Comprehensive Pest Solutions In Hyattsville, MD

The climate in the Hyattsville, Maryland area is warm with a lot of rainfall during the Spring and Summer months. This weather pattern allows for the development of issues with many types of pest infestations, including problems with rodents, termites, bed bugs, and mosquitoes. Capitol Pest Control has qualified and experienced staff members equipped to handle all of your pest control needs.

Understanding The Area’s Appeal To Pests

Intent on finding a comfortable place for themselves, many pests inhabit the area. Mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas thrive in grassy plots and make outdoor entertaining problematical. Pets can become carriers as they transport the blood-sucking and disease-carrying pests indoors. Termites and bedbugs create devastating conditions, with one destroying the wood in a home and the other making sleep impossible for homeowners.

Home Pest Control In Hyattsville, MD

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Capitol Pest has the tools and know-how to keep your home free of rodents, bed bugs, spiders, and any other pests you might face.

Even the cleanest home attracts pests like cockroaches, termites, ants, and fleas. However, Capitol Pest offers service plans customized to  build a barrier around your home and prevent these invasive pests from disturbing you and your family ever again.

Our trained and certified technicians can inspect your home for entry points that provide easy access for rodents, insects, and other pests to infest your living space and seal them to give you long-term protection for the future.

Contact us today and find out why Maryland homeowners trust Capitol Pest to protect their investment with our comprehensive home pest control programs. 

Mosquitoes, Ticks & Fleas

Some pests are more bothersome because of their persistent biting or because of their potential to spread disease. This is certainly true of mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

Mosquitoes can quickly breed, getting the upper hand both inside your home and in your backyard gathering places. Because they feed on human blood, they bite regularly and keep coming back for more. Mosquitoes thrive in damp places, therefore even the smallest bodies of water will attract them to your yard and they will ultimately end up inside your home. Mosquitoes have been known to carry many blood borne pathogens as well, which they can pass to humans when they bite them. Controlling the mosquito population around your home is of prime importance for your health and comfort, as well as that of your guests.

Ticks and fleas are also a threat to the safety and health of your loved ones and your pets. When your pets play in the backyard, they can get ticks and fleas on their coats which they will then bring inside with them. Fleas breed very quickly and can survive on carpeted surfaces for long periods of time. Both fleas and ticks bite repeatedly and both can also be carriers of various diseases. Controlling the flea and tick population is an important step in protecting your family and friends from these annoying creatures.

Commercial Pest Control In Hyattsville, MD

No matter your industry, pests threaten your ability to maintain a successful business in Hyattsville. Rodents, bed bugs, cockroaches, and other pests can ruin your reputation and drive away potential customers. The team at Capitol Pest understands how important it is to keep your commercial property 100% pest-free, and we have the tools and experience to get you there. 

 If you want to keep destructive and disease-spreading pests out of your commercial facility, you need the protection that only a professional pest control service can provide. Capitol Pest has provided high-quality pest control services for a variety of Maryland businesses since 1936. We make it our mission to put an end to the headaches, destruction, and irreparable damage to your reputation that pest infestations cause. With Capitol Pest by your side, you can trust that you’ll always receive the most effective pest control treatments, solutions, and prevention services on the market. Give us a call today to learn more about all of our commercial pest control options. 


Services Offered By Capitol Pest Control

At Capitol Pest Control, we offer a wide range of professional treatments designed to quickly and efficiently rid your home and backyard of dangerous and annoying pests that can zap the fun out of summer gatherings. The following options are available to cover all of your pest elimination and control needs:

  • Rodent removal and control

  • Termite inspections and treatments

  • Mosquito, tick, and flea control

  • Bed bug removal

  • Residential and commercial pest control options

At Capitol Pest Control, we understand the importance of keeping your home free from dangerous and irritating pests. Contact our experienced staff today to set up a consultation to address any pest issues you may be having.


Bed Bug Prevention For Hyattsville, MD Homeowners

Bed bugs are notorious hitchhikers. They catch a ride into home and businesses on clothing, backpacks, luggage, bedding and furniture. They can catch a ride on you pretty much anywhere you go. Whether you’re on vacation and sleeping in a hotel, heading out to catch a matinee at the local movie theater or at the library looking for a good book to read at the beach, you can pick up an unwanted hitchhiker and bring it home with you.

