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Get Rid Of Indian Meal Moths From Your Maryland Pantries Once & For All


One of the most disturbing pests that get into Maryland homes is the Indian meal moth. Why are they so disturbing? Because Indian meal moths rarely come in from the outside. Today, we're going to break down how you can detect and get rid of Indian meal moths and other pantry pests that hitchhike into your home.... Read More

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What Every Maryland Resident Ought To Know About Overwintering Pests


Do you know that there is a group of animals that like to get into homes just before winter? They're called overwintering pests. And they may be overwintering inside your Maryland residence right now. Let's take a look at which pests are known to act this way, and what you can do about these unwelcome guests.... Read More

dog scratching fleas in a washington dc diveway

Protecting D.C. Pets From Fleas All Year


We understand that pets are like part of the family. Whether you’re a cat owner or a dog lover, your pets deserve to be loved and protected. Part of that means protecting your pets from fleas. Not only do fleas bother animals, but they can also harm humans. They may seem like a summer pest, but they can appear any time of year.... Read More

a washington dc hotel room clearn and clear of bed bug infestations

A Bed Bug Guide For Hotel Owners And Their Guests


If you’re a traveler, you should learn to keep an eye out for signs of bed bugs. These pests can sometimes seem impossible to avoid, but there are some steps you can take to help keep yourself safe from bed bugs throughout the year.... Read More

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