it’s already too late to save yourself from significant damage. 

If you wait until termites are already in your walls, foundation, or flooring to treat them, termites have already won. It is always more difficult to get termites out of a home once they’ve invaded than to protect a home from being invaded by termites in the first place. If you’ve found warning signs of termite activity in your home, extensive and hard-to-repair damages have already been done. And since termites leave virtually no sign of their presence that can be detected by the average person, that makes year-round protection a necessity if you hope to protect yourself. 
Some homeowners choose to invest in routine termite inspections rather than having a termite defense product installed around their home. While this is generally less expensive, it also provides considerably less protection than having a year-round protection plan in place. When you only get yearly inspections, you leave yourself open to property damage in-between visits. And while it may not seem like termites could do that much damage to your home within the span of a year, you might be surprised at how efficient they can be. A few points to consider:

Termites feed on the inside of wood, not the outside, which can cause catastrophic damage to certain vulnerable areas, such as your home’s wooden foundations or load-bearing walls. In this instance, you might only notice the problem when floors start to sag and walls begin to bulge - at which point complicated (and costly) repairs are a necessity. 

And keep in mind that termite colonies can overlap in territory, and that your home could come under attack by multiple termite colonies at once. Termites will travel as far as the length of a football field to find a food source, and with so many intersecting tunnels being dug throughout your yard, it’s only a matter of time before one finds you. And once one termite finds you, it will invite all its friends. While the damage an individual termite can do is comparatively minimal, each colony can house thousands, even millions of termites. If multiple colonies find your home at once, the damage is almost certain to be extensive. 

If you want to prevent costly damage and protect the fortitude of your home, the only real solution is to put a protection plan in place that can keep your property against termites 24/7/365. Luckily, there is a tool that can help you do just that: the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. Sentricon® with Always Active™ works non-stop to detect termite workers as they invade your property. 

The system works using a number of bait stations placed strategically around the perimeter of your home. When termites find a bait station, they take some of the bait back with them to disperse amongst their colony. By measuring the bait levels over time, your technician can gauge the amount of termite activity taking place around your home, and from there work with you to decide the best course of action moving forward.

But, even better, Sentricon® with Always Active™ works to neutralize termite colonies from the inside out. When termites ingest the bait, the active ingredient inside prevents them from molting - eventually dooming them when they can no longer mature and shed their skins. Worker termites distribute this bait throughout the entire colony, eliminating the entire termite population at once. Don’t leave your home at risk for termite damage for one more day: contact the termite control specialists at Capitol Pest today and keep your investment protected for the future. 


Warning Signs That Rodents Have Gotten Into Your Montgomery Village Home

Rodents are a problem no one wants to have, for several good reasons. Once they are inside your home, rodents cause extensive damage and can put your family at risk for a number of diseases and other health concerns, in addition to causing property damage to any areas they get into. Unfortunately, rodents excel at two things: climbing and squeezing into small spaces, allowing them to access hard-to-reach areas around the home and wreak havoc. And if they can’t find an existing hole, they’ll just use their strong front teeth to create their own by gnawing into your walls and foundations. 

Like any animal, rodents need resources like food, water, and shelter in order to survive. The search for these resources is what pushes them into homes in the first place, and once inside, the first thing rodents will do is try to access them. As they scour your house, they’ll tear holes into food packaging in order to get inside, contaminating the food in the process. They’ll also urinate and leave droppings throughout your home, which can further contaminate your home while also leaving behind a pungent odor. Once they’ve found a food source, they’ll attempt to make a nest nearby; once the rodents settle in and start breeding, the problems really start. 

Another source of property damage comes from the way rodents gather materials to create their nests. They’ll chew into furniture, insulation, old newspapers, and practically any other objects they can find, which can lead to further damage to the home. This can become drastic, leading to water damage if they dig into the roofline and even house fires in the event that they get into electrical wiring. 

Because of the damage and danger rodents pose to homes they invade, identifying the warning signs of an infestation early becomes a necessity. Here are some common warning signs to be on the lookout for that could indicate that your home is under rodents infestation:

  • Rodent droppings around food sources or in basements, attics, and along baseboards

  • Strong urine odor permeating certain areas of the home

  • Sounds of scratching or scampering in walls and ceilings, especially at night 

  • Ripped or torn food packaging, or food that’s spilled onto the floor or countertops

  • Greasy rub marks on walls close to the floor

  • Dead rodent bodies found around the home

  • Live rodents seen scurrying across the floor, indicating a severe infestation 

In order to prevent these rodents from getting into your home, you will need to seal up all their potential entry points. This means even nickel-sized holes around the home, especially near exterior-leading utility wires, pipes, and cables. Keep the vegetation around the home well-trimmed. Place wood and compost piles at least 10-15 feet away from the home’s exterior. Keep the yard free of clutter and store exterior garbage only in containers with tight-fitting lids. Empty your indoor trash regularly, and avoid leaving dirty dishes and cookware in the sink overnight. Clean up any spills or messes as soon as they happen, and store all food items in tightly sealed containers, refrigerated if possible. 

However, while these tips can go a long way toward protecting your home from rodents, the best way to get rid of an existing rodent infestation - and the only way to prevent them long-term - is through a professional rodent control treatment plan provided by a certified rodent control specialist. Capitol Pest is your local expert in Washington D.C. rodent control. Using the latest and greatest innovations in pest control tools and techniques, we’ll remove your rodent problem safely and effectively while helping you stay better-prepared for the future. Contact us today for more information.


