Professional Pest Solutions For Arlington, Virginia Properties

Arlington, Virginia is a lovely neighborhood located in Northeast Virginia. Our summers are warm and humid, and our winters are somewhat snowy. No matter the season, the people of Arlington need to be wary of pest infestations. Pests seek shelter and warmth during the colder months and moisture and humidity during the warmer months. The best way to protect your home from pest infestation is to contact the professionals.

Capitol Pest is at your service. We have been providing comprehensive residential and commercial pest control services since 1936, and our expert staff is ready to help you. We protect homes and businesses from common area pests such as ants, cockroaches, crickets, spiders, mice, rats, bees, wasps, silverfish, and many others. Call us today for a consultation. We offer complimentary pest and rodent inspections, including a detailed estimate from one of our certified Capitol Pest field inspectors. We are proud to serve communities in the Metro Washington D.C. area, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Home Pest Control In Arlington, VA

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Arlington is a beautiful place to own a home, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe from potential pest infestation. Here at Capitol Pest, we offer a wide variety of home treatment and prevention plans that can be customized to fit your needs. Protecting your home and your loved ones is our main priority. Look through our service plans and feel free to contact us with questions.

  • Rodent Monitoring Service Plan

  • Mosquito, Tick, and Flea Control Plan (Options I, II, III, and IV)

  • Bronze Plan

  • Silver Plan

  • Gold Plan

  • Platinum Plan

Each of our four main pest control plans includes outside perimeter treatment, spider web removal, treatment of covered pests, additional visits as needed, and inside treatments as needed. We have one-year service agreements available and we’re always happy to work with you to find the best plan for your situation. Our plans cover biting insects, fabric pests, pantry pests, occasional invaders, stinging insects, ants, cockroaches, files, and rodents.

We also offer a Basic SELECT service, which includes a one-time insect treatment and warranty. This covers inspection, identification, and treatment, and comes with a full one-year warranty. Basic SELECT also includes estimates for entry point repairs and other recommended solutions.

Commercial Pest Control In Arlington, VA

No matter where you work, you don’t want pests to get up in your business. Capitol Pest offers dependable commercial pest control services that are targeted to fit the particular needs of your business. Our goal is to protect you, your employees, your inventory, your customers, and your reputation. Our commercial pest control services cover:

  • Apartments & Condos

  • Office Buildings & Corporate Parks

  • Hotels & Lodging

  • Restaurants

  • Healthcare & Medical Facilities

If you’re not sure about our coverage for your particular business, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re always available for a consultation. Our staff is a team of experts that you can count on. We have a full-time zoologist, 2 entomologists, and a biochemist on staff and we provide safe, superior results every time.


Arlington, VA Homeowners Guide To Minimizing Mosquito Exposure

Mosquitoes not only leave us with itchy bites, but they also have the potential to spread a long list of diseases to the people they bite. As they suck your blood, they inject their saliva into your bloodstream, exposing you to a variety of vector-borne illnesses that can become serious if not treated. In order to minimize your mosquito exposure, there are a number of things you can do in and around your home. Consider the following methods of prevention, but know that the most effective way to control mosquito activity is to call in the experts at Capitol Pest.

  • Wear mosquito repellent with DEET.

  • Treat clothing with permethrin.

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and socks.

  • Install screens on doors and windows.

  • Eliminate sources of standing water (containers, old tires, etc.).

  • Correct drainage problems (faucets, hoses, pipes, gutters, sprinklers).

  • Fill tree holes with expanding foam (as mosquitoes nest in them).


Here's Why DIY Termite Control Won't Work In Arlington, VA

Termites are one of the many natural disasters that you won’t see coming. These pests will chew the wooden portions of your home’s foundation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but it can take them more than a year and a half to cause significant costly damage. Unfortunately, these pests will work without a trace for years, as they usually remain under the house or within the walls. 

If you do notice termite activity, there isn’t much you can do on your own. While store-bought sprays may work on the treated area, these solutions won’t eradicate the entire infestation, allowing your home to be subject to damage for much longer than you realize. 

