Five Easy Silverfish Prevention Tips For Maryland Property Owners 


They can’t hurt you physically, but these creatures are capable of hurting you in other ways: mentally, emotionally, and even financially. Silverfish are short, ¾ inch pests with a penchant for dark and moist areas. They are completely harmless to humans, but extremely dangerous to precious items and memories. Your clothing, photos, and even scrapbooks may be eaten in a short period of time by these creatures, more or less right under your nose. That's why the key to protecting your home from silverfish destruction is found in solid prevention efforts. 

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The Easiest Five Prevention Tips For Silverfish In Maryland

There are several factors that could be making your home more attractive to silverfish than other homes. Here are some of the most common factors listed below:

  • Foodstuffs: Food availability, found in cardboard boxes, glues, and old clothing, will make your home stand out to these pests. Silverfish just love moisture and high starch contents, leading them to consume cereals, pet foods, glue, carpet fibers, and more. 

  • Moisture Levels: If your home often holds more humidity than it ought to, you may find silverfish moving into bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and other damp spaces. 

  • Dark Spaces: Dark, cluttered, unused areas of your Maryland residence is the silverfish’s ideal hangout spot. Expect to find silverfish hiding under stones, in garages, or underneath rugs.

Here are five simple prevention tips that can reduce silverfish attractant factors, and keep the pests off the premises for good: 

  • Seal up entry points forming around the home. Weeping holes, fissures, cracks, and other gaps should be filled with a strong waterproof caulking.

  • Window and door screens should be replaced at the first sign of wear and tear. Door sweeps and weatherproofing should be added to all viable entry points.

  • Reduce household moisture levels with desiccant bags, dehumidifiers, and other humidity solutions. Repair any drains or pipes that could be producing puddling water sources.

  • Rake up debris piles around the lawn, paying close attention to leaves, weeds, firewood, and other areas where moisture could build up.  

  • Maintain the lawn by mowing frequently, and pruning tree branches as often as possible.

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Total Silverfish Control Requires Capitol Pest

You don’t need to expect the worst from silverfish, especially when their ‘worst’ is really just creepiness and the occasional startling appearance. Nevertheless, you won’t want these insects popping up in your safe Maryland home. Prevention is the first step towards maintaining a happy, healthy, silverfish-free home. However, prevention may not always be enough to eliminate a well rooted infestation. If your home is experiencing a silverfish pest problem, it will pay to call in the professional team at Capitol Pest.

With service plans that match every need, pest, and budget, Capital Pest  is your local Maryland provider of silverfish prevention, treatment, control, and more.  We’ve been helping our customers get and stay pest free for over 80 years, and have delivered quality results you can count on for almost a full century. We offer over four unique pest control systems to every Maryland residence, including the Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum pest control plans. Simply choose the plan that treats the root of your silverfish infestation, and discover a prevention plan you can count on. Get started with confidence by calling the team at Capitol Pest today, or by completing an online contact form to get connected with an agent near you. At Capitol Pest, we don’t just want to treat your silverfish problem: we want to eliminate it forever. Experience the professional pest control difference with Capitol Pest today!

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