Effective Pest Solutions For Chevy Chase, MD Properties

Pest problems can happen to anyone. No matter where you live, pests can invade your property - and when they do, countless problems are sure to follow. Here in Chevy Chase, home and business owners face a wide range of common pests, including stinging insects, ants, rodents, bed bugs, termites, and other occasional invaders. 

Keeping pests out of your residential or commercial building is not an easy task to face alone. Luckily, you don’t have to. To prevent pests from getting into your Chevy Chase property, turn to the experienced pest professionals here at Capitol Pest. We provide versatile and effective solutions to handle every unique pest problem you might face. Give us a call today to learn why Capitol Pest is the best choice for your property.

Home Pest Control In Chevy Chase, MD

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You and your family should always feel safe inside your own home. However, when pests invade your residential property, it can be hard to relax - and with good reason. A pest infestation is more than just a simple nuisance - it can bring disease and destruction to your home.

Luckily, with the pest professionals here at Capitol Pest by your side, you no longer have to worry about pests or the problems they cause. We design our home pest control plans with your needs in mind, and can create an effective pest control solution for your home no matter what pests you might come up against.

We offer four levels of home protection in our residential pest control programs: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum: 

  • Our Bronze Service Plan covers 36 pests found both indoors and outdoors, with quarterly service visits to inspect and treat any pests that might have gotten onto your property
  • Our Silver Service Plan includes the same comprehensive pest control measures featured in the Bronze Service Plan along with additional protection covering over 55 common pests and exterior rodent baiting service
  • Our Gold Service Plan combines all of the coverage found in the Silver Service Plan with an additional service in the form of mosquitoes, termites, or bed bug treatment 
  • Our most inclusive plan, the Platinum Service Plan provides coverage against over 55 common pests found in the DC-area as well as bed bug treatments, services for mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, and your choice of two termite treatment options.

No matter which plan you choose, you can count on us to keep pests away from your Chevy Chase home year-round. Contact Capitol Pest today to learn more about all of our effective and reliable home pest control options and services for Chevy Chase properties.

Commercial Pest Control In Chevy Chase, MD

No matter what your product or service might be, your Chevy Chase business will never be successful if customers notice rats, cockroaches, or other pests in your establishment. Pest problems are bad for your reputation and a threat to the quality of your goods and services - a cost few business owners can afford to pay. The only real way to avoid finding pests in and around your commercial facility is to implement a year-round commercial pest control plan for your property. 

At Capitol Pest, we make it our top priority to ensure Chevy Chase businesses are 100% pest-free. Whether you own an office building, apartment complex, restaurant, hotel, warehouse, medical facility, or any other type of business, we have what it takes to protect your property from any DC-area pest pressures it might come up against. If pests are threatening your business reputation, get in touch with the commercial pest professionals here at Capitol Pest today.


Guide To Avoiding Cockroaches In Chevy Chase, MD

Cockroaches are dangerous pests to have inside the home, as they can spread a variety of illnesses, including dysentery, diarrhea, salmonella, and typhoid fever, in addition to triggering allergic reactions and asthma attacks in some individuals. The only way to prevent the diseases and other problems cockroaches cause is by preventing them from invading in the first place. Cockroaches are insects that thrive in areas that offer plenty of food, water, and warmth. Unfortunately, your Chevy Chase home or business provides all three of these resources, and can lead them inside if you don’t take steps to stop them. 

Consider implementing a few of these cockroach prevention tips to minimize roach activity in and around your Chevy Chase property:

  • Seal all potential entry points, including cracks in your foundation, gaps under doors, and openings around windows.

  • Limit possible food sources, such as open garbage cans, crumbs on your floors, and pet food.

  • Remove clutter from your property.

  • Cut brush and thick foliage away from your exterior walls.

  • Repair leaky fixtures that could cause excess moisture.

Cockroaches are filthy insects, and you never want to find them in your residential or commercial building. At Capitol Pest, we dedicate ourselves to protecting people and properties from many different pest threats, including cockroaches. Get in touch with us today for more information about how we treat and prevent cockroach infestations.


What You Need To Know About Bed Bugs In Chevy Chase, MD

Bed bugs are parasitic nocturnal bloodsuckers that affect millions of homeowners every year. They’re also one of the most annoying and difficult pests you could have the misfortune of encountering, making prevention an infestation before it happens a priority. Understanding more about bed bugs may help you when it comes to keeping them away from your Chevy Chase property.

Here are a few important things you should know about bed bugs that could impact your ability to effectively prevent them:

  • Bed bugs need your help to invade. These tiny insects hitchhike their way into your Chevy Chase home or business on your bags, clothing, and personal belongings. 

  • Bed bugs are incredibly hardy and can live just about anywhere, able to withstand both incredibly high and low temperatures. Unfortunately, this is a major contributing factor allowing them to thrive across all 50 states.

  • Bed bugs stay active almost year-round but tend to become the most active in the fall.
    Have you ever wondered why you don’t wake up when bed bugs bite you?

  • Bed bugs have a mild anesthetic in their saliva, which is why you can’t feel the sting of a bed bug bite. 

