The Trick To Keeping Bed Bugs Out of Your Maryland Home


When you lay down to sleep, your imagination can run wild. So if you even just have the feeling that you might be sleeping on a mattress full of bed bugs, it will be awfully hard to quiet your mind and get any sort of peaceful night’s sleep. The more you learn about bed bugs, though, the more you’ll realize that it’s very hard to keep them out for certain.

Let’s take a look at bed bugs, the problems they cause, warning signs of their presence, and what to do if you know (or even think) you have an infestation: 

bed bug crawling on bed

Bed Bugs: World Travelers

Many people think that bed bugs only invade dirty houses: people who don’t clean their sheets or leave laundry piled up all over the place. However, bed bugs really don’t care what your house looks like: they only care about the blood in your veins.

You see, bed bugs will come out at night, while you are not moving around, and feed on your blood through a tube, much like a mosquito. However, instead of flying around, they crawl very slowly. That’s why they wait until you aren’t moving anymore to begin feeding.

While they might move slowly, bed bugs actually travel the world to get to their next meal source. They’ll cling on to anything, from your clothes to your shoes to your luggage, simply to hitch a ride into your home. That’s why travel hubs like airport terminals and bus stations are high-risk areas for picking up bed bugs. They’ll migrate from bag to bag if given a long enough opportunity. If fellow travelers picked them up in a hotel, you might be the one bringing them home.

Bed bugs will also cling on to various kinds of furniture and appliances to gain entry into a home. If you find a great deal on a fridge or a couch from Facebook Market, you might be bringing bed bugs into your home unknowingly. Remember: it’s not just mattresses. Bed bugs can infest any sort of residence or office space, so even couches, refrigerators, and office chairs can have bed bugs on them. Make sure to check these items thoroughly before you bring them into your house.

Signs Of Bed Bugs

Spotting the signs of bed bugs on furniture or in your house is very important if you want to keep them out or keep an infestation from spreading. Since these pests are so small (just five millimeters in length at the most) and nocturnal, you probably won’t see the bed bugs themselves. However, you’re likely to notice other warning signs, such as:

  • Red, itchy bite marks: these are the first thing you’ll notice if you have bed bugs in your home. Bites often appear on your skin in a straight-lined or zig-zagged pattern the morning after an attack.

  • Rust-colored rings: these rings occur when bed bug excrement pools up after lots of bed bug activity in one spot.

  • Bloodstains: after a night of feeding, you might be able to notice small bloodstains on the mattress. Now, if you’re buying a mattress or couch, avoiding ones with bloodstains on them is probably a good practice anyway, but it is also a sign of bed bugs.

  • Musty odor: if something smells “a little off” about the furniture you’re buying, then you’ll want to inspect it more closely for bed bugs. Likewise, an unfamiliar musky odor throughout your home could tip you off to an infestation currently underway.

Why To Call A Professional For Bed Bug Treatment

While these signs are great indications of bed bug activity, there really is no such thing as a guaranteed prevention strategy against bed bugs. Fortunately, professional pest solutions can get rid of them at the first sign. Don’t let an infestation hang around and interrupt your sleep cycle for months. If you do get bed bugs in your home contact the professionals at Capitol Pest right away. Contact us today for more information about our comprehensive bed bug treatment programs

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