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a cockroach on surface in kitchen

The Best Way To Handle Cockroaches In Your Maryland Home


It doesn’t take long for cockroaches' presence to result in damage to property, like stains from their streaking bodies or contamination of stored foods. Cockroaches can also carry diseases and exacerbate existing health conditions, especially allergies and respiratory illnesses.... Read More

carpet beetle larvae close up

What Maryland Property Owners Need To Know About Carpet Beetle Larvae


Every Maryland property owner understands that bugs can be destructive. They might eat your stored food or mess up the wooden structures in your home. That's something we're all aware of. However, many of us don't think that our carpets are in danger, do we? Well, once you get to know your new friend, the carpet beetle, you'll realize why you need to protect your carpets from them before it's too late. ... Read More

bed bug crawling on bed

The Trick To Keeping Bed Bugs Out of Your Maryland Home


When you lay down to sleep, your imagination can run wild. So if you even just have the feeling that you might be sleeping on a mattress full of bed bugs, it will be awfully hard to quiet your mind and get any sort of peaceful night’s sleep. The more you learn about bed bugs, though, the more you’ll realize that it’s very hard to keep them out for certain.... Read More

termites on dark ground

Washington D.C.'s Secret To Effective Do-It-Yourself Termite Control


Nations and armies have been trying to invade Washington D.C. for hundreds of years, and unfortunately, so have termites. You’d think that termites would have a little more respect than to be such a scourge to Washington D.C. homeowners, but they don’t seem to care. Termites can cost you thousands of dollars, especially if you don’t know how to prevent them.... Read More

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