Common Signs Of Bed Bugs Inside Montgomery Village Homes

Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites that survive by biting into mammals and sucking their blood, a process that keeps thousands of Americans up at night every year. Known as nature’s hitchhikers, bed bugs excel at getting into clothing, luggage, bookbags, and other objects, and from their infiltrating your home. Bed bugs are notorious pests both for breeding quickly and for being incredibly difficult to treat using DIY methods alone, meaning that the sooner you call a professional for help in the event of an infestation, the better. However, what if you don’t know you have an infestation? Different people react differently to bed bugs and their bites, which can make the process of identifying an infestation difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. 

Do you think you have bed bugs? If so, you might have seen some of the following warning signs around your home:

Presence of Bites: Most people become aware of a bed bug infestation only after they wake up covered in itchy red bites. These are often found in groups of three or more around the wrists, ankles, and other areas not covered by clothing. However, different people react to bed bug bites in different ways - bed bugs could be keeping you up even if you aren’t feeling direct physical discomfort from their bites. 

Bed bug bites will appear in rows or clusters, and will often develop a rash around them. This rash may even make a cluster of bed bug bites look like hives rather than insect bites. Bed bug bites make the skin rise into a bump similar in appearance to a mosquito bite; but these bumps can be worse for some than others. Bed bug bites are most often characterized by a bright red coloring, but this is not always the case.

Odor: After being directly bitten, the next most common sign that can tip off a homeowner to a bed bug problem is the presence of a strong musty odor throughout the home similar to that of a locker room. The stronger the odor, the more likely that a severe infestation is underway. 

Black Streaks: Have you started noticing small black smears or streaks around your bedding, sideboards, or furniture? If so, it could be that you’ve found bed bug droppings. Wherever bed bugs go, they leave their jet black feces everywhere in large quantities. When they get into a mattress, black patches of feces can be found on the corners or along the seams. In furniture, black residue often can be found on stitching and in the creases or folds if bed bugs have gotten into the area. You may see streaks on the outlet cover, on baseboards or on sheets and pillowcases. They can often appear as tiny specks stuck to wood, cloth, carpeting, or walls. 

Blood: in addition to their droppings, bed bugs will also leave blood stains on bedding or furniture they infest. These can appear almost identical to streaks left from droppings, but are typically more brown or reddish in color. Blood stains also typically appear when people start scratching their bed bug bites. Bites are often itchy, but scratching too often or too hard can break the skin, leaving blood on the mattress. 

Insect Parts: Bed bugs go through five stages of development before they reach maturity, shedding their skin with each stage. In infested homes, these discarded skins can be found in areas of high infestation, such as on the floor, on sheets, or near the presence of streaks. 

Live Bed Bugs: Bed bugs are nocturnal and shy away from light, which is part of the reason they can evade notice to the average person. The corollary to this fact is that, if you see bed bugs with your own two eyes, it’s an almost certain sign that the infestation is a severe one. 

Have you started finding evidence of bed bugs around your Montgomery Village home? Don’t fret: call the pest control professionals at Capitol Pest today and make your bed bug problem a thing of the past! Contact us today for more details about stellar bed bug control services


Identifying A Cockroach Infestation In Your Montgomery Village Home

Cockroach infestations can be a serious problem for those forced to endure them. Beyond the discomfort factor that comes with realizing roaches have invaded your home, they can also spread some serious diseases and pose numerous health concerns to humans and pets they share living space with. If you want to protect yourself from cockroaches in your home, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re dealing with and how they operate. When it comes to cockroaches, Montgomery Village, MD is home to two primary offenders: American cockroaches and German cockroaches. 

American cockroaches vary in length between 1 and 1 ½ inches. They are reddish brown in coloration, and prefer warm and moist areas to infest. These roaches have a unique yellowish figure-8 marking behind their heads. American cockroaches are the largest species of roach to invade structures in the United States. Its counterpart the German cockroach is between ¼ and 5/8 of an inch long with light brown or tan coloration. Like American cockroaches, they prefer moist areas, and can be identified by the dark lengthwise stripes across their heads. 

Now that you know the primary offenders, here are some warning signs you should look out for that could alert you to their presence:

  • In the event of an infestation, you may start to notice cockroach droppings around your home. Cockroach feces typically looks black, resembling coffee grounds. Larger cockroaches leave black or brown droppings that are cylindrical with ridges down the sides. If you have noticed a significant amount of these droppings around your home, you may be dealing with a large infestation.

  • Many homeowners with roach problems report a heavy unpleasant odor lingering throughout their homes. A strong oily or musky odor could indicate roaches, and the stronger the odor, the more severe the infestation is likely to be. 

  • Finally, the last warning sign of a roach infestation is the presence of live or dead roaches throughout your home. Dead cockroach bodies or their oval-shaped egg cases may be found around the home. Cockroaches are typically nocturnal pests, but if you notice one of them during the daytime hours, it almost certainly means a severe infestation is ongoing.

If you’ve witnessed any of these cockroach warning signs, don’t leave your family at risk any longer; contact the cockroach elimination pros at Capitol Pest right away and find out why Montgomery Village residents call us first when roaches start invading. 


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