overhead view of a desk in a home in washington dc
a cluster of alate termites swarming in water

What You Ought To Know If You Spot Termite Swarms In Maryland


Termites are one of nature’s most destructive forces, but, unlike other natural occurrences, they can be avoided. By understanding what a termite swarm on your property could mean, you might just be able to keep your home from incurring an expensive infestation.... Read More

a cluster of termites on wood

What You Can Do To Protect Your Washington D.C. Home From Termites 


Would you believe that a 3/8 inch bug can cause over five billion dollars’ worth of damage every year? If you don’t believe us now, you will when they come knocking at your door! Termites are a species of wood eating insect that have found a forever  home here in Washington D.C. They are cream or white colored worker pests that work hard to build secretive mud tunnels throughout the home, transp... Read More


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