Why Are There Ants In My Maryland Home? 


a colony of pavement ants on a driveway

They say that looks are only skin deep, but in the case of these ferocious Formicidae (ants),  the outward appearance is simply a reflection of interior characteristics. Ants are more of a nuisance than anything else, but several species common to Maryland are known for creating mayhem around the homes they infest. Some of these unwelcome ant species include:

  • The acrobat ant 

  • The carpenter ant 

  • The odorous house ant 

  • The pavement ant

  • The thief ant

Ants don’t always break into homes, but when they do, they’re apt to stay for a long, long time. They are attracted to three factors in particular:

  • Food: Ants will feast on just about anything, including your food waste.

  • Water: Tiny puddles under the sink are all it takes to attract a colony.

  • Shelter: Ants may not need warmth, but your home may provide the perfect hiding spot for growing colonies.

Ants usually get into homes through cracks, gaps, and other fissures around entry points that lead from the outside in. If some ants make it into your home, don’t panic and if a lot gets in you’ll need to act fast.

I Know Why They’re Here, But How To Do I Get Ants Back Out?

Due to their tiny sizes, high-volume colonies, and rugged exoskeletons, ants can be difficult to destroy before turning into an infestation. That’s why the best plan of action is always found in pest prevention. Of course, ant prevention is no walk in the park, and can be just as difficult as pest treatment and remediation. If you’re willing to do what it takes to keep your home and family safe, read on:

  • Store food items in properly sealed containers that do not allow for airflow along the seams. Keep rotten or soft foods from sitting on the counter too long. 

  • Clean plates, tables, and other surfaces soon after use. Wipe up any stains or spills, as well as food vestiges that could attract a hopeful ant scout. 

  • Store all trash items in strong containers that are built to last. Use plastic liners to mitigate buildup on the bottom of the can. If possible, remove trash bags from the property at a minimum of once per week.

Simply reducing the factors that attract ants may not be enough to prevent an infestation from forming. In fact, if ant colony activity is already beginning to spike within your home, you may not have any time left for prevention. Get a handle on your household ant  problems with a no-obligation inspection from Capitol Pest today.

I Need Professional Assistance. Who Do I Call?

The season of spooks, ghosts, and boogeymen is long since over, but there is no lack of creepy, freaky ants lining up at your door for a chance to pillage your larder. Ants are not as dangerous to human health as other pest species are, but they certainly are not harmless in any sense of the word. You may be risking your family’s food stores and good health by allowing even a single infestation to continue. If there are some strange ants living in your neighborhood, who should you call? Capitol Pest, of course!              
In fact, Capitol Pest offers some of the best ways to deal with a brewing ant infestation in your local Maryland home. Not only do we provide fast-acting, safe, and efficient pest control treatments for every household, but we back up our treatments with an outstanding pest-free guarantee. We’ve been putting down pests and their creepy-crawly companions for 80 years and counting, and we have no intention of stopping any time soon! 
Break out your laptop or mobile device and reach out to the team at Capitol Pest as soon as possible. We’re happy to make pest control simple, easy, and fully adaptable to your unique needs. Don’t let ants become too much of a bother. Come to Capitol Pest and give us a holler!

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