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treating stinging insects with wasp prevention

Getting Ready For The Return Of Wasps To The D.C. Area 


There’s a lot more to these stinging insects than meets the eye, and no, it’s not just their stingers! The stinging insect family contains quite a lot of variety, including the not-so-friendly backyard wasp. The wasp family includes all sorts of stinging creatures, such as hornets, yellow jackets, and more. They may not look like much, but a single sting from one of these creatures can pack a serious punch. Wasps are unwelcome and ... Read More

a colony of pavement ants on a driveway

Why Are There Ants In My Maryland Home? 


The season of spooks, ghosts, and boogeymen is long since over, but there is no lack of creepy, freaky ants lining up at your door for a chance to pillage your larder. Ants are not as dangerous to human health as other pest species are, but they certainly are not harmless in any sense of the word. You may be risking your family’s food stores and good health by allowing even a single infestation to continue. If there a... Read More

a cluster of termites on wood

What You Can Do To Protect Your Washington D.C. Home From Termites 


Would you believe that a 3/8 inch bug can cause over five billion dollars’ worth of damage every year? If you don’t believe us now, you will when they come knocking at your door! Termites are a species of wood eating insect that have found a forever  home here in Washington D.C. They are cream or white colored worker pests that work hard to build secretive mud tunnels throughout the home, transp... Read More

a silverfish on a book

Five Easy Silverfish Prevention Tips For Maryland Property Owners 


They can’t hurt you physically, but these creatures are capable of hurting you in other ways: mentally, emotionally, and even financially. Silverfish are short, ¾ inch pests with a penchant for dark and moist areas. They are completely harmless to humans, but extremely dangerous to precious items and memories. Your clothing, photos, and even scrapbooks may be eaten in a short period of time by these creatures, more or less right u... Read More

a clothes moth inside a home

What Maryland Homeowners Need To Know About Clothes Moths


Adult moths are the ones that most often invade properties initially, immediately searching for safe spaces where they can lay their eggs and produce more moths. These nesting locations tend to be dark, hidden, and a short crawl away for the larvae that will need their first meal.... Read More

a cockroach on surface in kitchen

The Best Way To Handle Cockroaches In Your Maryland Home


It doesn’t take long for cockroaches' presence to result in damage to property, like stains from their streaking bodies or contamination of stored foods. Cockroaches can also carry diseases and exacerbate existing health conditions, especially allergies and respiratory illnesses.... Read More

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