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confused flour beetle and larvae

Maryland Property Owners' Handy Guide To Stored-Product Pests


It happens when you least expect it. You’re looking for ingredients or an afternoon snack, so you’re looking through the cabinet or the pantry when you see it: bugs, hundreds of them burrowing around in your food. Make no mistake, these pests didn’t get there overnight. Rather, they’ve just hatched in the pantry of your Maryland home, and many food products need to be thrown out. Stored-product pests are a real problem ... Read More

roof rat crawling in the grass

What Washington D.C. Property Owners Need To Know About Rats


For many millennia, rats have depended on humans for their food, shelter, and safety. Where humans go, rats go too, following our food, water, and shelter. While we’ve domesticated some of these rodents, many more of them continue to impact human livelihoods. Rats continue to impact how humans live their lives, including right here in Washington, D.C. If you aren’t vigilant, a rat problem in your D.C. home can cause se... Read More

mouse in holiday decorations

Inspecting Your Decorations For Pests Before Decking Your Maryland Halls


Christmastime is here in Maryland, and you know what that means! From holiday breaks and family feasts to snow, presents, and Christmas cheer, Maryland is getting ready for the best time of the year. Although you might be taking a holiday, the pests in Maryland won’t be – and they might use Christmas to get indoors. Specifically, pests can hitchhike their way into your Maryland property on Christmas decorations. Check twice before ... Read More

pharaoh ant infestation

What Maryland Property Owners Should Know About Overwintering Pests


Winter is here in Maryland, bringing with it the calmness of snow-hushed roads and quiet evenings indoors. Maryland winters have lots of charm, but they also may bring a specific threat to your property: overwintering pests. Cool weather encourages outdoor pests to seek warm shelter. Overwintering pests are common throughout Maryland, but that doesn’t mean property owners should succumb to pest problems. Here’s all you need to know... Read More

bed bug crawling on furniture

Here’s How Bed Bugs Get Into Maryland Homes


At Capitol Pest, our technicians can provide you with an inspection right away to determine your level of risk to bed bugs. If they’re already a problem on your property, don’t wait to enlist our help. At Capitol Pest, our professional solutions can thoroughly and completely eradicate bed bugs and all of their unhatched eggs. Call us today for the ultimate bed bug protection!... Read More

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