Professional Pest Solutions For Alexandria, VA Properties

Located on the Potomac River, just south of Washington D.C., Alexandria, Virginia is recognized for its rich history and architecture. The temperate climate is generally mild, and our precipitation levels are notably high. Precipitation brings water, water attracts pests, and attracting pests can lead to an infestation. Protecting your Alexandria home or business from pest activity is crucial for many reasons. You need to watch out for your property, your health, your safety. Capitol Pest is ready to help.

We are a local pest control company that has been servicing the metro Washington D.C. area, Virginia, and Northern Virginia with comprehensive pest solutions since 1936. We cover a wide range of common area pests, including ants, biting insects, cockroaches, flies, mice, pantry pests, rats, silverfish, spiders, stinging insects, wasps, and more! Contact us today to schedule your complimentary pest and rodent inspection. One of our expert field technicians will complete an evaluation of your property and offer a detailed estimate for our recommended services. We’re standing by, ready to kick those pesky pests to the curb.

Home Pest Control In Alexandria, VA

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If you own a home in Alexandria, it’s important to have a plan of action in the case of pest infestation. Our residential pest control services include a thorough inspection to identify all pest activity.

Based on the inspection, we come up with a customized approach to eliminate pests from your property. We offer a wide variety of service plans, including:

  • Rodent Monitoring Service Plan

  • Mosquito, Tick, and Flea Control Plan (Options I, II, III, and IV)

  • Bronze Plan

  • Silver Plan

  • Gold Plan

  • Platinum Plan

Our services cover the outside perimeter of your home as well as the interior. We will make sure your property is pest free and protected from top to bottom. We offer one-year service agreements as well as one-time treatments in order to cater to your needs. Our Basic SELECT service provides a single treatment and a full year-long warranty. We also provide estimates for entry point repairs and other preventative modifications.

Commercial Pest Control In Alexandria, VA

Reputation is a huge deal when it comes to running a business. Bad word of mouth can take you down fast, and pest infestation is a quick way to get a bad rap. Capitol Pest offers comprehensive commercial pest control services to a long list of businesses, including:

  • Apartments & Condos

  • Office Buildings & Corporate Parks

  • Hotels & Lodging

  • Restaurants

  • Healthcare & Medical Facilities

Our services are tailor-made to fit your specific needs. Our staff includes a full-time zoologist, 2 entomologists, and a biochemist. These experts give us the upper hand to provide guaranteed results. Contact us today to discuss your commercial pest control needs.


Three Problems Rodents Cause In Alexandria, VA

Aside from the horror-inducing reaction often brought on by the presence of rodents, there are a lot of other problems to consider. Rodent infestations are threatening in a lot of ways, and it’s important to be aware of the harm they can do. Consider the following three issues that come with rodent activity.

1. Rodents are a huge threat to your health. They travel around in garbage dumps and sewer systems, picking up all kinds of harmful bacteria. Then, when they infest your space, they contaminate the entire area, exposing you to a long list of serious illnesses and diseases.

2. Another issue rodents can cause is large scale structural damage. They gnaw on insulation and other parts of your property, weakening the building from the inside out. They also tend to chew on electrical wiring, which puts your home at risk of catching fire.

3. When rodents infest, they aren’t alone. They often carry fleas and ticks on their furry coats, bringing new pest species into your home or business. This exposes you to a new world of potential infestation, all because of rodents.

For complete rodent control services that you can count on, look no further than Capitol Pest. Our familiarity with rodent behavior gives us the knowledge to effectively remove these intruders from your property. Not only will we get them out, but we will keep them out.