Instead of putting your investment at risk, why not take advantage of a professional guarantee when it's available at an affordable price and provided by a company that puts your satisfaction above all else? For the most effective form of termite control that protects your investment in ways that can give you peace of mind, call Capitol Pest today. 


Three Things Everyone In Arlington, VA Ought To Know About Bed Bugs

Are bed bugs keeping you up at night? While small in size, bed bugs can quickly become a huge nuisance inside homes they infest, covering residents with itchy red bites and bringing a number of associated problems with them. Due to their small size and quick reproductive cycle, bed bugs can be a difficult or even impossible task for the average homeowner to take on alone - making prevention essential.

Here are three key facts every Arlington resident should know about bed bugs to help them best prepare against an infestation:

1. While bed bugs may be tiny and often go unseen to the human eye, they are not completely invisible. The reason we don’t see them very easily is that bed bugs are nocturnal, hiding away during the day and emerging to search for blood at night. The fact that most humans are asleep during this time only makes it easier for bed bugs to get to us unnoticed.

2. Despite their name, bed bugs do not exclusively infest the areas in and around beds. Once they’ve gotten inside, they can travel to any other area of your home by hopping onto a person or item that is moving to another room. From there, they will get into chairs, couches, curtains, carpets, and almost any other furniture they come into contact with.

3. if you already have an infestation, bed bugs are almost impossible to to get rid of on your own. Due to their small size and quick breeding turnaround, failure to completely quarantine the infected areas of the home will just allow the infestation to spring back up again soon.

If you have bed bugs, you NEED professional help to take care of the problem completely. Don’t wait: contact the pest pros at Capitol Pest today and find out how one of our comprehensive bed bug treatment programs can help you take back your home. 


How To Control Wildlife Before They Damage Your Arlington Property

While the natural surroundings of our Arlington properties can be beautiful, there is a variety of wildlife that can cause much more than a simple nuisance. You might enjoy seeing wild animals in your Arlington backyard, but you never know when they’ll tear up the grass, leave droppings in the yard, or even damage your property. 

Wild animals, along with invasive rodents, will also bring dangerous parasites like fleas and ticks onto your property, while pests like groundhogs will create unsightly holes and lumps in your yard. Even properties with fences can be subject to all kinds of invasive animals, so if the safety of your lawn, pets, and family is important to you, then professional solutions are the only way to go. 

At Capitol Pest, we take pride in protecting fellow Arlington residents from wildlife issues before they occur. With innovative trapping and monitoring systems, we can detect a problem and stop it before it causes any damage to your yard or puts your family at risk. Give us a call today for an estimate on wildlife protection services that put your needs first.


Dangers Cockroaches Bring to Arlington Kitchens

Cockroaches are more than just a disgusting pest - they can be a huge health concern in homes they invade. This is especially true for kitchens, which give them plenty of access to food. Unfortunately, every surface or piece of food they come into contact with puts you and your family at risk for disease, allergies, food contamination, and worse.

Cockroaches are not picky: they’ll eat anything at all, meaning any food you’ve left out for any period of time could be a target. And if you eat after cockroaches, allergies and illness might not be far behind. Since cockroaches will eat anything, it often leads them into garbage, dirt, drains, mold, and other unsanitary places. The bacteria and diseases they pick up while scurrying across these surfaces will then get spread to any food they come into contact with - including the food in your kitchen. 

Due to the health risks cockroaches can pose to you and your family, preventing them is a necessity for Arlington homeowners. Here are some steps you can take to limit your risk for cockroaches:

Cockroach prevention begins with deterring cockroaches to your home by limiting their potential food sources inside your home. This means keeping your kitchen, living room, dining area, and bathrooms clean. Pay special attention to drains and food preparation areas and out-of-the-way places such as pantry shelves and underneath the refrigerator. However, like all animals, food is only one of the resources cockroaches need to survive. You’ll also need to cut off any potential water sources such as dripping faucets, leaking pipes, or areas with the home with condensation problems. These areas should be cleaned thoroughly, and consider adding a dehumidifier. 

