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a mud dauber wasp

How Dangerous Are The Wasps In Maryland?


People have a huge range of emotions related to stinging insects, especially here in Maryland. Some people hate them. Others like to see the pollinators in action (a safe distance away, of course). ... Read More

treating stinging insects with wasp prevention

Getting Ready For The Return Of Wasps To The D.C. Area 


There’s a lot more to these stinging insects than meets the eye, and no, it’s not just their stingers! The stinging insect family contains quite a lot of variety, including the not-so-friendly backyard wasp. The wasp family includes all sorts of stinging creatures, such as hornets, yellow jackets, and more. They may not look like much, but a single sting from one of these creatures can pack a serious punch. Wasps are unwelcome and ... Read More


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