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Located just northwest of D.C. on the state line, McLean is home to many politicians and dignified diplomats. We are surrounded by the Potomac River on our northern and eastern sides, consequently, we experience a good deal of precipitation all year round. Pests can’t resist moisture, they love the Potomac and they love the community of McLean as much as our residents. Pest infestation is an absolute nightmare, and that’s why Capitol Pest is here to help.

Since 1936, Capitol Pest has been servicing the people of Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia with the best pest control solutions in the area. We offer coverage from a long list of common pests, including, ants, cockroaches, crickets, fabric pests, flies, pantry pests, rodents, silverfish, spiders, stinging insects, and others. Contact us today to speak to one of our pest experts and schedule your complimentary inspection. We will send a certified Capitol Pest field inspector to your property so they can identify all pest activity and provide you with a detailed estimate.

Home Pest Control In McLean, VA

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McLean is a beautiful place to own a home, this we all know. What is not as well known is that pests agree with that sentiment. They love to invade McLean homes in search of food, water, and shelter. It can become a real problem that you shouldn’t have to deal with, which is why we deal with it for you. 

Our residential pest control services include outside perimeter treatments, and inside treatments as needed. We provide coverage from a multitude of common pests, offering a variety of service plans to meet your needs.

  • Rodent Monitoring Service Plan

  • Mosquito, Tick, and Flea Control Plan (Options I, II, III, and IV)

  • Bronze Plan

  • Silver Plan

  • Gold Plan

  • Platinum Plan

Each of these plans is a one-year service agreement, but that’s not our only option. If you don’t want to commit to a year-long service plan, we also offer our Basic SELECT service. This is a one-time plan that includes a singular treatment and warranty. From inspection and identification, all the way through the treatment and documentation, our one-time service may be the perfect option for you. It comes with a full one-year warranty, as well as estimates for entry point repairs and other recommended solutions.

Commercial Pest Control In McLean, VA

We know how hard it is to keep a business up and running. There are a lot of factors that contribute to any company’s success, and somewhere on that very long list is a professional pest control plan. Regular treatment from the experts at Capitol Pest will protect your commercial facility in the long-term. We offer dependable commercial pest control services to a wide range of businesses, including:

  • Apartments & Condos

  • Office Buildings & Corporate Parks

  • Hotels & Lodging

  • Restaurants

  • Healthcare & Medical Facilities

Our staff is experienced in all pest matters and we guarantee effective results. On our team, we have a full-time zoologist, 2 entomologists, and a biochemist. All of these professionals help us to identify your pest problem and the necessary treatments to eliminate these intruders once and for all.  


Problems Cockroaches Cause In McLean, VA

Aside from being upsetting to discover, there’s a lot to cockroaches that you should know about. Cockroaches cause a lot of health issues, mostly due to their lack of sanitation. As they travel through our homes, they leave droppings behind. These droppings consist of feces, saliva, and shed skin, all of which contain allergens. They also contaminate the insulation, making these allergens airborne and a real threat to your well-being. Some of the adverse health reactions include:

  • Asthma

  • Stomach sickness

  • Viral diseases

  • Dysentery

  • Cholera

  • Leprosy

  • Plague

  • Typhoid fever

  • Poliomyelitis

  • Parasitic worms

If you suspect any sort of cockroach activity on your property, the smartest way to deal with the situation is to contact the professionals. Capitol Pest offers comprehensive cockroach extermination and control services that promise a roach-free zone to keep your health from being put at risk.


Three Signs Bed Bugs Leave Behind In McLean, VA

It is absolutely crucial to be able to identify signs of bed bug activity. Why? Because the sooner you discover the problem, the faster you can treat the infestation and prevent it from spreading further. Here are three signs that bed bugs leave behind that can be extremely helpful in detecting a potential infestation:

1. Rusty brown excrement spots on furniture, curtains, sheets, etc.

2. Red blood spots on linens and bedding

3. Line of little red bites that you wake up with in the morning

The best, most effective way to protect your McLean home or business from the nightmare of bed bugs is to contact the team at Capitol Pest. We know the habits and behaviors of these blood-suckers and we are experienced in eliminating them for good. Contact us today to discuss your bed bug control needs, we’re ready to help.


