How To Stay Ahead Of Bed Bug Infestations In Washington D.C.


Nobody wants to deal with bed bugs in their Washington D.C. residence. These insidious little parasites hide between the fabric seams of beds and furniture, waiting for us to lower our guards so they can feed on our blood. This, combined with their hitchhiking habits, can be a massive problem, especially for frequent travelers. Although they aren't necessarily directly dangerous to humans, they still induce a specific brand of paranoia more powerful than almost any other. To avoid these pests, it's essential to know precisely what an infestation looks like and how one spreads. Read on to discover the key to successful pest control in Washington, D.C.

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Early Warning Signs Of Bed Bugs In Washington D.C. Homes

Bed bugs don't show themselves often– not unless you're specifically looking for them and know exactly how. They're very small and stealthy, only about the size and shape of an apple seed. Their nymphs look similar, just smaller with a pale white coloration, as opposed to the adult's ruddy brown. To find the pests themselves, you'll have to scour every single upholstered or confined space around your home. True to their names, bed bugs like to hide inside or near mattresses for easier access to our blood while we're unaware, but they take full advantage of their size. If you could slip a credit card into a space, that space could harbor bed bugs. Be on the lookout for these other less direct signs of their presence as well:

  • Waking up with rows of itchy red welts along your arms and legs
  • Bloodstains on your pillowcase, sheets, or mattress
  • Rusty red fecal stains on your mattress or on walls near baseboards
  • Molted shells or egg casings littered around out-of-the-way areas of your room
  • The sudden emergence of foul odors emanating from no discernable source

What A Bed Bug Infestation Is Like In Washington D.C.

A bed bug infestation can become a constant drain on your mental health. Good luck getting a good night's sleep just knowing that there are hundreds of tiny insects waiting to bite and drink your blood as soon as you drift off. Aside from the psychological toll they take, bed bugs can also trigger allergies in some people, and the constant scratching of the itchy bites they leave might result in a secondary skin infection. Bed bugs are also notoriously difficult to get rid of once they've taken root and even more notorious for spreading easily. Prevention is key.

How To Stop Bed Bugs In Washington D.C. From Coming Back

Whether you've already been through the waking nightmare that is a bed bug infestation or just want to make sure you never have to, there are a few proven prevention measures you can take. Here's a quick list of tips to ensure your home stays bed bug free:

  • Always be aware of where you leave your luggage while traveling.
  • Inspect any hotel rooms you visit.
  • Inspect any second-hand furniture or clothing you intend to purchase.
  • Regularly wash clothes and vacuum carpets or upholstered furniture.

In the end, if you're dealing with bed bugs, you want to reach out to a professional. DIY methods will most definitely fall short. Fortunately, the experts at Capitol Pest have the tools and experience to get the job done right! 

How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Permanently?

Your best bet for guaranteed, long-term bed bug control is to partner with the professionals at Capitol Pest for ongoing treatment and guidance. Our certified technicians come equipped with the cutting edge in tools and techniques, taking care of any pest problem, no matter how large, in an efficient yet affordable manner. Call today to schedule your inspection, and let us take care of the rest.

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