Four Early Warning Signs Of Roaches In Your Washington D.C. Home


Size is no indication of how detrimental a pest can be. Some of the most dangerous ones are small insects. Since many harbor immeasurable amounts of microbes or parasites, they are a threat to human health. Diseases may be transmitted or spread. Cockroaches are one species that are notorious for making people sick.

The food and surfaces in your Washington D.C. home may become tainted with cockroaches inside. Keeping these nasty bugs out is challenging because they can get through holes just ½ of an inch in diameter. In addition, they procreate in droves very quickly. Considering their nocturnal nature, you may see infestation signs before ever spotting them. Find out what the four biggest clues are, and how Capitol Pest can help. 

an american cockroach crawling on food

Sign #1 Coming Across Droppings

German and American cockroaches are widespread in the area. The German class especially has a reputation for penetrating homes. At the point of adulthood, they are 0.51 to 0.62 of an inch long and tan or brown. They will quickly run away from you more than fly off. The young can’t fly at all and their skin is black. You can distinguish this species by the black bands behind their heads.

American cockroaches are 3 inches long when fully grown. The reddish-brown or mahogany insects use their two wings for short-distance flight. They too have dark marks in the back part of their head, but the shape is more distinct. It looks like the number eight. Food and water shortages are what lead to their residential invasions. You’ll find them in moist and dark rooms. Examples are laundry centers, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and similar. As strange as it may sound, these pests target fabrics and paper.

Other key cockroach characteristics are:

  • Organic debris, natural matter, and water attract them
  • They sometimes conceal themselves in concrete
  • Places that are hard to reach are usually their nesting zones  
  • They are most active at night, so daytime sightings are confirmation of an infestation
  • The fecal droppings of cockroaches will be left throughout your domicile in the midst of a takeover.

Fabrics and surfaces will be marked with stains and smears. Waste from smaller bugs is typically really grainy. Rounded droppings that are solid and have blunted ends are left by bigger insects. There’s a lot of variation with color and size. Cockroach excrement is loaded with germs, as is their urine and saliva. These pests are associated with salmonella, viruses, gastroenteritis, and pathogens.

Sign #2 Finding Shed Skin

In their maturated stage, cockroaches will release their exoskeleton or skin. You can anticipate finding the fragments anywhere in your abode. Remember that they carry bacteria. There is a link between allergic reactions and their shells.

Sign #3 Discovering Eggs And Casings

Cockroach eggs and casings are generally 1 inch long, if not smaller. The majority are brown, black, or red. Check bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

Sign #4 Smelling Odors

To communicate, cockroaches rely on their natural chemicals. These substances, as well as their secretions, are potently musty.

Capitol Pest’s Cockroach Extermination Services

Don’t try your hand with retail products for cockroaches. Each species has its response to various solutions. Overall, shelf goods aren’t curated to kill masses of bugs or address an infestation. Last, but not least, they are often expensive and hazardously toxic. For safe and comprehensive cockroach control, reach out to us at Capitol Pest. Our expert technicians will employ industrial-grade treatments, such as chemical barriers. The young and adults will be eliminated for the long haul. Call today and get started with a free quote! Protect your home! 

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