Why You Shouldn't Try To Treat A Wildlife Infestation In McLean Alone

It’s late at night and you hear a rustling noise coming from your McLean backyard that sounds like someone’s having a party, but it’s a raccoon going through your trash. What do you do? Wildlife is an unpredictable category of pest that makes them difficult and unsafe to deal with for people. Animals like raccoons may scratch and bite humans in defense of their hunt for your trash; add into the mix that they’re known common carriers of rabies and you do not want to chance an encounter with them.

Many other wildlife pests are carriers of both pathogens as well as other pests like fleas, ticks, mites, and bed bugs, so attempting to deal with a wildlife issue may easily lead to a secondary infestation as well. For all of your wildlife protection needs, contact the team at Capitol Pest Control for either the safe removal of a current infestation or to prevent a dangerous problem in the future. 


Differences Between Pro Mosquito Control And DIY Solutions In McLean, VA

Mosquito season reaches all the way from April through October, meaning that keeping these pests off of your McLean property can feel overwhelming. Many homeowners opt to try do-it-yourself-style solutions toward mosquito control to start like turning over areas of stagnant water, planting things like citronella and catnip, wearing mosquito repellent, opting for lighter-colored clothes, and using unscented hygiene products, but the fact is, opting to prevent mosquitoes like that dictates your life and doesn’t get the entirety of the problem. If something as simple as sweating or the type of blood you have is enough to send out a signal to mosquitoes, there’s only so much plants can do to keep them away.

That’s why taking action like having a professional pest control company provide monthly spraying treatments of your property is the way to go. They’re proven safe for individuals and pets, as well as the environment, and given their frequency, you’ll be covered all season long. This form of treatment is going to actually keep mosquitoes en masse away from your home, rather than repel an individual mosquito here and there. To keep mosquitoes off of your property for good, contact Capitol Pest Control today for mosquito control. 


McLean Homeowners' Handy Guide To Rodent Control

Rodents are a persistent pest that will do anything they can to gain access to your McLean home. Here are a few steps you should take to begin controlling them around your property:

  • Seal up your home. Rodents can make their way through very small openings in your home’s foundation and will even chew through the exterior of your home to do so, which causes secondary issues. That’s why ensuring that every crack, crevice, hole, and opening is patched with rodent-proof materials like sheet metal and wire mesh is key.

  • Store your food and trash. Once inside your home, rodents look for any scrap of human or pet food that they can get access to. Alway store food and pantry items in secure, locking containers and always opt for a trash bin with a lid.

  • Keep things clean. Rodents love to hide in clutter but will also use it to build their nests, so try to keep your home tidy and free from clutter.

  • They are host to other pests. As if it wasn’t enough to have an active rodent problem, they bring along the added negativity of carrying other pests like fleas, ticks, and mites along with them.

  • Call the professionals. When in doubt, always contact a team of professionals.

Rodent control is not something the average homeowner should attempt on their own. Rodents carry disease through simple things like their fecal matter and saliva, they multiply at high rates, and can cause house fires simply by chewing through your electrical wiring. At the first sign of rodents, contact Capitol Pest Control, for solutions you can count on. 


Five Tips For Keeping Your McLean Property Ant-Free

Ants are one of the most common nuisance pests around, so at any given point, you may experience an ant infestation on your property. Here are five tips for keeping them off of your McLean property:

  1. Remove access. The easiest way for ants to make their way inside is by marching through any cracks and crevices in your property’s foundation. Make sure that door and window screens are free of holes, fill any openings with materials like sheet metal or caulk, and use weather stripping and door sweeps when necessary.

  2. Keep food and trash stored properly. Ants come primarily in search of food scraps, so always keep food stored in secure containers and use a garbage bin with a proper locking lid, and remove it regularly.

  3. Always clean up. While ants will come looking for food, they can easily mistake spilled soap or shampoo for a food source, so be sure to clean any spills thoroughly.

  4. Address areas of excess moisture. Ants require moisture, which makes spots like leaky faucets, pipes, and bathtubs very attractive for them. Look to rectify these irregularities upon noticing them.

  5. Contact the professionals. The truth is, preventing ants is hard, given the way we live our daily lives. That’s why the most effective form of ant prevention is with a call to the pros.

For help with an ongoing ant problem or for tips to prevent an infestation, contact the professionals at Capitol Pest Control today for ant control. 


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