Guide To Avoiding Termite Damage In Alexandria, VA

Prevention goes a very long way when it comes to termite damage. It’s best to get ahead of the problem and take the proper precautionary measures to protect your home from an infestation in the first place. The following is a list of ways you can avoid termite activity in your home or business:

  • Use of mortar and weather stripping around windows and doors

  • Moisture reduction

  • A thorough inspection of wooden items

  • Removal of damaged and rotting wood

  • Storage of wood away from building perimeter

  • Elimination of wood-to-soil contact

For complete termite control solutions that you can rely on, contact the team at Capitol Pest. We’re ready to get to work eliminating all termite activity from your property. After a detailed inspection, we will work with you to come up with the right treatment approach. From there, we offer continued maintenance services that protect you from termites moving forward. Call us today.


Preventing Wasps Around Your Alexandria, VA Home

Wasps and other stinging insects are a necessary pest within the ecosystem, acting as natural pest control for caterpillars and other pests that can harm crops. In a residential setting, they can help save your ornamental plants and landscaping for the same reason. However, while they may be important for the environment, that does make them any more pleasant to have around your home. Unfortunately, Alexandria’s hot, humid makes it the perfect breeding ground for wasps for much of the year, and if you haven’t taken steps to prevent them around your home, don’t be surprised if you end up getting stung. 

Luckily, there are some ways you can mitigate their presence as much as possible around your home:

  • Ensure all your window and door seals are in good working order.

  • Install window and door screens on exterior doors, and make sure existing ones are free of holes or tears.

  • Inspect the weatherstripping and door sweeps on your exterior doors and ensure that it is sealing your home effectively. 

  • Inspect your window and door screens for gaps around the frames and seal any you find.

  • Don’t leave exterior doors and windows open. 

  • Install a cap, screen, or damper on your chimney to limit wasp access.

  • Check your roofline for signs of holes or gaps that could allow small insects inside, and seal any you find. 

While wasps are most active in Alexandria in late summer and fall, they can become a real problem if they get into your home to take shelter for the winter. If wasps have gotten into your home, call a professional immediately for help. Unfortunately, wasps in Virginia are mostly a part of life. However, they don’t have to be a part of YOUR life: call the wasps elimination professionals at Capitol Pest today, and make your summer a sting-free one. 


Tips Alexandria, VA Residents Can Use To Avoid Summer Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes in Virginia aren’t just a common pest in summer months: in many parts of the state, they are almost unavoidable. If you’re an Alexandria homeowner, chances are high that, unless you take steps to prevent them, mosquitoes will take root in your yard. They’ll turn any vegetation present on your property into their personal hiding spots and turn any stagnant water sources into breeding pools, quickly turning any outdoor activity into a nightmare when they swarm. 

Because mosquitoes reproduce so quickly and can reach almost anywhere, once you have an infestation in your yard, it can be incredibly difficult for the average homeowner to eliminate them on their own. However, there are a few great tips you can use to limit your risk as much as possible. Here are some strategies you can try to mitigate mosquitoes around your Alexandria home.

The more you can do to make your yard less attractive to them, the fewer mosquito bites you're likely to get. In order to effectively prevent mosquitoes around your yard, it’s important to first understand exactly what attracts them. There are a number of ways warmer weather can potentially impact mosquito activity in your yard, but the most impactful is the increased likelihood for pools of stagnant water to develop around your yard. 

Mosquitoes need stagnant water sources to lay their eggs, so summer rainstorms can quickly provide them with ample opportunity to breed and spread around your yard. This is especially true if you allow your grass to grow too long, as long grass allows moisture to accumulate on the leaves. Removing standing water sources around your yard prevents mosquitoes from breeding (and prevents young mosquitoes from maturing), lowering your chances of getting bitten in the process. However, rainwater accumulation is just one of several ways that stagnant water sources can appear around your yard. Leaking pipes and hoses, or any other water source stemming from your home, could provide the perfect conditions for mosquito infestation if you aren’t careful.

Don’t forget that intentional water usage can unintentionally lure mosquitoes. Stagnant pools can develop around garden vegetables and turfgrass, as well as in fountains or pools if they are not cleaned regularly. Small puddles after a rainstorm shouldn’t be a cause for concern as they generally dry up before any eggs can hatch and mature into adult mosquitoes, but these larger sources can present problems. 

