Washington D.C.'s Handy Guide To American Cockroach Control


If you see an American cockroach scurrying across the floor of your D.C. property, you shouldn't be too happy. Cockroaches are dangerous creatures that wreak havoc wherever they go. With this guide to American cockroaches, you can learn how to prevent roaches and protect your property. 

american cockroach in basement of a home

Description Of American Cockroaches

The American cockroach goes by many names. Also known as the palmetto bug or the water bug, the American cockroach is one of Washington D.C's largest roaches. It can be approximately 1.5 inches long. Although this insect has wings, it doesn't usually fly. 
Typically, people don't notice an American cockroach infestation until it's too late. You can tell you have an infestation if you notice any of the following:


If you see small brown droppings on the ground, you could have roaches. They often leave behind droppings in the places they congregate. 

Brown Smears

When you mix humidity and cockroaches, you get stains. The humid areas of your home are likely to have smear stains from roaches. Because American cockroaches are particularly large, they tend to leave large marks behind. If you inspect your walls and floors and find brown markings, you might have cockroaches. 

Foul Smell

Large cockroach infestations often result in a foul odor. While the pheromones in American cockroaches are appealing to other roaches, they're disgusting to humans. A musty smell in your home could be from cockroaches. 

Live Roaches

Of course, you might only know you have American cockroaches in your home because you see an actual cockroach. As soon as you see a cockroach, call a pest control professional for help. 

How To Prevent Cockroaches

Once you have roaches, they don't go away on their own and are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate. With these tips, you can keep American cockroaches away:

Throw Out Old Boxes

Cockroaches enjoy hiding in old boxes and piles of papers, so to make your home less appealing to roaches, throw away those old boxes and newspapers. 

Use Trash Cans With Lids 

If you don't close up your garbage cans, cockroaches will have an endless supply of food. You can keep roaches away by using cans with lids. At night, you can keep your garbage extra secure by sealing the garbage bag as well. 

Address Moisture Issues

Those leaky faucets and clogged drains aren't just a nuisance. In addition to being a nuisance, your plumbing problems can attract roaches. If you notice any plumbing issues or other sources of moisture, find ways to address them. American cockroaches thrive in moist environments, so limiting moisture could deter them.

Don't Leave Pet Food Out

Do you let your cat graze on their food all day and night? If so, your cat may not be the only one eating from the pet food bowl - cockroaches could also be joining in on the feast. 

Clean Regularly

When you don't clean up your crumbs and leftovers, cockroaches are abundant. All they need are a few crumbs to survive. If you want to keep American roaches at bay, vacuum and mop frequently. 

Getting Rid Of American Cockroaches

Once American cockroaches get into your home, getting rid of them can seem overwhelming. They tend to hide out in places you can't see and reproduce at an alarming rate. To make matters even worse, cockroaches spread diseases and can trigger allergies.
The most effective method of cockroach prevention or removal is to work with an experienced team. If you want help with your cockroach problems, contact us at Capitol Pest. We can eliminate cockroaches and prevent them from returning to your property.

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