Assessing An Ant Infestation In Maryland


We’re nearing the end of summer in Maryland. While we prepare for the sunshine to go away, a not-so-friendly reminder of the past season might surprise us. Ants are pests that grow their populations throughout the summer. Our Maryland pest control expertise at Capitol Pest could help you avoid the season's final hurrah from these frantic foraging insects. 

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How Can I Tell What Type Of Ants Are Invading My Maryland Home?

Several types of ant exist in Maryland. All of them forage for similar food, but there are certain distinctions in their behavior. Some even build colonies similar to termites, like the notorious carpenter ant. Carpenter ants in your house mean they’ve dug into your wood structures. 

Some of the most problematic types of ants in Maryland are:

  • Acrobat ants
  • Argentine ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Pyramid ants
  • Red imported fire ants

Their appearance, their habits, or their nest location are some general ways to identify which ant type is bothering you. Argentine ants and Maryland fire ants (known as red imported fire ants) are invasive species, which means there is little stopping them from becoming an extreme nuisance. They are also more aggressive. Both are red, but the Argentine ant is darker red. 

Pavement ants are small, but gather in large clusters. They dig through cracks to get to the soil beneath and set up subterranean lairs. Acrobat ants have the habit of raising their abdomen (back section) like they’re doing a balancing act. They also sting on occasion. Like carpenter ants, they can infest wood.

Will An Ant Infestation Go Away On Its Own?

Infestations normally get set up because ants have found exactly what they need on whatever property they’re burdening. Ant infestations don’t go away on their own. Though ants might become dormant during cold seasons, if they have the means to carry on in an environment that keeps them warm and fed, they may continue to pester you year-round. 

Taking care of ant infestations involves treating the area with precision. This precision is contingent on the type of ant at hand. At Capitol Pest, we know what to look for to identify the problem and how to handle it after the diagnosis. We are the number one ant pest control in Maryland.

Are Ant Baits Effective In My Home?

Ant control for homeowners isn’t an easy task. While baiting for ants can be part of an effective treatment plan, this alone doesn’t guarantee an end to the infestation. Reasons ant baiting isn’t absolutely reliable are:

  • Bait stations might only get rid of one nest location while others continue to thrive.
  • Bait might only be killing soldier ants. Queens, the brood, or nest workers might go completely unaffected. 
  • Ants might identify the bait as unfit for the nest depending on nutrition needs.
  • Ant colonies on the outskirts of your property might survive and replace the previous in-house invasion.

Proper ant control solutions involve measures to secure the house and the property’s perimeter. In addition, if the infestation is large, there might be satellite nests that will never come into contact with the bait stations that affect other installations. If there are viable sources for food around the house, the ants won’t normally reroute their foraging efforts. Pavement ants can dig down really deep in the ground, making a trip to return the bait too long. The soldier ant carrying the toxic food might die before even getting home.

I Have Ants Terrorizing My Home And Getting Into All My Food! Help!

No matter what ant it is, we know how to handle them. Capitol Pest has served Maryland with the best pest control treatments with an unrivaled 80 years of experience. Though our technology and knowledge are impressive, we also pride ourselves on being family-oriented and providing the highest quality service. We want to make sure our treatments are prompt, efficient, and effective for our customers. Let us help you with any pest problem today.

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