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an american cockroach crawling on food

Four Early Warning Signs Of Roaches In Your Washington D.C. Home


Size is no indication of how detrimental a pest can be. Some of the most dangerous ones are small insects. Since many harbor immeasurable amounts of microbes or parasites, they are a threat to human health. Diseases may be transmitted or spread. Cockroaches are one species that are notorious for making people sick.... Read More

a Centipede crawling on leaf

The Key To Effective Centipede Control In Washington D.C.


With more legs than you can count at a glance, the centipede is a bizarre creature. And although most homeowners don't want to have centipedes in their homes, they don't know how to keep them out. If you know the key to centipede control, you can keep these dangerous and annoying pests away from your property.... Read More

up close image of a yellow jacket that landed on a rock

What To Do About Yellow Jackets On Your Maryland Property


Spring has sprung, and the summer season is quickly approaching.  The time has finally come for both people and pests to re-emerge from their winter hideaways.  Neighbors who have been hibernating during the winter months are once again coming outdoors to fire up barbecues and dust off deck furniture. ... Read More

a mosquito on a plant

All The Ways To Attract Mosquitoes In Maryland


The scent of spring is in the air!  Tender plants are once again peeking out of the moist soil.  Warm air ushers in rain-filled skies sent to wash off the effects of winter and prepare the way for the upcoming hot and hazy days of summer. While we happily say goodbye to “old man winter” and welcome the spring rains, it does not come without a price.... Read More

a lonestar tick on a human finger

What To Do If Bitten By A Tick In Washington D.C.


It's hard to avoid ticks in Washington D.C. Every time you go for a hike or encounter a pet, there's a chance you could become a host for a tick. And, unfortunately, a tick bite is more than an inconvenience. If you're a victim of a tick bite, you could experience several issues. The actions you take immediately after the bite affect your outcome. ... Read More

a mud dauber wasp

How Dangerous Are The Wasps In Maryland?


People have a huge range of emotions related to stinging insects, especially here in Maryland. Some people hate them. Others like to see the pollinators in action (a safe distance away, of course). ... Read More

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