Let's Talk About Pantry Moths Inside Maryland Homes


How unappetizing is it to reach for your favorite cereal or dried food item in the cabinet only to discover insects have made their home in it? Not only is that a gross situation, but now you have to throw out your tasty snacks along with the hard-earned money you spent purchasing them.

Fortunately, Capitol Pest provides the most effective and advanced pest control in Maryland to completely eliminate a pantry moth infestation in your home, maintaining an enjoyable insect-free environment. Our expertly trained team understand the habits and characteristics of these common nuisance pests, and provide successful pantry moth removal to successfully rid your house of these insects.

Why Are There Moths In My Pantry?

The pantry moth, also referred to as the Indian meal moth, is no stranger to invading the kitchens of unsuspecting homeowners. In fact, they're the most common uninvited moth species. They regularly consume the following items:

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Grains
  • Rice
  • Pasta

These insects also dine on cereals, spices, and dried fruits among many other dry goods. Their predilection for stored food items makes them a major problem for food storage facilities. Although pantry moths can enter homes through open windows and doors, most people unknowingly bring these insects into their home after purchasing dried foods. Spilled food and unsealed containers in your cabinets make the ideal place for female moths to lay her eggs. Spring and summertime’s warm temperatures also provide the perfect climate to support the rapid growth of these insects.

Can Pantry Moths Eat Through Plastic Containers?

Adult female pantry moths can lay hundreds of eggs near food items or directly within them. Once the eggs hatch, the tiny caterpillars, known as larvae, can chew through thin cardboard and plastic bags. However, they're unable to chew through plastic or sturdy glass containers. Therefore, before storing your items, always transfer them from their original packaging to thick, plastic or glass containers with a secure lid. If the containers in your cupboard look chewed through along with other food packages, bypass reaching for the pantry moth repellent and contact professional pest specialists who can eliminate your infestation completely.

How To Spot Pantry Moth Eggs

Trying to identify pantry moth eggs in your stored food items can be tricky. The translucency in these whitish-gray-colored eggs makes them almost invisible. Even after the eggs hatch, the cream-colored, barely visible caterpillars aren't easily identifiable. Once these insects feed on your stored items and grow in size, they start producing large amounts of feces and silk webbing, making the infestation easy to see. When the caterpillars reach their full size, they leave the food in search of a new, safe place to make a cocoon, usually around the hinges of your pantry door, crevices, or corners. After a couple of weeks, an adult pantry moth emerges from the cocoon to begin the life cycle all over again. If you've noticed insect activity inside your dry goods, get in touch with your local pest control company.

Professional Services For Stored Product Pests In Maryland

If you’re dealing with a pantry moth problem, you understand the frustration of opening up your stored food items only to see the evidence of insect activity. With the rising cost of food, it’s an awful feeling to watch your money go down the drain having to throw these items out. That’s why it's important to partner with a professional pest management service to eliminate a pantry moth nest, eggs, and any live insects found in your home.  

With over 80 years of experience in the pest management industry, Capitol Pest has provided the most advanced solutions to wipe out household nuisance pests from our residents’ homes and businesses. Our customer-focused approach ensures your satisfaction is guaranteed with every treatment. We offer customized treatment options to suit your specific needs. Reach out to us today to request your free estimate.

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