overhead view of a desk in a home in washington dc
mosquitoes swarming in a yard

How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Washington D.C. Yards


Few outdoor events have gone without the interruption of mosquitoes, much less a visit to the backyard. These bugs can’t survive without your blood, so they will be determined to bite you. Once they leave you, red and itchy welts will soon show up on your skin.... Read More

a mosquito on a plant

All The Ways To Attract Mosquitoes In Maryland


The scent of spring is in the air!  Tender plants are once again peeking out of the moist soil.  Warm air ushers in rain-filled skies sent to wash off the effects of winter and prepare the way for the upcoming hot and hazy days of summer. While we happily say goodbye to “old man winter” and welcome the spring rains, it does not come without a price.... Read More


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