How Worried Should I Be About Spiders In My Bethesda Home?


It depends on the species of spider you're finding inside your home. While all spiders have venom, not all spiders can bite humans, and not all spiders have venom that is considered medically important. In our Bethesda service area, the two spiders to watch out for are brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders. Let's take a moment to talk about these two poisonous spiders, and then look at a few of the other common spiders that you probably don't have to be concerned about.

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Brown Recluse Spiders

These are the spiders you should be most concerned about. Brown recluse spiders have venom that can cause necrosis. If the necrosis spreads, it can cause a disfiguring wound. Fortunately, most of the time the venom does not spread. But it is still a good idea to have a brown recluse bite checked out by your physician.

The greatest concern with these spiders isn't that they have dangerous venom, it is that they can create large populations inside a home. Some infestations found in the United States have been in the thousands.

Black Widow Spiders

If a black widow spider gets into your home, it probably won't stay long. These spiders do not like to be inside. The greater concern is when they establish themselves in brush piles, bushes, and in voids around your home. Always be cautious when getting under decks or when climbing around inside crawl spaces under your home. These are prime locations for black widow spiders.

You may have heard that black widow spider venom can kill you. While this is true, it is very rare. But it is unpleasant to be bitten by one of these spiders, and you can have severe symptoms that will require hospital care.

Poisonous Spider Bite Prevention

Brown recluse and black widows are reclusive spiders that hide in secluded locations. If you want to reduce your chances of being bitten, consider the following tips:

  • Use a flashlight when you go into a dark place around or inside your home.

  • Be cautious when opening boxes that come from a storage location, especially one that is outside, such as a shed or barn.

  • Wear gloves when working in your yard.

  • Shake clothing, shoes, towels, and other items before using them.

  • Pull your bedding down and take a quick peek before sliding into bed.

Common House Spiders

We have many common house spiders in Maryland. Here are four spiders you're most likely to find inside your home:

American House Spiders

These little spiders create wispy webs in the upper corners of your home. They can tend several webs at once. They do this at night so you probably won't see them in their webs.

Yellow Sac Spiders

These spiders can be found resting in silken sacs during the day, and they come out at night and hunt for food. Their bites look a little bit like mosquito bites. Experts suspect that yellow sac spiders account for more bites than any other spider in the United States.  

Wolf Spiders

These are the big, hairy brown spiders you find hiding in secluded corners every once in a while. Wolf spiders don't make webs to capture food. They are huntsman spiders, and like other common house spiders, they do this at night. If you're bitten by a wolf spider, it is likely to feel like a bee sting.

Long-Bodied Cellar Spiders

Often called daddy longlegs, these spiders won't bite you. Their mouthparts can't break your skin. These spiders hang out in cellars, as their name suggests.

Spider Control

If you need assistance with removing spiders from your home or keeping spiders from getting into your home, remember that Capitol Pest is available to help you resolve your pest control problems. Reach out to us at any time for service.

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