If you have plants around your yard, they could increase your chances of being bitten by mosquitoes. Many common garden-variety plants create a perfect shady location for mosquitoes to hide from the sun and can accumulate water. This is part of the reason why a thorough mosquito misting treatment can be effective, as it can target these likely hiding spots.

Beyond grass and plants, moisture can also accumulate in clutter around the yard, such as old tires and newspaper piles - so keep the yard as clean as possible for your best chances against them. However, it’s important to remember that, as a homeowner, there are only so many things you can do to mitigate mosquito activity around your home. Ultimately, once you have a mosquito problem, you need a professional treatment if you want it gone for good.

If you’re suffering from mosquitoes buzzing around your Alexandria yard, you don’t have to any longer: contact the professionals at Capitol Pest today and find out more about how one of our effective mosquito treatments can help you reclaim your summer. 


Why Are Bed Bugs in Alexandria, VA So Difficult To Treat?

Bed bugs are notorious for two things: keeping people up at night with their itchy bites, and being almost impossible to get rid of using traditional DIY methods alone. Bed bugs are difficult to treat for a number of reasons. 

The biggest reason bed bugs are difficult to treat is because they are difficult to detect in the first place. While most of the pests you might encounter in your Alexandria home tend to make their presence felt immediately, bed bugs can go undetected, and thus untreated, for days or even weeks - allowing infestations to go unnoticed for longer before quickly spiraling out of control as their populations explode. 

This happens because of several factors:

Size: the simplest reason why bed bugs are difficult to detect is their small size, which allows them to go unnoticed to the naked eye. Even at their adult length, bed bugs only reach about 4.5mm in length, and they’re even smaller as newborn nymphs, only about 1mm long. While they can be seen, it’s easy to overlook them if you don’t know what to look for. 

Hiding spots: if their miniscule size wasn’t enough, bed bugs tend to be located in and around bedding or other furniture, often out of sight. This means that even if bed bugs are present in your home, you might never actually see them because they’ve found a good hiding spot. Bed bugs like tight spaces like seams, cracks, creases, and stitching in mattresses and box springs to hide away inside; they’re very seldom found out in the open. 

Activity times: compounding their small size and adept ability to get into out-of-the-way areas, bed bugs are nocturnal, coming out at night while most people are sleeping. This means that even with a severe infestation, you’re more likely to wake up covered with itchy red bumps than you are to actually see the bugs responsible for them. If you’re not inspecting an infested room at night with a flashlight, you probably won’t see them. 

Multiple harborage sites: while bed bugs are most commonly found in bedding, this is far from the only place they can be found throughout a home. Bed bugs will make themselves at home in walls and behind baseboards, as well as inside electronics, furniture, and any other objects that have voids within.

Even once you have been made aware of an ongoing infestation, that’s only half the battle. There are also a number of reasons why bed bug treatments can be difficult, including:

Chemical resistance: bed bugs are very versatile, and have become notorious for adapting to chemicals in the environment that they come into contact with. Unfortunately, this also includes chemicals specifically designed to kill them. This is part of the reason why attempting DIY solutions using these chemicals alone without supplanting them with other techniques can prove disastrous. 

As a bed bug matures, it sheds its skins multiple times, developing a new one to replace it each time. With each shedding, it grows more resistant to chemicals. This is bad in part because it means that even if your chemicals treat the eggs present in an infestation, they might fail to kill the mature bed bugs laying them in the first place. Making matters worse, your DIY efforts could toughen them up and actually make them harder for a professional to handle. This is why, while chemical treatment is an essential part of bed bug treatment, it is just that - one part. 

These reasons and more are part of why, if bed bugs are giving you issues, it’s essential to call a professional bed bug specialist for help. At Capitol Pest, we have specially-designed solutions hand-crafted to eliminate bed bugs wherever they might be in your home. Check out our bed bug control page for more details. Don’t let bed bugs keep you up one more night - call the bed bug specialists at Capitol Pest today for help and make bed bugs a thing of the past. 


