Our Stinging Insect Control Guarantee

When you partner with us at Capitol Pest to eliminate bees, hornets, wasps, or other stinging insects from your property, we guarantee your satisfaction! In fact, we won’t rest until you’re completely satisfied with the results of your stinging insect control services. Contact us today to get started with effective bee and wasp control near you!


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Get Rid Of Stinging Insects Fast!

At Capitol Pest, we offer comprehensive stinging insect control solutions that work to quickly target common stinging insect species such as bees, hornets, yellow jackets, and wasps in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. Our ongoing pest control services not only focus on stinging insect removal, but are also designed to prevent nuisance and potentially dangerous stinging insects from returning. When you choose our family owned and operated pest control company, you can say goodbye to bees and wasps!

Our Effective Stinging Insect Control Process

Keep bees, hornets, and wasps off your property! When stinging insects take up residence on your property, they can put you and your family, or in a commercial setting, your customers and employees, at risk of painful stings, allergic reactions, and frightful encounters. Instead of trying to get rid of these dangerous pests on your own and putting yourself at risk, get rid of them efficiently and effectively with the bee and wasp control services from the professional stinging insect exterminators at Capitol Pest!

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Stinging Insect Inspections

Before we begin our stinging insect treatment process, one of our highly trained pest control experts will first inspect your property for signs of stinging insect activity, potential entry points into your home or business, and any other attractants or conditions that are conducive to bee and wasp infestations. This helps us to determine the specific stinging insect species that you’re dealing with and the best plan of action to get rid of them.

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Stinging Insect Control Treatments

Here at Capitol Pest, we take a comprehensive and preventative approach to bee and wasp control. During our stinging insect control process, we’ll work to eliminate your current infestation while also creating a barrier of defense against stinging insects; we provide nest removal as well as exterior treatments to eliminate your current bee and wasp problems and keep the stinging insect populations on your property down.

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Ongoing Stinging Insect Protection

To keep bees and wasps off your property all year round, we offer ongoing stinging insect protection in the form of our professional pest control plans. When you partner with us to get rid of your stinging insect infestation, you can trust that your property will remain stinging insect-free, guaranteed! And if your stinging insect problems resurface after treatment, we’ll happily come re-treat for bees and wasps at no extra cost!

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