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Since 1936, Capitol Pest has settled for nothing less than excellence in every aspect of our Virginia area service. We strive to deliver dependable, professional, trustworthy pest control to the residents of Fairfax, VA with the firm belief that our success is based on our contribution to the community. We aim to give every customer an exceptional level of value, and we deliver that value in a prompt, courteous, and safe manner.

It is to these standards that we owe our exemplary ratings on Consumer’s Checkbook as well as being the top-voted pest control company in Washington Magazine. While we are proud to have made a difference in the Fairfax community, we aren’t about to rest on our laurels. We view every job as an opportunity to prove ourselves all over again. If you’re dealing with termites or wildlife problems at your home, we hope you’ll give us the chance to do just that.

Home Pest Control In Fairfax, VA

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Located within easy commuting distance of Washington, D.C., the city of Fairfax, Virginia has been honored with inclusion in the Forbes Magazine annual list of “Top 25 Places to Live Well”. Excellent schools, a high standard of living, and local business opportunities were cited as reasons for this elite distinction.

Fairfax hosts a number of exciting events for residents and visitors to the area each year. The Chocolate Lover’s Festival takes place during the first part of March and showcases the Old Town area while providing a wide range of delectable choices for chocolate lovers across the region. The Fall Festival is an annual October event that attracts as many as 45,000 guests each year to the downtown area. Finally, the Festival of Lights and Carols kicks off on the first Saturday of December with the ceremonial lighting of the Fairfax Christmas tree.

Mild winters and warmer summers are common in the Fairfax area. Unfortunately, these comfortable temperatures can provide a perfect environment for insect infestations and other pests. The experts at Capitol Pest can deliver solid protection against these unwanted intruders and can ensure the livability of your Fairfax home.

Solid Protection For You & Your Family

Capitol Pest has earned the Angie’s List Super Service Award and has been named a “Best Pick” by the online review site Best Pick We offer the most responsive customer service in the industry and work with you to ensure that your problems are resolved effectively. Contact us today to request a free quote from our talented technicians. We look forward to the chance to serve your residential pest control needs.

Managing Common Pests In Fairfax, VA

Capitol Pest can create a perimeter of protection around your home that can help you avoid unwanted visits by cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, crickets, ants and silverfish. We can also seal off entry points for rats and mice to protect you and your family against the risks posed by these rodent intruders. Capitol Pest offers a number of key benefits for Fairfax homeowners:

  • We are a family-owned and operated business with more than 80 years in the pest control business. Our in-depth experience allows our team to provide you with the best and most effective solutions for all your pest control problems.

  • Capitol Pest maintains an entomologist with a Ph.D. as part of our staff. Dr. Russell Travers is an accepted authority in the field of entomology and is a valuable resource for our technicians and our clients alike.

  • Our expert pest control technicians work from the outside in to identify areas where pests can enter buildings and to address these issues effectively while minimizing the pesticides used inside your home.

  • Capitol Pest employs skilled carpenters to correct any holes or gaps that can allow unwanted pests to enter your Fairfax home.

  • We stand behind our work to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your results.

Our attention to detail and careful approach to pest control sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to maintain a solid reputation for excellence in our industry.


What Does Termite Damage Look Like In Fairfax, VA?

No matter the day, month, or even season, termites are always biting in Virginia, tunneling through earth and wood as they create their cavernous nests. Unfortunately, if your home happens to be in their path, that means it’s only a matter of time before it becomes part of their nest as well. Termites are always on the hunt for new sources of food, and once they find it, a termite’s only goal is to continue chewing away. This is why common problem areas in homes infested by termites include floorboards, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, and the foundation of your home - all of which can be critically damaged in the event of a termite infestation. 

If the wooden flooring in your home has been affected, it will often feel more springy or spongy when you walk across it. Termite-infested areas may also sag or blister due to the damage that has gone on underneath and inside them. These areas can often appear water damaged, so even the appearance of rotting wood in your home could be an indication that it’s time to call an exterminator for help. If you have termites, you may start to notice cracks forming along walls and ceilings where they have eaten away at the cellulose found inside.

Another common warning sign of termites is that the windows and doors in the home seem to stick or become hard to open. While often mistaken for a house “settling,” this could actually be due to small warps or imperfections in the wood caused by termite tunneling, leaving the frames misshapen or bowed. While most modern homes feature concrete foundations, the attached floor joists are usually still made of wood - putting them at risk. As these joists are still close to the ground, they are generally easy for termites to access, causing major structural damage to your home in the process. Even the smallest gaps in your foundation could create an entry point for termites.

