Pest Control Prevention Tips for your Northern Virginia Home

A pest infestation in your home can lead to destroyed furniture, allergic reactions and other nuisances. However, you don't have to let pests invade your life. Start your own pest-prevention strategy today with a few quick and painless ideas.

1. Store Food Properly

If you and your family have a tendency to leave food out all night, you may be enticing unwanted pests into your home. Always put extra food away after you eat your meals. Invest in high-quality plastic containers to store dry food, such as cereals, flour and pet foods.

2. Inspect Your Home Regularly

Your home may have a few hidden passageways that pests are using to get inside your home. Schedule a time every few months to make a visual inspection of your home's exterior to look for small cracks and holes. You can repair many of these problems yourself, such as resealing windows with caulk.

3. Check Your Plumbing

Water accumulation from leaking pipes can attract a variety of pests. If you find a leak, get it fixed immediately. In addition, you should check the seals around your bathtubs and toilets. If the seal is old and deteriorating, caulk it to prevent infestations.

4. Eliminate Clutter

Clutter in and outside of your home can provide a haven for pests. Use a free weekend to clean out unwanted items in your home. During the summer, clear out dead bushes and trees to deprive pests of hiding spots near your home.