What Maryland Homeowners Need To Know About Clothes Moths


It’s a nightmare scenario for some people: you open up your closet to find your most expensive clothes chewed clean through. It’s happened to more homeowners than you might think, thanks to the ravenous diets of clothes moths. Learning how you can keep them out of your home will help save your precious garments.

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Clothes Moths: An Overview

Clothing moths, or clothes moths, are a variety of flying insects that infest closets and other storage areas where cloth items are found. The adult mating moths don’t eat clothing fibers, though. Rather, it is their larvae, the freshly hatched grubs that turn into winged moths later in life, that chew through fibrous materials. They specifically look for items that contain keratin, a crucial nutrient in their diet, and even garments that don’t seem to fit the bill can contain traces of blended fabrics in cuffs or insular linings.

Adult moths are the ones that most often invade properties initially, immediately searching for safe spaces where they can lay their eggs and produce more moths. These nesting locations tend to be dark, hidden, and a short crawl away for the larvae that will need their first meal.

The Damage They Cause

When clothes moths get inside of your home, it doesn’t take long for the mature ones to lay eggs and for those eggs to hatch into ravenous larvae. Once the population has a chance to grow, it can lead to some of these kinds of damage:

  • Clothing: Clothes moths specifically target animal fibers like wool, fur, silk, felt, and leather. Even blended fabrics that contain traces of these can be attacked.

  • Curtains: Clothes aren’t the only place where animal fibers can be found. Any kind of upholstery, especially curtains and drapes, can also be victims of clothes moths.

  • Rugs: Carpeting is another place where larvae can find traces of animal fur or blended fibers that contain wool.

Moth Prevention For Your Home

To avoid the damage they cause, you have to take steps early on to prevent clothes moths from getting inside in the first place. Here are ways you can do that, though there’s no substitute for professional assistance:

  • Windows & Doors: Faulty screens can provide flying moths with an easy place to squeeze through a tear and gain access to your interior. Proper upkeep of screens on all windows and doors will help keep pests out, as will installing sweeps that cover the gaps under your doors.

  • Exterior Lighting: Despite that, they look for dark areas to lay their eggs, clothes moths are often attracted to bright exterior lighting before they find ways inside. Lower light levels outside can prevent this, as can turning exterior lights off completely when they’re not needed.

  • Closet Cleaning: Regularly clearing out your closet, reducing clutter, and inspecting your items carefully, can help you spot a clothes moth infestation early before it can do irreparable harm.

  • Inspections: The only sure-fire way to know whether your home is safe from clothes moths is with professional inspections. Call your local experts today.

Protect Your Closet With Capitol Pest

By their nature, clothes moths are difficult to spot until the damage they’ve caused is clear and distressing. That’s why it’s better to partner early on with professionals who can assist you with prevention and routine inspections of your home. At Capitol Pest, our friendly staff is eager to get to know your home, tailoring proven solutions that will keep your property protected from hungry pests. If clothes moths are already a problem, we can act fast to eliminate them and make sure all their eggs and destructive larvae are truly addressed. Only this kind of thorough service is proven to solve pest problems.

Don’t let clothes moths eat up your wardrobe, turn to Capitol Pest today.

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