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treating stinging insects with wasp prevention

Getting Ready For The Return Of Wasps To The D.C. Area 


There’s a lot more to these stinging insects than meets the eye, and no, it’s not just their stingers! The stinging insect family contains quite a lot of variety, including the not-so-friendly backyard wasp. The wasp family includes all sorts of stinging creatures, such as hornets, yellow jackets, and more. They may not look like much, but a single sting from one of these creatures can pack a serious punch. Wasps are unwelcome and ... Read More

a hornet on a soda can

Here's Why You Should Never Attempt To Get Rid Of A Hornets' Nest


As a kid, you learned to associate things with certain emotions. Birthdays are happy, funerals are sad, the first dates are awkward, and being stung is extremely painful. If you were stung at a young age, you might still have a deep fear of stinging insects. Even if getting stung doesn’t terrify you, it is probably still something you will actively try to avoid.... Read More

a carpenter bee making a nest in a fence

The Best Way To Keep Bees & Wasps Away From Your Maryland Yard This Summer


We all look forward to summer because it means time off from school, vacations, swimming, and outdoor fun. However, flying insects can ruin or disturb all of that. Bees and wasps are feared by many Maryland residents because they sting.  Find out which bees and wasps frequent the area, and how to prevent them with Capitol Pest’s help.... Read More


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