Should I Attempt Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Removal In Maryland?


Bed bugs can be a pesky and all-encompassing problem in your Maryland home before you even have a chance to stop the growing infestation. There are several options that you may have to remove bed bugs from your home, some of which we will discuss below so you can stay informed about bed bug treatment.

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What You Should Know About DIY Bed Bug Removal

Bed bug removal can be difficult, thanks to the small size of these pesky insects and their ability to stay dormant in hiding places for a prolonged period of time. In order to completely treat a bed bug infestation, you will need to address the source of bed bugs and keep up regular maintenance to deter the bugs’ return.

Several DIY methods are available for removing and preventing bed bugs around your home, but these may come with their own set of drawbacks. It is important to be informed about each of these methods before trying them out.

  • Essential Oils: Some essential oils have scents and particular properties that may be able to deter bed bugs from taking up root in your home. Popular options include tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and citronella. However, essential oils may cause certain allergic reactions for people when used in large quantities. They also may not address the cause of a bed bug problem – and therefore may only reduce some of the noticeable symptoms, such as bed bugs gathering in certain areas.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: Rubbing alcohol can kill bed bugs, but only when used in direct contact with the insect. It can be hard to get rubbing alcohol into all areas of the house that you need to treat. It is also important to note that rubbing alcohol is flammable and spraying your furniture, home, and clothing with it may lead to hazardous issues.
  • Vacuuming: Vacuuming your home and furniture is a fair way to eliminate any visible bed bugs, but it does not remove the bed bugs that are hiding away. As soon as you are done vacuuming, the bed bug infestation can come right back in full force.
  • Heat Treatment: Much like vacuuming, washing all of your bedding and clothes in hot water is a step in the right direction when treating bed bugs, but it does not fix the hidden cause of the infestation.
  • Insecticides: Many insecticides available at big box stores aren’t effective unless you know the exact location of every bed bug in your home. This means unless you have the bed bugs’ hiding places noted down, you won’t be removing the entire infestation, opening yourself up for a more prolonged problem.

While many of these methods can eliminate some bed bugs none of them are likely to be effective against the entire infestation.

Foolproof Bed Bug Removal

The foolproof way to remove bed bugs from your Maryland home and property is to call Capitol Pest. Our professionals will take the stress off of your shoulders and track down all the bed bugs in your home before providing you with an easy solution to eliminate them.

Plus, the best way to permanently get rid of bed bugs is to keep up with ongoing maintenance. The experts at Capitol Pest can also help with this and will routinely visit your home to prevent bed bugs from entering again and starting up another infestation cycle so you can live in peace.

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