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a cicada hanging from a tree

Cicadas Are Coming - What You Need To Know


Spring marks the return of numerous pests to the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia region. Cicadas are one such pest, invading yards and homes in the area as the weather warms up.... Read More

pavement ants on a driveway

The Problems Pavement Ants Can Bring To Your Washington D.C. Property


What’s in a name? Typically names can lead us to judgments about reputations, qualities, and expectations surrounding the subject, but don’t let pavement ants fool you. While they might get their name from their affinity for nesting under the pavement, they can create a variety of problems in the structure of your home or business as well.... Read More

a colony of pavement ants on a driveway

Why Are There Ants In My Maryland Home? 


The season of spooks, ghosts, and boogeymen is long since over, but there is no lack of creepy, freaky ants lining up at your door for a chance to pillage your larder. Ants are not as dangerous to human health as other pest species are, but they certainly are not harmless in any sense of the word. You may be risking your family’s food stores and good health by allowing even a single infestation to continue. If there a... Read More

a silverfish on a book

Five Easy Silverfish Prevention Tips For Maryland Property Owners 


They can’t hurt you physically, but these creatures are capable of hurting you in other ways: mentally, emotionally, and even financially. Silverfish are short, ¾ inch pests with a penchant for dark and moist areas. They are completely harmless to humans, but extremely dangerous to precious items and memories. Your clothing, photos, and even scrapbooks may be eaten in a short period of time by these creatures, more or less right u... Read More

mouse in holiday decorations

Inspecting Your Decorations For Pests Before Decking Your Maryland Halls


Christmastime is here in Maryland, and you know what that means! From holiday breaks and family feasts to snow, presents, and Christmas cheer, Maryland is getting ready for the best time of the year. Although you might be taking a holiday, the pests in Maryland won’t be – and they might use Christmas to get indoors. Specifically, pests can hitchhike their way into your Maryland property on Christmas decorations. Check twice before ... Read More

a hornet on a soda can

Here's Why You Should Never Attempt To Get Rid Of A Hornets' Nest


As a kid, you learned to associate things with certain emotions. Birthdays are happy, funerals are sad, the first dates are awkward, and being stung is extremely painful. If you were stung at a young age, you might still have a deep fear of stinging insects. Even if getting stung doesn’t terrify you, it is probably still something you will actively try to avoid.... Read More

a carpenter bee making a nest in a fence

The Best Way To Keep Bees & Wasps Away From Your Maryland Yard This Summer


We all look forward to summer because it means time off from school, vacations, swimming, and outdoor fun. However, flying insects can ruin or disturb all of that. Bees and wasps are feared by many Maryland residents because they sting.  Find out which bees and wasps frequent the area, and how to prevent them with Capitol Pest’s help.... Read More

fire ants swarming a tree limb

How Do I Know If The Ants In My Bethesda Home Are Dangerous?


Proper pest control is so important because infestations can range from mild to hazardous. The diversity among pest varieties means that matching the right solution to the right pest can be a daunting proposition. The information age we live in can be a direct source for the kind of knowledge you need to stay up on pest prevention -- or it can be a source for ineffective at-home solutions.... Read More

clothes m onths in a closet

Washington D.C.’s Guide To Protecting Your Clothes From Damaging Moths


Many different types of pests can cause damage to property, but one of the most disheartening side effects of a pest infestation is when holes form in your clothes and linens. Clothing moths are a common culprit, and understanding more about their behavior and traits may be just the thing that puts your home a step ahead on moth prevention and control.... Read More

mosquito biting on human skin

Expert Advice About Mosquito Control In Arlington


It doesn’t take long for people to become annoyed by mosquitoes. Their constant buzzing, their itchy bites, and their ability to carry diseases makes mosquitoes one of the most annoying pests in Arlington. With some expert advice on mosquito control, you can prevent these insects from being a nuisance in your home and yard.... Read More

a ground be crawling up through a whole

The Truth About Ground Bees Around Potomac


Most people notice bees as they fly in the air, but there is one type of bee that you will most often see close to the ground. In Potomac and the surrounding area, ground bees are common pests. Learn the truth about these bees and find out what you can do to prevent them in today's article.... Read More

a carpenter bee inside of a tree

What You Ought To Know About The Carpenter Bees In Bethesda


There are some species of bees in Bethesda that are only feared for their sting. However, the carpenter bee can do much more than harm you. They can also cause damage to your home. Learn more about this pest and find out why you don’t want these bees near your property in today's article.... Read More

carpenter ant crawling in wood

Now Is The Time To Be Thinking About Ant Prevention In Bethesda


Maryland is home to several types of ants. Some ants are worse than others in terms of risk to your property and your health. Whatever type of ants they may be, we don't want them in our homes. Luckily, Capital Pest Control has experts with experience dealing with all types of Maryland's pests. ... Read More

a clothing moth crawling on a sweater

Who Else In Bethesda Is Having Problems With Clothes Moths?


Clothes moths are delicate and clumsy little flying insects that you will find bouncing off of lights at night making them hard to distinguish between other moths and flying insects. But unlike most other insects, clothes moths wreak havoc on fabric. One sure sign that you have clothes moths is finding mysterious holes in your stored fabric. If you have a clothes moth infestation, you will find their larvae chewing up your favorite winter outf... Read More

cloths moths eating a sweater

How To Spot A Clothing Moth Problem In Your Maryland Home


If you were to guess, how much do you think you spend annually on clothing? A couple hundred, several thousand? Regardless of where on the spectrum you fall, we are confident of one thing: you don’t want moths chewing on what clothing you do have. The question is: how do you spot them before they can cause too much damage? We have your answer here today.... Read More

a house centipede crawling in a basement

All You Need To Know About Centipedes In Bethesda


 Centipedes are one of those creatures you never want to find crawling around your Bethesda home. Even just seeing one in the bathroom can make you wonder how many more are lurking in the shadows, and even worse, what they are up too late at night while you are sleeping.... Read More


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