What Maryland Property Owners Should Know About Overwintering Pests


Winter is here in Maryland, bringing with it the calmness of snow-hushed roads and quiet evenings indoors. Maryland winters have lots of charm, but they also may bring a specific threat to your property: overwintering pests. Cool weather encourages outdoor pests to seek warm shelter. Overwintering pests are common throughout Maryland, but that doesn’t mean property owners should succumb to pest problems. Here’s all you need to know about overwintering pests for Maryland property owners. 

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Types Of Overwintering Pests In Maryland

There are very few pests that can survive Maryland’s cold winters with ease. Naturally, many types of wildlife will try to move indoors as winter takes hold, but you can expect the following pests to be most diligent about invading Maryland homes.

  • Ants. There are hundreds of ant species throughout Maryland, but you should be most concerned about pharaoh ants, pavement ants, and carpenter ants spreading damage and disease in your home.
  • Cockroaches. Though these pests can survive just about anything, they prefer indoor warmth rather than the outdoor cold. If they gain access to your food, you can expect roaches to crawl around your home throughout the seasons. 
  • Rodents. Mice, rats, and even squirrels don’t want to survive in the snow; they’d rather survive in a cozy nest made of your wood, fabric, and insulation. 

Don’t take pity on these pests, because they won’t take pity on your home. Overwintering pests can cause serious problems to Maryland properties. 

Problems Associated With Overwintering Pests

Overwintering pests can cause two types of problems: home damage and the spread of disease. When it comes to home damage, rodents and carpenter ants do it best. Rodents will use any materials they can find to build their nests, and they may insert their nests in the crevices of your home’s masonry, resulting in both the deterioration of your home and the ongoing breakdown of your property’s infrastructure. Carpenter ants, meanwhile, will break down the wood in your house to expand their colony. 
Additionally, all of these pests are known to spread diseases. They carry pathogens on their bodies and, in the case of insects, their exoskeletons. Many of these pests will hang around in trash cans and dumpsters before moving indoors, thus bringing the threat of diseases like E. coli, salmonella, listeria, giardia, and hantavirus. 
Finally, because these pests are so hard to remove on their own, they can cause severe distress to Maryland homeowners. This is why prevention is key when it comes to overwintering pests in Maryland.

Overwintering Pest Prevention  

The best thing you can do is implement a prevention plan that covers both the fall and winter seasons. In the fall, keep your lawn well maintained as the leaves fall. Leaf piles create nesting opportunities for insects and rodents, and they will move indoors as the weather cools. Additionally, you should keep your trash cans indoors so that pests don’t move close in the fall, and you should make sure you don’t have any cracks in your masonry. 
In the winter, you can continue to maintain effective pest prevention by keeping trash indoors and keeping your masonry sealed. Be sure to maintain proper food storage, indoor humidity, and general best practices for pest prevention.
Winter is the cruelest month for pests, so they may be desperate to get inside. Because of this, even the best prevention doesn’t always work for overwintering pests. When they move indoors, don’t take matters into your own hands – pests are too wily for DIY methods. 
Rather, reach out to your local pest control professionals. The pest techs at Capitol Pest are ready to secure your home from overwintering pests, staving off home damage and disease for however long the snow lasts. 

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