If you take a cab to any of those places, you could even pick up bed bugs there! While it isn’t really logical to stay home all the time to avoid bed bugs, there are some things you can do while you’re out and about this summer to make sure you don’t bring home any unwanted guests. Before you leave:

  • Make sure your mattresses and box springs at home are encased before you leave. This will help with early detection should you bring any bed bugs home with you.
  • Bring heavy duty plastic bags in your car with you to put your luggage and clothing in on the drive home so if there happen to be any bed bugs on your luggage, they will be contained to the bag rather than hiding in your car.
  • While you’re on your vacation:
  • Keep your luggage away from areas that are more likely to have bed bugs, such as furniture, curtains or beds.
  • Check the cracks and crevices of the mattress and boxspring at your hotel with a flashlight. If you see any bugs, shed bed bug skins or brown spots on bedding, contact management right away.
  • Keep clothing in large plastic bags and your luggage up on a luggage stand, rather than in the dressers or closets provided.

When you get home:

  • Wash all of your clothing in the hottest water possible. Try to take it right from the plastic bag you brought with you, into the washing machine.
  • Any clothing you can’t wash should be kept in a sealed, plastic bag until it can be dry cleaned.
  • Inspect your box spring a mattress on a regular basis after returning home.

If you suspect you have a problem with bed bugs in your home you should contact a pest professional right away. Bed bugs are not a pest you can get rid of on your own, and while they don’t pose any known threats to humans, that doesn’t mean we want them crawling on us and biting us in our sleep. If bed bugs are biting, contact the pest professionals at Capitol Pest immediately and find out if one of our comprehensive bed bug treatments is the right solution for you. 


What’s Attracting Mosquitoes To My Hyattsville, MD Property?

Mosquitoes are seen so often that we forget the many threats they pose. They are the perfect vessel to spread diseases and viruses via their bites. Females require our blood as a source of nutrients in which to lay her eggs. Each bite is like a tiny injection into the skin and thus creates an opportunity to spread any diseases that the mosquito may be carrying. There are multiple diseases attributed to mosquito bites like:

  • Malaria
  • Dog Heartworm
  • Dengue
  • Yellow Fever
  • Eastern Equine Encephalitis
  • West Nile Virus
  • Chikungunya

While mosquito borne illnesses are less common here in America, they are definitely a possibility. Protecting your family from these illnesses is important. 
Unfortunately, many homeowners inadvertently end up attracting mosquitoes to their yards with no idea why, putting themselves and their families at risk in the process. Are you making your backyard more attractive to mosquitoes? Is it even possible to make it unattractive to these buzzing, disease carrying pests?

Mosquitoes are constantly in search of a food source, as well as place to lay their eggs. They lay their eggs in and around water sources. The water source doesn't have to be a naturally occurring water source either. It is quite often standing water that is inside a container or depression in the ground. Reducing and eliminating any standing water or water sources on your property will decrease the amount of mosquito eggs that are being deposited there. Be sure to walk your property regularly and look for things like:

  • Old tires
  • Food and water bowls
  • Plastic bottles
  • Children's toys that hold water

These items and many others quickly become mosquito breeding grounds when they are filled with water. Be sure to empty and refresh all water that is part of your landscaping on a regular basis. While you may not always know how or why you have mosquitoes around your home, there is one thing you can be certain of: when mosquitoes start biting, Capitol Pest is the one to call. With years of experience dealing with mosquito infestations of every shape and size, we have the tools and knowledge you need to make your property mosquito-free and keep it that way. Contact us today for more information about our comprehensive mosquito control treatments


Why Termites Are Silent Destroyers Inside Hyattsville, MD Properties

Termites can be in your home for years without you even realizing it! Also known as the ‘silent destroyer’, a termite is an insect that eats wood as its main source of food. They build satellite colonies away from their food source and then travel to their food source to eat the wood from the inside out. If this food source is your home, you have plenty of reasons to worry!