Finally, like all pests, once you’ve eliminated the resources that tend to attract them, it’s important to physically halt them from getting inside. This is done by keeping windows and doors shut when not in use (and installing screens where possible) as well as by eliminating any holes in walls, floors, or siding they could use as an entry point. Look for holes in your foundation, siding, and windows and doors, and seal them if possible.

Have cockroaches gotten into your Arlington home? If so, you don’t have to leave your family at risk - contact the pest elimination pros at Capitol Pest today and find out more about our cockroach control options and how they can get your home back up to safety standards.


The Dangers Fabric Pests Bring To Arlington Homes

If you’ve never heard of fabric pests, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and names. Typically, clothes moths and carpet beetles are the most common fabric pests that will invade Roswell-area homes. They are thrown into the fabric pest category because of their affinity for chewing holes in clothing, carpets, blankets, furniture, and even the dried goods in your pantry. 

What makes them so hard to control is their ability to lay eggs in many of these items, causing the infestation to spread quickly. With hundreds to thousands of fabric-pest larvae eating your stored foods, upholstered furniture, blankets, laundry, and more, you could quickly incur expensive damage (along with an uncomfortable living situation). 

In order to protect your home from these invasive pests, it’s important to control the entry points that adult moths and beetles will use to gain access to your home: busted screens, cracks around door and window sills, or other crevices in the walls of the foundation. Once they’re in, though, they can be very difficult to get rid of without professional help. In order to break the breeding cycle and remove fabric-pest larvae from your stored goods, linens, carpets, and furniture, call Capitol Pest. Our service technicians will use the latest in pest-eradication technology to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the results of our services. Give us a call at the first sign of fabric pests.


Why Preventing Odorous House Ants Is Essential In Arlington, VA

Have you seen small black ants around your kitchen or dining area and started to notice a musty, pungent odor around your home? If so, you could be dealing with an odorous house ant infestation. These ants are named for the unpleasant odor they give off when crushed or threatened, and can be a real hassle to try to get rid of. While there are measures you can take to keep ants out in the first place, once they get inside, it is often best to call on a professional pest control company if you want to completely eradicate them.

Odorous house ants are 1/16 - 1/8 of an inch in length, ranging in color from dark brown to black, and can be distinguished from other ants by their beehive-shaped abdomens. They have one flat, hidden node between their abdomen and thorax. While they can be difficult to see, they certainly are not hard to smell! They emit an odor that is often described as a rotten coconut-like scent. 

When living outdoors in their natural habitat, odorous house ants are often found living in areas of exposed soil or underneath woodpiles and other organic debris. If these pests find their way inside, they can usually be found near the warm, moist areas inside the home, such as hot water pipes, heaters, leaky faucets, and water-damaged wood. Odorous house ants are often drawn into homes where they can find access to sweet foods or meats.

Like many ant species, odorous house ants create huge colonies that can contain thousands (even millions) of workers making them very difficult to eliminate due to sheer numbers. They can even produce multiple queens, increasing the difficulty of completely eliminating the problem and making many DIY solutions obsolete. 

These ants often find their way into homes while foraging for food. Since odorous house ants are so small, they can get into our homes through the tiniest holes or cracks in the foundation, in doors or door screens, or through almost any other exterior opening found throughout your home. Once inside, these ants are most commonly found invading kitchen pantries and cupboards in search of food. 

Here are some key reasons Arlington residents need to protect themselves against odorous house ants:

  • The odor these ants give off can be overwhelming. 

  • Like many ants species, odorous house ants can contaminate food sources they come into contact with. If they crawl through an unsanitary location like through garbage, a drain pipe, or a sewer, they’ll bring any bacteria or pathogens they come into contact with onto any food they find afterward. They may track that filth back onto your kitchen counters, pantry areas, or food preparation surfaces. 

