Professional Pest Solutions For Burtonsville, MD Properties

Located roughly halfway between Baltimore and Washington D.C., Burtonsville is a cozy town within Montgomery County that’s home to numerous parks and scenic areas. Unfortunately, it’s home to more than just human residents: a number of annoying and dangerous pests call Burtonsville home, including insects, rodents, and other critters. If you’re a Burtonsville resident in need of pest control for your home or business, there’s no better team to call than Capitol Pest.

Capitol Pest is a local, family-owned and operated pest management company with the capabilities and expertise of a large, national pest control company. Having provided services to the area since 1936, Capitol understands the needs and values of Burtonsville homeowners and business owners, and provides extermination services that effectively rid your property of pests, while addressing environmental issues and the safety of your family, home and pets.

Home Pest Control In Burtonsville, MD

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Protecting your home from the potential threat of pest infestation is a lot to worry about. Luckily, Capitol Pest is here to worry about it for you. We offer a wide variety of treatment and prevention plans that can be individualized to fit your situation. No matter your pest problem, we’re ready to help. Browse through our service plans and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

  • Rodent Monitoring Service Plan
  • Mosquito, Tick, and Flea Control Plan (Options I, II, III, and IV)
  • Bronze Plan
  • Silver Plan
  • Gold Plan
  • Platinum Plan

Our one-year service agreements cover common area pests such as ants, cockroaches, crickets, spiders, mice, rats, bees, wasps, silverfish, and many others. Each one of our four main pest control plans include complete treatment of the outside perimeter of your home, inside treatments as needed, spider web removal, and additional visits as needed. We also offer a one-time Basic SELECT service which involves a singular insect treatment and full year warranty.

Worried about pests in your Burtonsville home? Worry no longer: contact the pest pros at Capitol Pest today and find out if one of our residential pest control programs is right for you.

Commercial Pest Control In Burtonsville, MD

As proud members of the community, it’s important to us to support local businesses, big and small. If you discover any kind of pest activity in your business, call us and we will come to the rescue asap. Capitol Pest provides quality commercial pest control services for a long list of businesses and facilities including but not limited to:

  • Apartments & Condos
  • Office Buildings & Corporate Parks
  • Hotels & Lodging
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare & Medical Facilities

Our staff is ready to help. With many years of experience and detailed knowledge of common area pests, our team of experts can eliminate pest activity from your business. We provide safe and superior results that you can count on, so call us today and find out if one of our commercial pest control programs is the right option for your Burtonsville business.

Common Bed Bug Myths Burtonsville Residents Should Be Aware Of

Bed bugs are a particularly difficult pest to treat that keep thousands of residents across Maryland up at night. When it comes to pest prevention, knowing the truth from fiction is an important part of being able to adequately protect yourself against the threat they pose. With that in mind, here are some common myths Burtonsville residents should be aware of when it comes to bed bugs:

Myth #1: Over the counter foggers, bombs and pesticides are a good way to get rid of a bed bug infestation.
Fact: This could not be more wrong. Over the counter solutions to bed bugs simply do not work. Professional help is required and even experts can have trouble controlling a bed bug infestation. Not only are bed bug sprays ineffective, using pesticides incorrectly can be incredibly dangerous. 

Myth #2: Bed bugs spread diseases, like fleas and mosquitoes
Fact: Bed bugs have not been found to spread disease like fleas and mosquitoes do. Health issues surrounding bed bugs arise when the bites get infected or people have severe psychological reactions to living with the frightening creatures.

Myth #3: Only dirty homes get bed bugs
Fact: Bed bugs are not picky. No matter how many stars a hotel may have, bed bugs will set up house wherever they can find a safe place to hide with a steady food source. That being said, clutter can help hide the sneaky critters and make eradication efforts more difficult.

Myth #4: Bed bugs are only found in mattresses
Fact: Bed bugs have been found in office buildings, buses, movie theaters, couches, chairs, planes, trains, you name it! Anywhere that people are found can be a target for bed bugs. Their goal in life is to suck our blood and reproduce. They are most often found on mattresses, box springs, behind head boards and other bedroom areas, but will make do with other areas when need be.

Myth #5: You can deal with bed bugs on your own
Fact: Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to deal with. The unfortunate truth is that, for the average homeowner, getting rid of bed bugs on your own is simply impossible. You need a professional on your side if you want your problem gone for good. 

Luckily, there is a solution. If bed bugs are keeping you up at night, don’t worry: call the professionals at Capitol Pest today for a comprehensive bed bug treatment program. We have the tools and know-how to make any bed bug problem a thing of the past. Contact us today and find out if one of our bed bug treatment programs is right for you!

Tips to Keep Your Burtonsville Home or Business Rodent-Free

Rodents are a difficult, annoying, and even dangerous pest to have. Unfortunately, they’re also incredibly good at getting into homes and businesses, and incredibly difficult to eliminate once they’ve gotten inside. This means that the best way to stop a rodent infestation is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Here are some helpful tips you can use to prevent a rodent infestation in your home:

Keep food sealed up tightly
Don’t be embarrassed, we know there’s a candy stash near your desk. There’s nothing wrong with noshing a little at your desk (the fact that your keyboard has more germs on it than the average toilet seat is another matter). But be sure to keep the crumbs to a minimum and whatever you store at work needs to be sealed in containers made of heavy plastic, metal or glass. Flimsy plastic baggies are asking to be gnawed through by little mice teeth.

Tidy up
Clutter is prime housing for. Unlike rats, mice prefer to set up house indoors and an underused corner of the stock room that has been left to gather junk just may be the perfect place for a mouse to live. Keeping extra clutter around not only makes it easy for mice to move in, but it makes it more difficult for pest control professionals, like your buds at American Pest, to inspect and treat the office when you need professional help.

Mice are nocturnal, which means they will forage when the office is dark and quiet. They will be attracted to any food remnants left in the wastebasket so be sure those are emptied regularly. Rodents will also be drawn to crumbs left behind shelves, desks and on countertops. Sweeping and dusting regularly, making sure you move small appliances to clean thoroughly, will help eliminate crumbs as a food source for visiting mice.

Fix moisture problems
Like any other animal, rodents need water to survive. This means that leaky faucets and moisture-damaged areas will attract them, so fix any leaks as quickly as possible. This step will also help prevent other pests that are attracted to moisture, such as ants, termites, mosquitoes, and more. 

Call for help
The best way to prevent any pest from becoming a problem is to have a year-round pest control program in place to prevent them. A year-round program will not only take care of any active rodents in your home but also help limit or eliminate the factors that allow them inside in the first place.

Are you worried about rodents in your Burtonsville home? Don’t fret one more day: contact the professionals at Capitol Pest and find out why Maryland homeowners trust our safe and reliable rodent control programs to keep their properties protected. Call today for more information. 


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