Part of the reason termite damage often goes unnoticed until it’s too late is due to the types of areas termites are attracted to. Termites are most attracted to dark, moist places where they can find both wood and water sources for nourishment. Unfortunately, because these types of areas within a home are generally found in out-of-the-way areas like in crawl spaces or attics, they can allow significant damage to occur right under your nose. 

Since they tend to do damage away from the light of day and out of human line-of-sight, this damage can go on for months or even years at a time. Termites aren't the type of pest that you typically see in the flesh, but rather only find the damage they leave behind, making them a difficult pest to effectively prevent or treat alone - and leaving professional termite control as your only realistic option if you home to protect yourself. 

How Timing Affects Termites

Termite populations tend to change with the seasons. Winter is termites’ least active season. Termites are less active in the winter time depending on how cold the ground gets and how available food is. Unfortunately, the mild winters Virginia provides can allow termites to stay active well into winter months in Fairfax that they wouldn’t be able to stay active through in other parts of the country.

However, regardless of outside temperatures, termites can overcome the cold by inhabiting a man-made structure, as these are more likely to stay warm throughout the winter. So ironically, while they are less active overall in the winter, their search for warmth could actually lead them to becoming a presence within your home. 

And while snow is not as big a factor in Virginia as in other states, it can still be a factor. If you’re not careful, accumulated snow could create moisture problems when it melts as the weather heats up. This could leave you with water-damaged woods around the perimeter of your home right as spring arrives - and termites enter their most active period.

Spring marks the beginning of termite season, when each colony will produce winged reproductive termites (called alates) that will take off in swarms near their colonies. After swarming, the reproductive termites will pair-off and fly in random directions, with each pair creating a new colony wherever they happen to land. In this way, even one termite colony getting a foothold in your yard can quickly spiral out of control.

Like foraging termites, termite swarmers are attracted to high-moisture areas. If your property has lots of moisture, it will be more appetizing to termites than a nearby area without moisture present. This is part of the reason why experts recommend storing any firewood or compost piles in your yard well away from your home’s exterior, as these spots tend to accumulate moisture-damaged wood, especially if it snowed in winter. 

After swarming in spring, summer is the time for each new termite colony to dig in and start tunneling. With the temperature just right, your yard is ripe for tunneling, and as activity increases across your property, it’s only a matter of time before termites find your home. And once one finds its way inside, it will signal to the rest of the colony, bringing on a full infestation.

Finally, as temperatures begin to cool in fall, termite activity tends to taper off. However, due to Virginia’s climate, fall can still bring temperatures in excess of 80 degrees, giving termites plenty of time to stay active. In fact, hotter fall days can even spike repeat swarmers, leading to a second active season in your property.

Usually by November or December, termite activity will have largely subsided in your yard - but again, if they got to your home by this point, nothing will stop them from staying active throughout the winter, damaging every part of your home they come into contact with in the process. So you see, termites are not a seasonal pest like mosquitoes or wasps. On the contrary, their ability to stay active for so much of the year in Fairfax is exactly why homeowners need year-round protection if they hope to preserve the integrity of their homes. 

At Capitol Pest, we can do more than treat an ongoing termite infestation in your home: we have the tools, the team, and the know-how to keep your investment protected for the future. Are you concerned about termites potentially wreaking havoc in your home? Contact us today and find out how we can put your mind at ease with our professional termite control service.


Common Signs Bed Bugs Leave Behind Inside Fairfax, VA Homes

Do you have bed bugs? While these notorious parasites are known for their bloodsucking tendencies and their ability to keep people up at night, it can actually be difficult to identify an infestation if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Bed bugs affect different people in different ways. However, if you’ve recently been on a trip, had company over from out of town, or stayed overnight in a hotel or motel room, don’t be too surprised if you brought some hitchhikers home with you. The more signs you see, the more likely you have found an area of infestation, helping you (or a certified pest control technician) zero-in on the source. Here are some common warning sign bed bugs leave behind that often tip homeowners off to an infestation:

Shed Skins

Bed bugs go through five primary stages of development. As a bed bug matures, it molts, shedding its skin and growing a newer, larger one in its place. These discarded skins will appear pale to tan to brownish-red depending on the stage of the bed bug’s development, but their presence in your home, especially around bedding or furniture, is a sure sign that they’re inside. The larger the infestation, the more skins will be present. 

