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There have been many speculations on what the phrase, “Its raining cats and dogs” means. One popular theory is that it came from ancient Greece when cats and dogs would nestle in the thatch of roofing during storms causing them to collapse. Why were they up there? We think they could have been chasing rats. Rats have been around since as far back as recorded history and hunted by cats and dogs for at least that long. The question is, are rats still getting on top of homes? We have your answer as well as some exclusion tips for you to help keep rats out of your Bethesda home.

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The Two Common Rats In Our Area

In Bethesda, we only have 2 species of rats known for getting into homes, the roof rat, and the Norway rat.

  • Roof Rats: These nimble rodents get their name for their ability to scale homes. This ability opens up a wide range of options when trying to invade your home. Identifiable by their brown fur and more mouse-like appearance, roof rats are commonly found causing trouble inside the attics and wall voids of homes.

  • Norway Rats: Despite their name, modern-day Norway rats are in fact descendants from Asia. Identifiable by their brown coats mixed in with black hairs, Norway rats are the most common species of rat invader worldwide and the most likely culprit for you to find inside your Bethesda home.

The Problems That Come With A Rat Infestation

Everyone should have proper respect for rats. Not only are rats able to carry and transmit a number of dangerous diseases, but they can also transport dangerous parasitic pests such as fleas, ticks, and mites into your home. If you suspect rats are present inside your home, be extremely cautious, especially around their urine and excrement. One wrong interaction and you or one of your family members could get very sick.
Rats are known to cause trouble with their sharp strong teeth. Able to chew through materials as hard as lead, rats can deal a fair amount of damage to vital systems and structures throughout your home. It is not uncommon for a rat to chew on furniture, electrical wiring, and even utility piping. We don’t have to tell you why this could be bad for your home.
One thing you should know about rats is that they are much more aggressive than their mouse cousins. If you come face to face with a rodent inside your home, avoid it and consider calling a professional for immediate help. All it takes is a single bite from a sick rodent for you to get sick as well.

Rat Prevention Tips For Your Bethesda Home

The trick to keeping rats out of your home is to limit their access to food, water, and shelter. This can be done in a few ways.

  • Eliminate entry points rodents could use to get inside your home. (This encludes damage or openings in your roofline that roof rats could use to get inside.)

  • Fix leaks around your home and address any other moisture issues that rodents could use to get a drink.

  • Clean regularly and store leftover food inside airtight containers.

  • Pick up pet food and water bowls each night before going to bed.

  • Eliminate clutter and debris in and around your home.

How To Get Rid Of Rats If They Get Inside

If rats find a way into your Bethesda home, do not try to handle them on your own. The last thing we want is for you to put yourself in harm’s way. Instead, give the professionals here at Capitol Pest a call. We will send one of our highly trained pest technicians your way ASAP with a safe and easy solution to get rats out of your home. Your freedom from dangerous pests is our number one concern.

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