When you find bed bugs hiding in your mattress or snuggled into your dirty clothes pile, your first reaction might be to try and use whatever measures possible to get those pesky insects out of your home or business. Unfortunately, bed bug infestations are almost impossible to get rid of without professional help. Bed bugs are hardy insects that are resistant to many types of over the counter pesticides.

To get rid of your bed bug problems, trust the pest professionals here at Capitol Pest. We will work with you to find the right bed bug control solution for your Chevy Chase residential or commercial property.


Preventing Termites Inside Your Chevy Chase, MD Home

Termites are arguably the single most destructive pest found across America, causing billions of dollars in damages every year to homes, businesses, and other structures across America. Making matters worse is how difficult termite infestations are to prevent for the average homeowner. Termites operate under and within your home, out of sight, so it’s common that they can get inside and severely damage a home or other structure well before the owner ever becomes aware that a problem even exists. 

If you want to save yourself huge property-related expenses, it’s essential to find a way to keep them from getting to your home. Luckily, Capitol Pest has the perfect solution for homeowners in the form of the Sentricon® System with Always Active™. The system works using bait stations placed strategically around the perimeter of your home. Once installed, termites find these bait stations and share it with the termites throughout their colonies, exposing all of them to the active ingredients inside. These ingredients prevent the termites from molting, effectively killing them and dooming the colony in the process.

Sentricon® with Always Active™ must be installed by a licensed installer and maintained by a licensed professional to ensure complete protection. This is because installation, monitoring, and bait replenishment must be done in a diligent and structured manner. The results that are measured must be properly interpreted to ensure full control even when multiple colonies attack at once.

If you’re worried about termites getting onto your property, don’t hesitate, contact the termite professionals at Capitol Pest today for help and find out if the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ is the right termite control solution for your home.


Why Rodents Invade Homes In Chevy Chase

Rodents like rats and mice are common household invaders in Maryland. They are constantly on the hunt for a safe place to hide and raise their young, and their small size and climbing ability allows them to slip into even the smallest holes and gaps found in your home’s walls and siding. Even if they find a hole that isn’t large enough to allow them entry, their strong teeth are capable of chewing through many building materials that compose your home. If a rodent is in the area and smells food or senses heat coming from your home, don’t be surprised if they chew through siding, weatherstripping, and even wood to get inside.

Once inside, rodents will almost never leave on their own, making use of the food and water sources around your home to survive while raising their young deep within the walls of your home. The inside of your home also provides heat during colder months and running air conditioning during the summer, providing them with more comfort than they could possibly hope for in the wild - giving them even more incentive to stay and settle down.

But when rodents get in, they bring serious problems with them. They spread harmful bacteria to food they come into contact with, contaminate surfaces with their feces and urine, leave permanent damage to walls and floors, and can host ticks and other parasites that they bring inside with them. If they find electrical wires, their constant gnawing can even cause house fires.

Don’t let your home and family fall victim to rodents. If you're suffering from a rodent infestation in Chevy Chase, contact the pest professionals at Capitol Pest immediately for a consultation and find out why a rodent exclusion treatment might be the perfect solution for you.


Why DIY Ant Control In Chevy Chase Often Fails

If you are a homeowner in Maryland, you have probably had ant problems in your home at some point. Between your kitchen, bathrooms, and pantry, ants have no shortage of reasons to invade your home, and their miniscule size allows them to get into almost anywhere with ease. Unfortunately, if one ant gets inside and finds food, it will bring all its friends, sending pheromone signals to make the colony aware of its discovery and causing thousands of ants to go marching right into your home.

There are a number of reasons DIY ant treatments often fail: ants are difficult to eradicate due to their natural foraging habits, tendency to develop multiple colonies at once in yards they infest, and how they behave within those colonies. Ant colonies can grow to very large populations and spread throughout your yard and home, making eliminating the entire colony at once a very difficult task for anyone without professional experience.

Another contributing factor is that ant hills ants are coming from are often located a great distance away from where homeowners actually start encountering them. This puts ants at the advantage, as just killing the ones inside the home won’t stop the infestation if you can’t also eliminate the colony they came from. Making matters worse, even if you should find one colony and eliminate it, there’s no telling if another colony near your home doesn’t pick up the scent.

Because of the difficulty involved with locating and eliminating an infestation, it is crucial that cautious homeowners take early steps to prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are a few tips to help you on your way to an ant free home:

  • Keep all food in your home stored in tightly-sealed containers

  • Clean up food and drink spills in the home immediately

  • Put tight-fitting lids on interior and exterior trash cans

  • Seal up any cracks or crevices that could allow ants to enter your home

  • Keep doors and windows closed when not in use, and install screens where possible

However, keep in mind that while these steps can make your home a less-likely target for ants, DIY methods often cannot protect you from an infestation on their own. For that, the only real solution is a professional treatment program from a certified pest control provider. 

The ant professionals at Capitol Pest have all been trained to know what treatment options are best and where to treat for them around your home. We’ll customize a program to handle your ant problems no matter how extensive they might be, and we’ll work hard to ensure your property remains ant-free for tomorrow. Contact us today for more information.


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