Some common areas people encounter shed skins include on upholstered furniture, on carpets, and on mattresses, box springs, and other bedding like sheets and pillowcases. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that prefer to stay active in out-of-the-way places, so shed skins will also be found inside creases, recesses, pockets, holes, between mattresses and box springs, under couch cushions, and other secluded locations. Once you’ve found shed skins, it’s also common to find live bed bugs in the area. 


Bed bugs are not house-trained, and will leave droppings on any surface they come into contact with. These droppings typically appear as brown or black streaks, but individual droppings can also appear as tiny black flecks. Bed bug droppings are commonly found on walls, bedding, pillowcases, sheets, mattresses, box springs, bed frames, bed stands, backboards, baseboards, crown molding, outlet covers, and upholstery - but can be found almost anywhere. If you see black streaks in your home, take note of them, because it means the area will need to be addressed. 

Droppings may also look like patches of black matted into the corner of a mattress or around a corner of a piece of furniture. You may also see groups of droppings around the stitching of upholstered furniture or the seams of mattresses and box springs. In these areas, there are likely to be other signs of bed bugs that can definitively tip you off as to the status of your infestation. As with shed skins, the higher concentration of droppings you find in a given area, the higher the likelihood that a heavy bed bug presence is nearby. 


Like any other insect, bed bugs reproduce by laying eggs that hatch into nymphs before maturing into adult bed bugs. And as with any other pest, anywhere a bed bug infestation is present, eggs will be as well. Eggs are very small, about a millimeter in size. Eggs may be found individually or in clusters, typically within cracks or crevices in furniture or scattered about other infested areas.

As with other warning signs, the presence of eggs in close proximity to other warning signs is the surest indication that an infestation has taken root in the area. As you inspect your home for warning signs, look for eggs inside luggage, articles of clothing, pocketbooks, and other items you might carry on a trip.

Blood Stains

Bed bugs feed on blood to survive, but not all of that blood ends up staying within their bodies. Bed bugs excrete blood onto surfaces as they crawl around, which can lead to blood stains and streaks, often close in appearance to the streaks their droppings leave behind except brownish-red in color instead of black. As you inspect your home, look for blood stains on sheets, pillowcases, and bedding in particular.

If you’ve found evidence of bed bugs in your home, there is only one real next step: get in contact with a certified pest control professional as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will become, and it will never go away on its own. Don’t let bed bugs keep you up at night any longer: contact the professionals at Capitol Pest today and find out how one of our comprehensive bed bug control treatments can eliminate your existing bed bug problem while keeping you protected for the future. 


Benefits Of Professional Mosquito Control Services In Fairfax

When summer arrives and the temperatures rise, mosquito season is in full swing in Fairfax. That means mosquitoes are out and about biting, feeding, breeding, and generally making life miserable for any people unfortunate enough to get caught in their way. Worse, their numbers will only continue to increase over the summer if you don’t take action to eliminate them.

Mosquito infestations are unpleasant for a number of reasons, including:

  • Mosquitoes bites often leave behind red, itchy welts. While annoying on their own, their itchiness can lead people to scratch or pick at them, which can lead to secondary infestations that can require medical attention.

  • Mosquitoes spread numerous diseases including the West Nile virus, chikungunya virus, Zika virus, dengue fever, and more. 

  • Mosquitoes can infect pets like cats and dogs with parasitic heartworms, which can become life-threatening.

No matter how you’re hoping to spend a sunny afternoon or night outdoors, mosquitoes will quickly ruin your time. Between the pain and itchiness their stings bring, the annoyance that their buzzing brings, and the many dangerous diseases they can spread through their bites, mosquitoes are a pest that no one wants to deal with. Luckily, if you’re a Fairfax resident, you no longer have to.

If you want to reduce the number of buzzing, biting mosquitoes around your Fairfax home, there’s no better way to do so than by contacting the professionals at Capitol Pest for help. Available on a one-time basis or as a monthly repeating service during mosquito season, Capitol Pest offers superior mosquito control services that can not only eliminate an active infestation but also help mitigate areas around your home that mosquitoes can thrive in - helping reduce their numbers in the future. Don’t leave your family and pets at risk for mosquito bites any longer. Contact us today and find out why Fairfax home and business owners trust Capitol Pest for all their mosquito elimination needs.


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