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termite damage through out wooden structure

Why Termites Find Your Washington D.C. Home So Appealing & What You Can Do About It


There are many different pests that can become a problem in your Washington D.C. home, and some of them are more of a concern than others. Nuisance pests are annoying, and you don’t want to keep them around. However, there are small but dangerous pests that pose significant risks to your property or your health. The termite is notorious for damaging your home and your property. This expensive and unwanted pest is difficult to identify an... Read More

cloths moths eating a sweater

How To Spot A Clothing Moth Problem In Your Maryland Home


If you were to guess, how much do you think you spend annually on clothing? A couple hundred, several thousand? Regardless of where on the spectrum you fall, we are confident of one thing: you don’t want moths chewing on what clothing you do have. The question is: how do you spot them before they can cause too much damage? We have your answer here today.... Read More

a house centipede crawling in a basement

All You Need To Know About Centipedes In Bethesda


 Centipedes are one of those creatures you never want to find crawling around your Bethesda home. Even just seeing one in the bathroom can make you wonder how many more are lurking in the shadows, and even worse, what they are up too late at night while you are sleeping.... Read More

a rat climbing along a rope

Bethesda's Exclusive Guide To Rat Control


There have been many speculations on what the phrase, “Its raining cats and dogs” means. One popular theory is that it came from ancient Greece when cats and dogs would nestle in the thatch of roofing during storms causing them to collapse. Why were they up there? We think they could have been chasing rats. Rats have been around since as far back as recorded history and hunted by cats and dogs for at least that long.... Read More

termite swarmers on rug

What Spotting Flying Termites Means For Your D.C. Home


Why It Is Important To Do Something About Flying Termites While flying termites don't feed on your home, they will make lots and lots of workers that will. Flying termites are the queens and kings of new termite colonies. If they find a nice place to build a nest near your D.C. home, you could be looking at a big repair bill. It is important to take quick action when you see flying termites on your home. What Flying Termites M... Read More

hospital emergency room

Pest Prevention For Healthcare Facilities In The Greater Washington D.C. Area


We have many healthcare facilities in the Washington area, from large hospitals to small medical offices. We also have dental offices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, clinics, and more. When pests get into these facilities, they can impact the health of patients – but this isn't the only way pest problems can have an impact... Read More

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