Are Silverfish In Washington D.C. Dangerous?


Some pests are creepier to look at than others. Silverfish, while not as directly dangerous as other invasive pests, can certainly be more frightening to behold. These tiny, armored invaders are common for Washington property owners to encounter, and learning how to identify and prevent them can help make sure you never have to learn just how much of a nuisance they can be. 

silverfish crawling on bathroom vanity

What Are Silverfish?

Silverfish are beetle-like insects that prefer moist or humid areas. That makes our Southern swamplands absolutely ripe for their populations to thrive in. While they look more bizarre and alien than other common invasive pests, silverfish aren’t rare or foreign creatures. Many homeowners and businesses have found themselves with an infestation, so it’s important to know what to be on the lookout for.

You can identify silverfish by the following traits: 

  • Size: Silverfish don’t typically grow to more than a few centimeters in size, though they make up for their small stature with truly large numbers.
  • Color: Silverfish are often gray and even shiny in appearance, with reflective top shells. They can also be tan or clear, however.
  • Shape: From the top, silverfish are shaped like a teardrop, with wispy legs sticking out from all angles. From the side or front, you can see just how flat they are.

Nuisances Rather Than Dangers

Silverfish aren’t dangerous pests. They aren’t known to spread any diseases and they don’t even bite people or pets, let alone carry some sort of dangerous venom. However, just because they aren’t dangerous doesn’t mean they can’t be a problem. Once they’ve moved in, silverfish can populate extremely quickly, growing in size and numbers before you even notice that they’re there. Once the problem grows to these proportions you will start to notice how damaging silverfish can be. They not only chew through food packaging and contaminate the areas where we prepare meals, but they also chew through some fabrics and leathers that provide them with fibrous proteins. Call the experts at Capitol Pest to safeguard your home today!

Silverfish Prevention Tips

With a problem that can grow without you noticing it, the best thing to do is to be preventative. Keeping silverfish out of your property in the first place can help you stay protected from a full-blown infestation. Take the following steps to make your place less attractive to silverfish: 

  • Seal The Cracks: Silverfish can squeeze through even small cracks and holes. Routinely check the exterior of your property for blemishes, and make repairs where they’re needed. This can reduce the access points for pests.
  • Maintain Moisture Control: Silverfish are attracted to dark, dank areas. Bathrooms, kitchens, and basements are all parts of the home where they are likely to be found because they have water hanging in the air and water pooling behind appliances.
  • Use Treatments: The surest way to ward off all kinds of invasive bugs is with professional treatments of your exterior. Safe, effective chemical sprays can protect from silverfish and other pests.

Total Control From Capitol

Just because silverfish aren’t dangerous doesn’t mean you want them on your property. Rather than have to deal with a problem after it’s obvious, it’s better to put the time and effort into proper prevention instead. The best way to accomplish that is by partnering with local pest professionals who can help you stay ahead of pest infestations of all kinds. At Capitol Pest, our staff can provide you with more prevention tips and helpful information about silverfish. We can get started right away on an inspection, determining whether a pest problem is already forming or just about to. With this early detection, you can avoid the worst damage from silverfish as we quickly eliminate the population. For total silverfish protection and control, turn to Capitol Pest.

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