What Type Of Cockroaches Should You Be Worried About In Maryland


All types of cockroaches that invade your Maryland home can bring with them serious dangers. It is essential to understand these cockroach types and the risks they bring if you want to know how to keep cockroaches away for good.

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The Different Types Of Cockroaches To Invade Maryland Homes

Several different cockroach species may invade your Maryland home. We discuss the most commonly seen cockroaches around Maryland properties below:

  • German Cockroaches are smaller, ranging in color from tannish to dark brown with two darker stripes on their backs.
  • American Cockroaches – reddish-brown in color, medium-sized.
  • Oriental Cockroaches – larger, dark brown to black in color.
  • Brown-Banded Cockroaches – appears in a range of brown colors, with a light band on the bottom of their body.

You may experience any types of cockroaches in your home, but you may not witness several different species coexisting with each other at once. Either way, a large cockroach infestation needs to be met with cockroach pest control in Maryland provided by Capitol Pest.

How Are Cockroaches In Maryland Dangerous?

Many individuals understand that cockroaches are unsightly and a bad thing to have to invade your home, but not many people understand how dangerous this pest truly is. Cockroaches carry a significant number of bacteria and pathogens on their legs. When they enter your home, they spread this around and contaminate your food storage areas or other places on your property. You can contract illnesses such as campylobacteriosis, cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, listeriosis, and salmonellosis from coming into contact with a cockroach or from the droppings they leave behind.

Cockroaches, especially German cockroaches, may also trigger allergies with their shed skins and cause respiratory issues among those living in your home.

Useful Cockroach Prevention Tips For Maryland Homes

The following cockroach prevention tips are essential for learning how to keep cockroaches away from your Maryland home:

  • Seal up all entry points around your home, such as gaps in windows, doors, and your home’s foundation. Invest in window and door screens and ensure that any exterior opening remains closed as often as possible. You may also want to put in place door sweeps and weather stripping.
  • Properly store all leftover food and consider airtight containers for pantry items. Ensure that trash is placed in tightly sealable bags and dispose of it promptly to stop cockroaches from being attracted to the aroma. Also, make sure to clean up all food and drink spills as soon as possible.
  • Address moisture issues around your property, fix up leaks and ensure there is proper ventilation throughout your home. This will deter cockroaches attracted to easy water access and damp areas.
  • Reduce the clutter in your yard and remove any debris. You should also keep the grass trimmed down low, making the area less hospitable to cockroaches.

The Most Effective Cockroach Control For Maryland Homes

The best way to kill cockroaches in Maryland homes isn’t investing in do-it-yourself (DIY) cockroach control products or attempting removal by yourself; it’s investing in professional cockroach pest control in Maryland. The experts at Capitol Pest will be able to help you with targeted, effective cockroach control solutions that eliminate any infestation of this pest and allow you to reclaim your home from the roaches.

Contact Capitol Pest today for more advice and assistance in reducing the cockroach populations around your Maryland home and property.

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