Five Easy Ways To Keep Wasps Away From Your Maryland Yard


In Maryland, three types of wasps often affect property owners; paper wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets all pose a danger to you and your family. Although they are essential to the environment, they can cause problems on your property. Follow these five tips to keep these unwelcome visitors away from your property.

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1. Use Wasp-Repelling Plants

While some vegetation attracts wasps, other vegetation works as a deterrent. You can plant certain greenery to keep your property safe from yellow jackets and other Maryland wasps. Typically, herbaceous and aromatic plants work well. Thyme, eucalyptus, and citronella are among the best wasp-repelling plants. In addition to keeping wasps away, these plants can look great in your garden.

2. Avoid Lush Gardens

As much as you might love your beautiful garden, it could be attracting wasps. If you have fruit trees in your yard, the sweet fruit is a beacon for a variety of Maryland pests, including wasps. You might want to get rid of your fruit trees, or at the very least, pick ripe fruit before insects have a chance to get to it.
Flowering plants also attract wasps and should be kept as far away from your structure as possible. Even if your plants don't have flowers, the aphids on them could draw in wasps. One of the keys to wasp prevention is maintaining your garden.

3. Compost Indoors

A pile of compost contains rotting fruits and vegetables, which attracts insects. Unfortunately, those insects attract wasps. It's a cycle that leaves your home vulnerable to wasps. If you have an exposed compost pit, you should consider moving your operation indoors or using a sealed composting system. 

4. Store Food And Trash Properly

Every time you have a picnic, you could be calling wasps over. Sweet fruit and sugary drinks are an invitation to local wasps. If you choose to have a picnic, store your food in sealed containers until you're ready to eat. When you're done, clean up the food and drinks immediately.
It's also crucial to store your trash in a can with a tight lid. While it's convenient to leave it open, it also leaves an open invite for wasps. Use airtight lids on your outdoor trash cans, and don't allow garbage to overflow from the container. If you have a trash can on your patio, practice the same habits. Better yet, don't store any garbage in patios and lanais. 

5. Fill In Holes In Your Yard

Some wasps like to nest high above the ground, but others prefer to burrow into the ground. If you see holes in your yard, you could have a problem with cicada killers. These interesting wasps dig burrows and can move a large amount of soil as they do.
Fortunately, these wasps aren't overly protective. You can fill in their holes with minimal risk of experiencing a sting. As solitary creatures, cicada wasps don't have nests full of angry brethren waiting to sting you.

Work With Professionals To Keep Wasps Away

Despite following the tips above, you could still find yourself battling against wasps. They're stubborn and difficult to eliminate. Whether you find a nest on your property or you see a wasp flying around, you should contact the experts. Here at Capitol Pest, we have extensive experience working with wasps. We can safely remove a nest on your property and help you prevent wasps from returning. If you're interested in learning more or want to get started, give us a call today. 

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