Signs You Need Professional Help With Bed Bugs In Washington, D.C.


You may miss the first warning signs when bed bugs invade your Washington, D.C. home due to this pest’s size and sneaky infestation tactics. Our article helps you understand how to check for bed bugs and how to get rid of bed bugs with proper bed bug control tactics.

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Early Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs In Washington, D.C. Homes

Understanding the early warning signs of bed bugs is vital for learning how to check for bed bugs. Keep an eye out for the below signs that bed bugs are starting to invade your home:

  • Finding shells and eggs around your sleeping quarters or other areas of your home can indicate that bed bugs are in your home. These shells result from the bed bugs shedding their exoskeletons as they grow.
  • Bed bug bites and skin itchiness are early warning signs of bed bugs. These bites will appear in a zig-zag pattern and may be raised and red.
  • Reddish or rust-colored stains on your sheets, mattresses, walls, or along seams of furniture are a result of bed bug feedings. These stains may be the first sign of bed bugs in your home.
  • Bed bug infestations often come along with a musty odor. Experiencing this smell, along with other signs of bed bugs, is a reasonably sure sign that this pest is invading your home.

What A Bed Bug Infestation Is Like In Washington, D.C.

In Washington, D.C., a bed bug infestation often starts small, so it can be easy to miss the first signs. It is an essential part of bed bug control to learn what a bed bug infestation looks like.

First, you may see bed bug bodies in your sleeping quarters or other areas of your home, like the cracks in the walls and seams along the furniture. You may also see signs of staining and smell a musty odor around your home.

Eventually, bed bug bites will appear in zig-zag-like lines on your exposed limbs; these may be itchy or raised and can trigger allergies in specific individuals. If left untreated, bed bugs can take over most areas of your home and take ages to eliminate.

How To Stop Bed Bugs In Washington, D.C. From Coming Back

To stop bed bugs in your Washington, D.C. home from coming back, you should take precautions when traveling and purchasing second-hand items, as these are significant ways of picking up this pest.

  • Store all luggage off the floor when in hotels and wash all clothes in hot water upon returning home to prevent hitchhikers.
  • Place second-hand items on a white sheet before moving them into your home. If bed bugs fall off, don’t move the item inside.
  • Invest in ongoing protection with local pest control for bed bugs to prevent this pest from entering back into your home once an infestation is eliminated.

How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My Washington, D.C. Home Permanently?

If you want to know how to get rid of bed bugs, you should be contacting Capitol Pest. The professionals can fully eradicate any bed bug infestation you may be experiencing using targeted, safe, and effective treatments that are sure to rid your home of this pest completely. For the best bed bug control services in Washington, D.C., reach out to Capital Pest and benefit from everything pest control to kill bed bugs has to offer.

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