Six Reasons to Choose Pro Wildlife Control in Alexandria, VA

While out the wilderness, it can be fun to spot wildlife in its natural habitat. However, when these wild animals venture into our yards, they can be quite dangerous. Not only do they spread disease, but they can also cause extensive damage. You need wildlife control solutions that work. Otherwise, you and your family will be left exposed to all of the threats that wildlife poses. Here are six reasons you need professional wildlife control:

1. Wild animals can carry harmful diseases which they can spread around homes.

2. Wild animals can inflict costly damage on properties.

3. Wild animals often carry other pests such as fleas and ticks which pose problems of their own.

4. Wild animals can attack pets and humans.

5. Wild animals can decimate gardens.

6. Pro wildlife control is the only surefire way to keep wildlife away from your property.

If you want wildlife control you can count on, you need Capitol Pest on your side. Our wildlife control solutions are designed to effectively keep all unwanted wildlife away from properties, thus keeping you and your family safe from all the threats that they pose. Give us a call today to learn more.


Cockroach Control: How To Stop Cockroaches In Your Alexandria Home

Of all the pests you could face here in Alexandria, few are as dangerous as cockroaches. That’s because cockroaches often reside in unsanitary locations such as sewers, drain pipes, and trash heaps where they can pick up all sorts of harmful bacteria and human pathogens on their spine-covered legs. Cockroaches then bring those harmful contaminants into our homes, spreading them to any surface that they touch.

If that’s not bad enough, cockroaches are also incredibly hard to get rid of once they have infested a home. As such, you must take the necessary steps to keep cockroaches out of your home. To do so effectively, you need to remove factors that attract them and seal off potential entry points. This includes:

  • Store all food in airtight containers or the fridge.

  • Wipe up spills from counters and floors immediately.

  • Store trash in bins with tight-fitting lids and take out the trash regularly.

  • Pick up uneaten pet food.

  • Use dehumidifiers to address moisture buildup in the home.

  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.

  • Install weather-stripping around windows and exterior doors.

  • Fill in cracks in the home’s foundation with caulk.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you do find yourself dealing with a cockroach infestation in your home, contact Capitol Pest for assistance. Give us a call today to learn more about our residential cockroach control solutions.


Here’s How Alexandria Homeowners Can Prevent Ant Infestations

Ants may be small, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t harmful pests. Some spread disease, some bite, and some can damage property. Not to mention, all ants are hard to get rid of. That’s why you need to do everything you can to keep ants out of your Alexandria home. This includes removing factors that attract them and sealing off potential entry points. This includes:

  • Practice proper food storage by keeping food in airtight containers or the fridge.

  • Keep your home free of spills and food debris.

  • Practice proper trash storage by taking it out before it overflows.

  • Address moisture buildup by installing dehumidifiers.

  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.

  • Install weather-stripping around windows and exterior doors.

  • Fill in cracks in the foundation with caulk.

If you find yourself dealing with an ant infestation in your Alexandria home, contact Capitol Pest for assistance. We offer residential ant control solutions you can count on!


Are The Silverfish In Alexandria Harmful?

Silverfish are some of the more unsightly pests you might find lurking within your Alexandria home. Perhaps it’s their long scaly bodies or how they wriggle around. Whatever the reason may be, silverfish just isn’t a welcome sight in any home.

While it’s clear they are unsightly, many people want to know just how dangerous silverfish are, too. Fortunately, silverfish are merely nuisance pests, meaning they don’t pose any direct threat to us humans. Moreover, while they might cause minimal damage to paper products, silverfish aren’t a cause for much concern overall. However, that doesn’t mean you want them living in your home. If you are currently dealing with a silverfish infestation, contact Capitol Pest right away and ask about our residential pest control solutions.


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