The Truth About Ground Bees Around Potomac


Most people notice bees as they fly in the air, but there is one type of bee that you will most often see close to the ground. In Potomac and the surrounding area, ground bees are common pests. Learn the truth about these bees and find out what you can do to prevent them in today's article.

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What Are Ground Bees?

Ground bees are bees that live in the ground. But the term does not refer to one species of bee. Rather, it refers to the many species that prefer living in the ground. Approximately 70% of all species of bees live in nests under the ground. This includes bumblebees, digger bees, and sweat bees. 
Because there are so many species of ground bees, there is no single way to identify them. Generally, they are best identified by their habits. They hover close to the ground and may be seen going in and out of holes in the grass.
One of the most common types of ground bees are bumblebees. You can identify these insects by their large, striped, hairy bodies. Unless you’re familiar with bee anatomy, you might find it difficult to identify the particular species of ground bees in your yard. Fortunately, identification isn’t necessary. Most ground bees share similar traits, and they do not pose a direct threat to most people.

The Problem With Ground Bees

Out of all the types of bees, ground bees may be the most harmless. They are not aggressive and are unlikely to sting you. Generally, the only time they sting is when they are stepped on or sat on. Some ground bees aren’t even equipped with stingers. Bumblebees are sometimes aggressive, but they are unlikely to sting you even when provoked. 
Instead of causing trouble, ground bees are usually helpful. They’re pollinators that spread pollen from plant to plant. Without ground bees, crops like cherries and apples would not produce fruits. The bees are also part of the food chain and are essential food for some animals.
Because ground bees don’t pose much of a threat to people and have so many beneficial qualities, you may not feel the need to keep them away from your property. However, there are still those who would rather keep all species of bees at a distance. Their holes can be unsightly and their presence could make you nervous. If you feel this way, there are a few things you can do to prevent them from calling your Potomic property home.

How To Prevent Ground Bees

Discouraging ground bees from settling on your property doesn’t need to be difficult. There are a few easy steps you can take to make your property less appealing to the bees. Furthermore, you can work with a pest control technician to keep away bees and other pests.
If you want to keep ground bees away on your own, you should moisten the soil they live in. When you see ground bees in the grass, spray the area with a hose. They prefer dry soil and will avoid moist dirt and grass. regularly moisten the ground and the bees may look elsewhere for a place to nest.
In addition to wetting the ground, you can also keep your grass healthy. The thicker and healthier your lawn, the harder it will be for ground bees to burrow in the soil. As an added bonus, it keeps your yard looking great. 
Instead of taking on all the work yourself and hoping bees nest elsewhere, work with an experienced professional. We know how to limit the bee population and how to prevent them from returning. Contact the professionals at Capitol for more advice or assistance.

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