Comprehensive Pest Solutions For Calverton, MD Properties

Like many other areas across America, Calverton, Maryland is filled with a wide range of pests that can cause damage and become a nuisance around your property. Since 1936, Capitol Pest has been dedicated to helping homeowners and business owners protect their homes from dangerous and nuisance pests in our area. 

If you want to keep your Calverton property pest-free all year long, turn to the pest professionals here at Capitol Pest. We provide advanced solutions to cover all sorts of pest infestations, including rodents, spiders, and insects. No matter what pest problems you’re facing, we have what it takes to deal with them. Contact Capitol Pest today for more information about our residential and commercial pest control options. 

Home Pest Control In Calverton, MD

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There’s never room for pests in your home. While some pest species may cause more trouble than others, you don’t want to find any pests living in or around your residential property.

As a homeowner, you have many responsibilities to attend to on a daily basis, whether it’s work, school, family, or social activities. You simply don’t have time to worry about pests invading your home. 

At Capitol Pest, we make it our goal to take care of all your pest problems so that you don’t have to. Our home pest control plans are designed to identify, eliminate, and prevent pest activity on your property year-round.

With our pest control experts on the job, you can rest easy knowing that the protection of your Calverton home is in good hands. Get in touch with Capitol Pest today to learn about what each of our residential pest control programs has to offer. 

Commercial Pest Control In Calverton, MD

Every business is unique and requires unique pest control needs. Here at Capitol Pest, we work hard to protect businesses in many different industries from the negative effects of pest infestations. Pests not only spread diseases and damage your products, but they can also scare away your customers and hurt your bottom line. Your business should have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to pests.

If pests are causing problems in your commercial facility, you need commercial pest control services from Capitol Pest. We will get rid of any current pest infestations and put into place effective prevention measures to stop future pest activity. To learn more about how the pest technicians here at Capitol Pest can defend your Calverton business against pest threats, give us a call today.

Why Calverton, MD Residents Need Rodent Protection

Rodents are a problem no one wants to have, for a number of reasons. Rats and mice can carry infectious diseases, contaminate pantries full of food, and cause anxiety when one or more enters the home. Mice and rats have a history of carrying deadly diseases, from the Bubonic Plague spread by rats in Europe to the much more recent outbreak of Hantavirus in Yellowstone National Park that killed 9 people in 2012. Other diseases spread by rodents include Salmonella, Leptospirosis, and Rat-bite fever (RBF). Humans can become infected by rodents by eating contaminated food, coming in contact with rodent excrement, or being bitten or scratched, among other means.

They are also notorious for causing property damage. Rodent teeth never stop growing, causing them to constantly gnaw on any surfaces or furniture they come into contact with in order to wear them down. They also have oil on their fur that can create smears and smudges when they rub against surfaces, which can further damage your walls and furniture. And if having a rodent problem by itself wasn’t enough, rodents in the home are notorious for bringing other pests inside with them. Rodents can play host to fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other parasites, and when they get into your home, their problem becomes your problem.

But the worst part about rodents? They’re notoriously difficult to get rid of, especially for homeowners attempting to treat them on their own. Rodents can get into almost anywhere and breed prolifically, making the process of elimination impossible for most homeowners. If you have a rodent problem you want gone for good, your only real solution is to call a certified professional for help.

At Capitol Pest, our technicians are highly-trained and knowledgeable about every aspect of rodent removal. We have decades of experience eliminating Maryland rodent infestations of every shape and size. If rodents are giving you problems, we are the solution. Contact us today and find out why a professional rodent removal treatment might be just what you need. 

Why Bed Bugs in Calverton, MD Require Professional Treatment

Bed bugs are small apple seed sized parasitic insects.  Although they can go months without eating, they feed on human blood.  Bed bugs reside in places such as offices, department stores, hotels, and most commonly people’s beds!  These insects activities are usually limited to during human sleeping hours, but sometimes can be spotted in the light.  They generally bite while their hosts’ are sleeping and leave itchy red welts.  Some people are not allergic to the bites so they don’t develop any obvious breakouts, making it even harder to detect.  Fortunately, bed bugs are not known to carry infectious diseases.

Bed bugs have hiding places that are commonly found in:

  • Mattress seams and box springs
  • Behind headboards
  • In and around nightstands
  • Cracks and crevasses

If you think there is a good chance you have a bed bug problem on your hands, it’s best to handle the infestation before it gets any worse. Bed bugs are prolific breeders and able to get into almost anywhere inside homes they infest, making professional treatment a necessity once they become a problem.

Are bed bugs keeping you up at night? Worry no longer, the solution is here: a professional bed bug treatment from Capitol Pest. Our technicians have been keeping Maryland homes free of bed bugs for decades, and no matter the size or scope of your bed bug problem, we have the solution. Contact us today for more information. 


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