What You Ought To Know About The Carpenter Bees In Bethesda


There are some species of bees in Bethesda that are only feared for their sting. However, the carpenter bee can do much more than harm you. They can also cause damage to your home. Learn more about this pest and find out why you don’t want these bees near your property in today's article.

a carpenter bee inside of a tree

What Are Carpenter Bees?

Carpenter bees are aptly named for their preference of living in wood. They bore into wood by making circular holes and carving out tunnels. While most local bee species live in colonies, these bees build individual nests. They build tunnels to reproduce and to have a place to hide in the winter. When the winter is over, the surviving bees emerge to feed, mate, and make new holes.

At first sight, a carpenter bee looks like a bumble bee. But if you take a closer look, you’ll notice that they don’t have yellow marks on their abdomens. Their abdomens are smooth and shiny black and lack the hair that you can see on bumble bees.

The Good and the Bad

Carpenter bees aren’t all bad. Like other species of bees, carpenter bees are pollinators. They are a crucial part of the ecosystem in that they help plant species thrive and they feed birds.

Then, there’s the downside to carpenter bees. First, they have the potential to sting you. Some individuals develop allergic reactions to bee stings, while others just experience pain. Although male carpenter bees do not sting, they are territorial. If you approach a male, they will fly near you and might become a nuisance.

Second, there’s the risk of property damage. If you don’t treat a carpenter bee infestation, your home could suffer structural damage. These pests will continue to make holes in the wood on your property. Furthermore, the bees will reproduce and leave behind larvae in their tunnels.

Although the larvae themselves won’t do damage, the creatures they attract will. Woodpeckers may be attracted by carpenter bee larvae and do further damage to your home.

When Do You Have A Problem?

There are several ways in which you can identify a carpenter bee infestation on your Bethesda property. For one, you might see carpenter bees. Another sign is damage to your wood. Typically, these bees leave behind round and smooth holes that are difficult to mistake for any other type of pest hole.

If you have reason to believe there are carpenter bees in the area, you should regularly inspect your property for holes in the wood. Often, you’ll see the bees hovering near the holes or going in and out of them. Call a professional at the first sign of an infestation to prevent serious damage.

Preventing An Infestation

Before you find yourself dealing with significant structural damage and an uncontrollable carpenter bee issue, you can take some preventative measures. Carpenter bees tend to favor bare wood, so painting or staining your wood will make your property less appealing.

That said, some bees will not be deterred by your efforts. You should seal up any crevices or cracks in your walls and foundation. Additionally, keep your screens intact and your doors closed as much as possible. Doing so could prevent the pests from getting into your home.

Work With An Experienced Professional

Whether you find yourself dealing with an infestation or you just fear a potential infestation, work with an experienced pest control company. They have the knowledge and skill needed to prevent and eliminate carpenter bees in Bethesda.

Contact the professionals at the first sign of carpenter bees, or for more advice. Capitol Pest Control is ready to help you.

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