Because termite damage isn’t obvious to begin with, their damage is usually overlooked for YEARS. As they begin their feeding on the wood in your structure, you may never even realize they are present. Eventually they hollow out the wood in your home’s structure, making it look water or weather damaged and packing it full of ‘mud’, which is really just termite excrement. Wood can look saggy or droopy and wood that has extensive termite damage can become structurally unsound.

Here are some common warning signs of termites that you should be aware of:

  • As we already mentioned, it can be challenging to recognize a termite infestation until the problem becomes out of hand. Some signs of termites may include:
  • Mud tubes along walls- these tubes are used by termites to travel to your home from their colony, which is usually located outside and away from your home. Since termites dry out easily, the mud protects them and keeps their delicate bodies moist.
  • Painted wood that has termite damage looks blistered and the paint can peel.
  • Shed termite wings are a sign that termites have ‘swarmed’ in or near your home. These ‘swarms’ are what happens when the reproductive termites fly up out of the ground and attempt to find a mate. Once a mate is chosen, the termites drop to the ground, their wings fall off and they go in search of a place to build their new colony.
  • Wood that has termite damage may sound hollow when tapped on.
  • Door and window frames with termite damage look like they are sagging.
  • Termite damage can present like water damage, but if you look closely, you may see termite mud seeping through cracks or fractures in the wood.
  • Since most of these signs are only obvious once serious damage has been done, termites have truly earned the title of silent destroyers.

If you are worried that you may have some of these silent destroyers in your home, it is wise to have a termite inspection done by qualified professionals. This type of inspection is best done yearly to keep serious termite damage from causing a problem in your home’s structure. A termite problem that goes untreated can become an expensive problem for you- a problem that is typically not covered under your homeowners insurance policy.

Termite Infestations In Hyattsville, MD

Termites pose a huge threat to Maryland residents due to the fact that they are destructive in nature and cause millions of dollars worth of damage to homes and other buildings across the United States each year. Since termites usually stay well hidden within the confines of the internal structures of your home, this makes it difficult to even know that you have a problem. Our qualified staff can do thorough home inspections to alert you to any possible termite infestations and quickly and efficiently take care of any issues.

Don’t leave your home at risk one more day: contact the termite professionals at Capitol Pest for help. Contact us today and find out why a comprehensive termite treatment plan from Capitol is the perfect way to protect yourself from the threat termites pose. 


Ant Prevention Tips For Hyattsville, MD Homeowners

Ants are always on the hunt for a food source nearby in order to ensure the survival of the colony. If you happen to see ants in the kitchen, then chances are they have chosen your home as a suitable place to forage for rations. There are several DIY solutions and sprays for ants that are easily found at your local hardware store. The problem with over the counter “ant solutions” is that the only ants being eliminated are the ones in search of food. Not to mention, these home remedies to control ants can be quite dangerous to you and your family if mixed or applied improperly. For this reason, getting professional help for these pests is a must!

So, now that we have pointed out why ants aren’t a pest to think lightly of we would also like to share with you how to keep them from becoming a problem in the first place. There are several things you can do around your home to help prevent an ant problem. Since foraging ants are looking for food, the key to prevention is eliminating available food sources.

You can prevent ants around your home by:

  • Cleaning food and beverage spills as they happen
  • Keep food prep areas clean
  • Keep your floors swept of crumbs
  • Store food in airtight containers
  • Keep your pantry organized
  • Be sure to keep pet food in an airtight container
  • Be sure and keep countertops and small appliances clean of grease, food debris or crumbs
  • Be sure and take the trash out regularly
  • Don’t forget about the yard! Ant colonies in the yard are generally where foraging ants come from. So you want to try and prevent their presence on your property altogether. You can do this by:
  • Regularly check all the seals around windows, doors and any cracks in the foundation
  • Keep trees and bushes trimmed so they do not come into contact with the house. This will help get rid of any “bridges” or paths where ants can gain access.
  • Be sure and store any firewood well away from buildings and up off the ground
  • Be sure outdoor trash cans have tight fitting lids and no holes.

Keep in mind an ant problem can develop pretty quickly. The best course of action for any household pest is a pest control professional.


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