Are Odorous House Ants In Maryland Dangerous?


No matter where you are in Maryland, you could come across an odorous house ant. And although you may not be an expert on ant identification, you can probably identify this ant when you notice its foul smell. Every time you crush an odorous house ant, it releases a smell similar to rotting coconut. While the odor alone isn’t appealing, it’s not dangerous. However, they can cause other problems for you and your household.

odorous house ants

What Are Odorous House Ants?

These common Maryland pests are small and unimposing. On average, an odorous house ant measures ⅛” long. Usually, it’s black or brown and can be seen foraging around your home at any time of the day. 
Unless you have experience in pest control, you probably can’t accurately identify this ant by its appearance. However, you should be able to identify it by the rotten odor the ant emits when you crush it. You can find these ants anywhere in your home, but you’re most likely to see them searching for food.

The Dangers Of Odorous House Ants

The only true danger these ants in Maryland pose is food contamination. Because of their small size, odorous house ants can get into your food stores. If you don’t seal up your food in containers with tight lids, ants can get inside and spoil everything. Odorous house ants particularly enjoy sticky or sweet foods and have a penchant for fruit juice and other tasty treats.
Once these ants find food, they don’t settle for eating a few morsels. Instead, they move their entire colony closer to the food source. This poses more of an issue because it’s only a matter of time before you have a large infestation. On a large scale, food contamination can cost you hundreds of dollars. Living with these ants is an everyday nuisance. 
Unlike fire ants, odorous house ants don’t have a hazardous or painful sting. But that doesn’t mean you want them inside your home. You deserve to be comfortable and shouldn’t have to deal with the foul smell and daily annoyances that come with an infestation.

Odorous House Ants Prevention Tips

The best form of pest control is prevention. By taking the following precautions, you may be able to keep odorous house ants away from your property:

Tidy Up

If you clean your home regularly, you’re less likely to have run-ins with these ants. There won’t be crumbs or spills for odorous house ants to eat. Whenever a mess occurs, clean it as soon as possible. Take out your trash daily, and be sure to store it in a can with a lid. When you have the time, do a deep clean of your home and get behind your major appliances. 

Store Food Carefully

Leaving food open on the counter or pantry is one way to draw ants into your home. To keep odorous house ants away, store your food in the refrigerator or containers with lids. Cereal, rice, and cookies should never be left open for pests to access.

Clean Your Yard

Odorous house ants don’t only live indoors. Before they make their way into your home, they could be in your yard. Make your property less appealing by removing debris and keeping vegetation sparse.

Eliminate Entrances

Holes in your screens, cracks in your foundation, and gaps under your doors could be entrances for ants. Seal them up as well as possible to deter odorous house ants. 

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