How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Washington D.C. Yards


Few outdoor events have gone without the interruption of mosquitoes, much less a visit to the backyard. These bugs can’t survive without your blood, so they will be determined to bite you. Once they leave you, red and itchy welts will soon show up on your skin.

Mosquitoes have been called the greatest threat to human health by medical professionals across the world. These insects communicate a host of impactful diseases. It’s a great challenge keeping them away, as they reside in organic environments. Learn now what you can do to conquer mosquitoes at your Washington D.C. property and how Capitol Pest can assist you in this effort.

mosquitoes swarming in a yard

How Do Mosquitoes Operate? What Are the Risks?

Mosquitoes are 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long, hence the translation of the word to “little fly.” Their bodies are scaly, and so are their wings. Defined noses and thin legs are among their features. Egg production is helped substantially by blood, leading the female bugs to hunt you. They also need water for this endeavor, but all the insects require it to thrive. Organisms are withdrawn from it by larvae. As you might imagine, standing pools are subsequently hubs for mosquitoes. Swarms will be seen near greenery too, for the consumption of nectar. When there’s a body of water or plentiful greenery by a home or business, these pests will be in the vicinity. An estimated 3,500 species live.

Cracks in the structure and open windows and doors will be the pathways for mosquitoes. From there, they will go to damp and dark areas that don’t have a lot of human traffic. Examples of this are closets, laundry rooms, and basements. Once you see these bugs or the bites they create on you continually, you’ll know for sure you have an infestation.

Here are some pertinent details about the diseases mosquitoes can transmit:

  • Chikungunya is incurable and causes fever and severe joint pain.
  • Malaria brings on sweating and chills.
  • Dengue has symptoms such as rashes, nausea, and fever.
  • Yellow Fever is associated with crucial liver, heart, and kidney complications.
  • Zika virus will result in 5% of infants having birth defects.
  • West Nile virus triggers fatal neurological responses. 80% of patients are asymptomatic.

How Can Mosquitoes Be Prevented?

To deter mosquitoes, you have to make your land unappealing to them. Another step you can take is to change your clothing style and dining habits. Certain choices may end in these insects gravitating to you:

  • Burn candles with repellent properties, such as the essential oil items of rosemary and clove.
  • Set mosquito traps out. Always periodically wash them.
  • Reduce standing water by doing things like draining swimming areas and drying pet drinking bowls.
  • Trim grass and greenery regularly. Try not to overwater it and drain it well.
  • Remove pieces of organic debris from the yard.
  • Clean your gutters on a routine basis.  
  • Mosquitoes can see dark colors, so wear brighter tones. Avoid blacks and blues.
  • Be careful drinking alcoholic beverages. Your pores will emit the content, which is alluring to mosquitoes.
  • Dodge watery zones and attempt to be indoors at sunset. This is when mosquitoes are most busy.

What Can Capitol Pest Do About Mosquitoes?

Many popular products and approaches for mosquitoes only do so much. Just a few insects may die, and any positive outcomes will be temporary. Case in point, candles give off gases that attract pests. Several shelf items have strong, hazardous chemicals. The skilled technicians at Capitol Pest will utilize low-toxicity backpack misters, barrier treatments, and more to address active and breeding sites for effective mosquito control. Get a free quote when you call or email today! 

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