  • Contamination from odorous house ants can lead to flu-like symptoms and other illnesses. 

  • Odorous house ants can bite, and while it is fairly uncommon, their bites can cause allergic reactions in certain people. 

The key to controlling odorous house ants is to locate every single colony and sub-colony on the property, treating them correctly with effective products, and monitoring the situation in the future with regular inspections to ensure the problem cannot reappear. 

Are odorous house ants making a stink around your home? You don’t have to suffer any longer - give the pest professionals at Capitol Pest a call today and find out why Arlington residents trust us for all their ant elimination needs. 


Three Ways To Keep Stinging Insects Off Your Property In Arlington

The most common stinging insects in Arlington yards are bees and wasps. While these two pests are similar in a lot of ways, they differ in ways that should be of concern to Arlington homeowners, especially those with families that enjoy spending time outside. Bees are only able to sting humans once since a sting usually results in severe injury or death for the bee. Wasps, on the other hand, are able to sting as many times as they want. They’re also very territorial.

While bee stings can be dangerous in large numbers, multiple stings from multiple wasps are typically more severe, leading to all kinds of health conditions, possibly including anaphylactic shock. In order to avoid wasp and bee attraction to your yard, try the following methods:

1. Removing sources of sugar from the yard

2. Storing outdoor food and trash properly

3. Prompt nest removal (only with professional help)

Removing nests is one of the most dangerous activities to do by yourself, as this is the most typical cause of multiple wasp and bee stings. Instead of putting yourself and your family at risk, call the professionals at Capitol Pest for the safest and most effective way to put your wasp and bee problems behind you


Signs Of Rodent Activity in Your Arlington, VA Home

Rodents in the home are bad news: once inside your home, they can cause a lot of damage and make everyone in your home sick. Most rodents can squeeze into the smallest holes and cracks in your home's foundation or exterior walls. And if they can’t find an existing hole, they can always make one for themselves using their powerful teeth.

However, while they can cause big problems in homes, the fact that rodents are nocturnal often means that they go unnoticed by the residents of the houses they invade. Whether or not you see them, a rodent problem needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible in order to keep your family safe. Here are some warning signs to be aware of that could indicate that it’s time to call a professional rodent removal expert for help.

One of the first signs many homeowners find that tell them they have a rodent infestation is the presence of their droppings. Once rodents are inside, they are going to start to look for food. And as they go, they leave their feces and urine behind. Another sign is the presence of food items or other sealed items that have been ripped into or destroyed. They rip, tear, and gnaw into packages, knocking them over and contaminating all of the food they touch. 

As their teeth never stop growing, rodents will constantly gnaw on any hard item they can find in order to wear them down. This behavior leads them to damage furniture, books, clothing, electronics, and other items they find inside homes. They can even start house fires by chewing on electrical wires. Here are some early warning signs that you may have rodents:

  • Droppings around food sources or in basements, attics, and along baseboards

  • Strong odor coming from urine or droppings 

  • Scratching sounds coming from inside walls and ceilings

  • Food packaging with gnaw marks, rips, and tears

  • Grease rub marks on walls close to the floor

  • Live or dead rodents, both inside and outside your home

Prevention is a necessity when it comes to rodents. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Store all food in sturdy containers with tight-fitting lids.

  • Seal up all entry points in your home, especially around exterior-leading utility wires, pipes, and cables.

  • Keep the vegetation around your home trimmed back.

  • Store wood piles ten feet or more away from the exterior of the home.

  • Eliminate junk and trash piles outside.

  • Keep indoor and outdoor trash cans closed and tightly sealed.

  • Empty the indoor trash regularly.

  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

  • Clean up any messes you make immediately.

While these tips can limit your risk for rodent infestation, if you’ve found that they’ve gotten inside, your best bet is to contact a professional to eliminate the problem before they can cause any more property damage or disease to your home. Contact the rodent removal professionals at Capitol Pest today for information about why Arlington residents turn to us for all their rodent removal needs. 


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